"Its still utterly amazing to me that no modern teacher has talked about the Phi, the Pentagram, Arra, and the Venusians."



Join us this Sunday for another amazing Universal Current Show in which we will talk about various ways to get out of the body and what is out there. We will talk more about the Phi relationship of our body and the deep connections to the ARRA symbol.


We will also talk about Venus and undeniable evidence that there is clearly a connection with Earthlings and Venusians.


(click to enlarge)

We will discuss again how we are all connected and invite those outside of Wholeness to return to their rightful place. 


Finally we will discuss why the world is so confused about the ancient knowledge and our current position on the dimension. We will look into how to return to our activated states. 


Topics Discussed:

Cepheus, Andromeda, Perseus, and Ethiopia 

Cassia and the Photon Language of the Sun

The Masters Pose - The Advanced Out of the Body Technique

The Condition of your Astral Double


Show Time: Sunday October 30, 2011 11:00 A.M. CST 1hr 30 Min

Call in number to speak with the Host:

1 (347) 996-5688



DIRECTIONS - Press play on the widget below during showtime or go directly to the link above. Chat room will be available.


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"This is what they won't talk about" 

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Just the thought has me charged with energy.. Wholeness, Thank You Resistance.

Should be a great show! Here's a primer on ARRA.

ra = ray which is connected to the author of "Return of the Serpents of Wisdom":


the 7 domed cities on Venus are shown here ( from a 1980's Newsday magazine ):


Is that the lo shu, Saturn 3X3 square at the center of the mystic tablet? It looks like it.

And the large crocodile behind the tablet fits right into the Serpents of Wisdom summary of belief systems dealing with an androgynous reptilian source for the cosmos.

I don't agree with removing the ARRA sign link I posted. The reason stated was that the information was for adepts  who would know to do a little research on their own while neophytes didn't have the awareness to google a new search term.


It's your site so you will always have the power to censor feedback or kick others off for whatever reason you choose but ...


isn't that exactly what the controlled media does to the mainstream? Feed them on a diet of their own choosing. They tailor their information stream to the intellectual capacity of a 13 year old ( seriously ). I treat everyone as an equal.


Nice video of the farmer's market trip and the sidewalk rant, could we please have a video look into your library? That would provide lots of material for adepts to use for deeper research ( even though I do not consider myself an adept I would be googling lots of new book titles if I saw them). I prefer the holistic perspective to the hierarchical one although I do acknowledge the existence of both.


Thanks for considering my library video request.

I am so excited about this show! Looking forward to it!! Thank you Sevan.  


I had a dream the other night where I was able to drop a double/clone and it was very fun, it felt very familiar and natural to do it like I could do it when i was a kid but just couldn't remember anymore. The clone was also left handed I think to make it possible for me to tell the difference...


Was I playing with my astral double here?

This begins in 30 minutes.
awesome thank you! going to meditate for a few then tune in. thank you,
Really good. Thanks. This is High Vibe Freque.. on FB
How do you get around the Jolt?

The Masters Pose it allows you to go up levels so you learn to smooth into it. I will for sure do a short video this week on the Master Pose.


Kool sounds gud sevan cant wait thx.. after listening to the show last night i think i did it subconsciously because right before my alarm sounded for 4 am i recognized it and sprang from across my room to turn it down.. thinkin bak on it i recall sittin across the room just waiting or thinkin.. and when i sprang towards the clock i woke up wit my arm on its way to turn it down..




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