Whether We had it before or We are yet to gain it does not matter, where is it now? We are positively able to confirm that all humans have at least 3 eyes. Two of those eyes for most are functioning with one laying dormant. 

Two eyes vs three would obviously be the difference between 3D type viewing which includes cosmic light, and basic 2D viewing which most are using now. 2D viewing is seeing everything like a television screen, flat. Although there is a mental perception that what you are viewing is 3D, that is generally not the way you see things now.

If you could see in 3D you could also view the back of you monitor while looking directly at it. If you haven't noticed the height of much of the spiritual abilities are encased within visual learning. Meaning to actually manifest something into this world you need to be able to visualize it strongly until it becomes solid. 

To travel in other planes you must first be able to visualize the entry point/gate and travel through from there. To even be able to create your own world in which you can retreat to and basically do what you want, you have to be able to construct it thoroughly in detail then insert yourself into it.

So what I have noticed is this 2D visualization predominately prevalent on this dimension has also leaked into the dreamworld of many. Another draw back of objects like the television that retrain the eye. Is there a way to train the eye to be perceptive of 3D while still looking at something through 2D?


The answer of course is yes with 3D glasses. Of course we have little time to watch 3D presentations not to mention the awful headaches that occur at times when the brain is exhausted from seeing in 3D. However, there are a few new inventions that I'm looking into that give you the ability to retrain your 3D sight. After practice the devices themselves are no longer needed as the perception re-corrects itself in active minds. Any input on this would be great.

Basically when a mind is strong enough to withstand going back to sleep and playing like it can waste time, it is now ready to do 3D training to take it much further into awakening what it really is.

2D Sigils and the geometric stars seen in unsacred geometry are attempts at bringing 3D visualizations into 2D. There has been a very large segment in history in which man has been in what's called the Kali Yuga or Dark Cycle. No CAD machines in the Cali Yuga. Third eyes have been turned off in most because they knew not the reason and want to use them. This is like if you see no reason in using your arms, do not be amazed if several generations latter after a trend of that nature everyones arms are weak, short, and not functioning.

But this does not mean one cannot began to train them to become strong again. There will be a lot more on this. What sparked this whole thought was I was right in the beginning of astral travel the other day and before I took off I snatched the cover off my eyes to see what I can only describe as a fully 3D spike ball. A full rotating spikey object covered in points which I perceived to be coordinates. 

I was a little started by the spike ball so I pulled the cover back over my eyes and proceeded to finish the astral transfer. When returning I snatched the cover off my eyes again, this time to see a very large but flat version of the Spike Ball on the wall very clear and then it took about 30 seconds to fade away as my eyes adjusted back into this plane and my third eye closed. 

My next major research will be on "hacking" the third eye. Basically there is a need to open the third eye but also an even greater need to learn how to control its functions. It is becoming very clear to me that you do not want to go to the mall with your third eye open. You will be perceptive of so many things that it may utterly ruin your trip to the mall forever. :-)

However, if you could use it on cue, like when you need to see someone's familiars, the other forms that exist around an object or location, etc. You should have the ability to switch it on for that period.

The third eye itself seems also to have a mind of its own and will open when it is absolutely no other way to perceive. The idea is to bring the knowledge of gaining that ability now. Why not, its yours.

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Hey seven if you need any lab mice look no further I would not mind and which device is on the market??? as I would like to check it out
I have also had this tunnel experience. I felt as though I was going backward out of it out the top of my head. Purple was the dominant color during the experience. I also off and on feel the pressure down from between the eyes.
Recently, I have had this experience, except that it was dark with a light at the end that I couldn't reach. I was so relaxed, I was literally "inside" me. I couldn't even feel the presence of the room.

This was the first time I "awakened" my Pineal gland. This coming full moon, I'll do a quick fast so I can boost the stimulation of the 6th Chakra.
I have been praying for this activation during my meditations.
It is necessary we inherit the gifts of the Most High fully and without apprehension.
The spiritual eye gives clearer vision, but must be "brought up" to fully use this gift.
I am interested in any techniques that may accelerate this adaptation.
I have asked my teacher for information on this specifically, but teachers in metaphysics teach that all things come from within the self, even Evil. Needless to say I do not fully agree with this, but I have grown weary of the metaphysical answer-all that "if you believe it is open, then it is open".
I know that thought is cause, but my thoughts are not all of the causal power in my reality.
wow, their blatantcy never ceases to amaze me (the google logo)
""hacking" the third eye"

Yeah cool stuffs,wen i Scuba diving first time i saw this vision ,natural laws rules was diferent from land my mind was confused, then i felt my third eye tingled saw the vision it was extraordinary view of sea,i recommend every one to scuba dive if u didn't do it.
i think its blue.
y did you ask this question?
Very interesting thank you for the brain food you always bring up relevant discussions.
To travel in other planes you must first be able to visualize the entry point/gate and travel through from there. To even be able to create your own world in which you can retreat to and basically do what you want, you have to be able to construct it thoroughly in detail then insert yourself into it.

that says it all.......


I just ordered these.  I met Don about 20 years ago as a child, and his image was cast into my memories for years to come.  I finally found his info again, and it is magical.  


Also, these are a good start  https://www.google.com/search?q=magic+eye&safe=off&rlz=1C1G...



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