A comfortable lie is easier to believe than a hard truth.


Within these pages are some hard truths. There are no comfortable lies.  The hard truths are presented here, not to induce fear, but to empower us as individuals and as a people. It is through knowledge and understanding that we can learn to see again…to recognize (and ultimately rise above) that which has controlled us and has been hidden from us throughout the course of history.

Earth – Hierarchy of Control



The General Population


At the bottom of the hierarchy is the general population. The general population is made up of “the people”. The people are made up a diverse group of beings.


The Government


The government refers to the official local, state and federal levels of our government. These governing bodies are made up of "the people".


Major Corporations


The major corporations include those involved in finance, oil & energy, big pharma, the military industrial complex, chemicals, telecomm/media and organized religion.

The major corporations wield great influence over the government, schools and universities through lobbying efforts, grants and other monetary incentives.


The Shadow Government


The shadow government includes high-level members of the ruling elite (political and corporate), the intelligence agencies, and certain factions of the military industrial complex (black ops).

Select members of these groups are sometimes referred to as the Illuminati, the bloodlines, the NWO, the Globalists, the Bilderberg Group, etc. Some parts of the shadow government are in direct contact with non-human entities.

Throughout history members of the ruling class have used occult practices to contact various non-human entities. They have initiated these contacts, not for purposes of discovery, but in order to pursue selfish goals of wealth, power and control. In their never-ending quest/lust for power, the ruling class have been blinded to the fact that they have become eternal slaves to themselves and to those and that which they believe give them power. In essence, they have become some of the most manipulated and controlled “people” on Earth.


Non-Human Entities


The non-human entities (in this context) refers to a group of malevolent entities that manipulate, control and oversee the population of Earth for their own purposes.

At the top of the control hierarchy lies (pun intended) this group of malevolent non-human entities. These entities use the human race as a resource...physically, spiritually and emotionally. These malevolent entities are partially responsible for the UFO phenomena and largely responsible for the alien abduction phenomena (as are certain rogue elements of the military).

These entities have gone by many different names throughout history...Archons, Djinn, fallen angels, demons, Grays, shadow people, vampires, incubus/succubus, flyers, fairies, etc. They are interdimensional beings which inhabit a dimension in very close proximity to ours...just outside of our normal field of conscious  perception.

While the above list may appear to describe different entities, I believe that they are all in fact closely related (more detail on that in a latter segment) and in some cases these are actually just different names for the same type of entity.

Below are some characteristics of these entities that may help to clarify this idea. They are sometimes referred to as “tricksters” because:

1) They do not necessarily have fixed physical bodies as we do. Some of these entities reside in dimensions (or densities) that are more energy based than physical in nature.

2) Due to the above characteristic, these entities can sometimes seem to appear out of nowhere, disappear and even morph into other shapes or creatures. Some use technology to travel between these dimensions (densities), others can do it without the use of technology.

3) These entities have highly developed telepathic abilities which can be used to influence our perception of them (basically make us see what they want us to). They can initiate these telepathic connections while visiting our realm, or entirely from their realm via the “astral plane”.


How Non-Human (malevolent) Entities Affect Us


These malevolent entities work from within the shadows. Their main tools of control are trickery, lies and deception. They manipulate us into initiating acts of war, greed, cruelty, hatred, violence and general chaos…then feed off of the resulting negative energy. They are energy parasites who have programmed, conditioned and engineered the human race to unknowingly act as their food source.  We feed them while simultaneously acting as our own pathogen of destruction…destroying ourselves and the environment in which we depend on for our own well-being and survival.

They effectively manipulate our lower/primal behavior patterns to serve their needs. These behavior patterns are largely based on the ego and instinctual needs such as survival/safety (fight or flight), sex, etc. Our natural desire for love, success, safety and belonging is perverted into ego-centric behaviors such as greed, lust, power and control…and (subsequent) related behaviors such as denial, deception and rationalization.

War, hatred, violence, intolerance, arrogance, greed, lies, deception, ignorance, apathy, etc…these are all merely symptoms of the disease, not the disease itself. To treat the disease, we must know and understand the true cause of it. Simply placing a bandage over the symptoms only allows the core of the disease to continue to grow and flourish within the shadows. What usually happens when a serious/progressive disease is left untreated…eventually it will overcome it’s host and destroy it.


The Benevolent Ones


There are many benevolent beings which would like to see humanity freed from this manipulation/control so that we may evolve naturally.

They are here to help guide us. All we need to do is ask for their assistance. However, unlike the malevolent entities, the benevolent ones respect freewill. Ultimately, it is up to us to recognize that guidance and exercise our own freewill to break down the barriers of the control structure and regain our true spiritual identity and power.




This is a key aspect of our time here Earth...to learn how to use freewill both effectively and responsibly. This is an important part of our growth process. It cannot be learned for us. It must be learned by us.


We Have the Power


We have the power within us to create positive change for ourselves and for our planet....to learn, grow and evolve as we were intended to.

In the next segments we will look at some key concepts of our existence and examine in detail the different mechanisms of the control grid and how we can peacefully and effectively move past the matrix of control without having to directly engage it.

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The Spiritual Gatekeepers (part 1) - Hierarchy of Control


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what if the entities are in reality shadows, our own ideas, projected into the future, which have taken nasty shapes? 

thanks for the post... 


I really enjoyed this post Sam. Thank you



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