We have had an overwhelming mixed response to the latest post "How to overcome Aliens and the Physical Prison", which is a good thing. Some are still going over the information for its authenticity while others have accepted the information partially in regards to what resonates with them. Yet more people outside of our site I might add have withdrawn into complete denial and have already began to make accusations  such as I'm the Illuminati, Luciferian, and Satanistic. No offense taken that seems to come with the territory. I want to congratulate every member here, we have lost no members to this point and people are showing here they can handle anything. I  suppose that is because how we started so we have done well.


However, I wanted to let everyone know the major advancements that have been made since I personally decided to accept what may be the worst case scenario and began preparation for that. Then of course if these activities are thwarted by higher forces, than I have only made myself stronger so there can be no loss. If one just sits around and does nothing while expecting someone of something else to handle it, then they have not innerstood the Sphere of Fear and the lesson it has to teach.


It was rough at first, not just to ingest the information but to also be the one to bring the information to the esoteric community at large. For about 3 nights after I totally put things together I had very strange sleep, not so much as nightmares but my body was extremely anxious. It was still calculating the ramifications of what had been discovered. It was adjusting all the information learned to date and things were fitting into place like a pre-packed Lego set. It was ciphering new words for deeper meanings.


The days following were accompanied with major breakthroughs in knowledge and applications in regards to what to do. Also there came many reasons from on High in regards to why it is necessary for people to get in gear. Time draws nigh. I will itemize that now to show you how the mind works and how it accepts the prison that has been created for it through what is called institutionalization. This of course leads to how to break out of the physical prison. 


Let us first imagine very complex information as a very heavy weight. Lifting such weights gives strength to the mind/body/and soul as long as one does not collapse under the weight. This is also why many are here to "spot" you or hold part of the weight until you can do it yourself. Then it becomes light and you can then "spot" others.


It is a fact that many are looking for simple answers to the situation. Nothing can be more misdirective. There are at least two major reasons why once we finally recovered a great deal of the information it would not be really possible for it to be all positive. Unless of course you have become a master at changing your perspectives at will. This will be an important tool on the Path.


The first reason the answer to our situation would not be simple is we are not simple Beings. We are very complex and our entire living structure shows so much thought and ingenious has been put into it you would have to seriously begin to access the records, instructions, and knowledge available on earth to began to comprehend it. This is why we have the internet. This woman Earth is not simple so do not perceive her to be as such.


For sure there is a frequency broadcasting around the world keeping people in denial. If they hear anything that steers too far from their normal false teachings they immediately freeze up and go in to standby mode. This is in great part due to their mind/body/soul not even having the energy to process the information so don't get frustrated. Everything is using there energy except them. The kids, job, husband/wife, etc.


When people hear very complex things these days because they loath being taught they definitely do not want to got back to school. They were rushing to get out of there in the first place. In addition it takes more of an alkaline body, which is natural in many, for things to make sense as the thoughts must "fire" to different regions of the mind, connect with other things the person has stored, and then come to a conclusion. Again most don't have the energy for this.


Lastly we should naturally know, just like an investigator, if you are following a trail of blood it will eventually lead you to a mutilated body, not a paradise. So it is the same thing here, we have been on the trail of who is causing all the wars, who is trapping us in this limited potential even though we 100% know we have this ability to activate, who is hurting the children with Uranium, who is screwing with our lives?! So now we have reached the answer, this is what they did not what you to know.


Many times when going through occult works I would stumble across information that was very deep but still I would always say "this is still not enough to have such an elaborate system of hiding things". Meaning the information was just not that valuable to basically suppress the whole Earth from discovering it.


Accepting this has made me even stronger, we have gone at least one step beyond what the "controllers" expected. This information has been naturally protected because few want to risk revealing it. They are concerned about facing rejection from their elders, peers, and pupils alike more than any alien threat. It is a good thing that I'm not here to just satisfy people, I'm here for the Truth personally so I can now how to carry on my existence and I have promised if I found that truth I would let as many people know as I could.


In addition as I spoke of above there appears to be a frequency broadcasting that tells a person "that is not true". This goes for anything near the truth. It started hitting me the other day when I was driving down the road. They must have turned the device right on me as they know I'm immune to Bliss. :-) I started thinking, or they had me thinking I should say, "is this really real"?


Right then a commercial came on the radio and this is what it said. "Are you young talented and outgoing? Do you work great with people and have a unique way of communicating? We are looking for smart, ambitious people with amazing charisma to join our........drum roll........sports book company!" So there you have it, they are asking for the best of the best and our most talented to basically call people around the world to ask them if the want to gamble.


That settles it once more. Something very off is going on here, these people think something good is happening but things are getting worse as now the human race capitalizes on itself, degrading itself and its citizens, children etc. We have found out the reason. It is because people are getting more and more toxic and they are going to crash this sphere into a lower one if they don't clean themselves up.


This makes the people the final cause to the situation not getting fixed, not the cause to how the situation got started. That is very important to distinguish. The collective frequency of the people is making this Sphere denser and denser. I will explain.


This is just like early in the morning. You are in the bed but you have to get up. The normal feeling which occurs is the body wants to get a little more sleep. First you should already know if we did not have bodies we would not need to sleep. It is the Flesh Body that needs to rest which is why you need less sleep the more the body gets tuned and in shape. Think Gem/Gym you Crystal.


While you are sleep you are in the world closest to your natural habitat so of course the mind/body/soul does not want to wake up. The mind is immersed in a much more entrained world, although many do not remember. The body is being pushed all the time in this physical life so it remains tired in most cases and is being deprived of sleep. The soul itself is also tired of the fake waking reality and is starving for pure energy that it can actually grow from rather than be poisoned by. All this spells "stay asleep". This is what's happening on a deeper level.


Despite one has to physically wake up to go to work, school, etc they remain sleep on a deeper level. The body may be awake but the mind and soul is still in standby mode. This gets to the meat of what must be discussed now. We are inside a Sphere with a toxic Atmosphere (at most fear) because it is saturated with dense Beings not willing to raise up. The lower vibration of fear has permeated just about everything.




Now a simple answer. :-) What is outside the bubble? I remember a movie about a boy in a bubble. He was so sensitive to everything that if he happened to ever come out of the bubble he would die, so he was told. This is exactly what is happening now. People are so sensitive, so used to having it all explained for them and then shown to them. So used to the comfortably that has been brought about through domestication, they fear the unknown outside the bubble.


They have lost the adventurous personality they used to have as a child and they have accepted this whole experience as there last one. In this state they keep coming back because they have not pushed beyond the norm to discover anything really beyond this dimension. Society has attempted to break us from our ideas of discovering what is new and in many cases they have succeeded. However, as Souls this is simply not how we are.


When you come into this world as a child you are an explorer. I have seen it and I have been it. You have such a desire to go on treasure hunts, find secret caves, discover strange things, fight off evil. All of childhood is filled with this until society moves in and begins to "break" the new Being. This was devise more heavily in Germany during and after the world war. A way to get control over the minds of the people by starting with their children.


One or two generations would pass and then the most diabolical things could happen because there would be virtually nobody to stop it as the brainwashed children become adults  Then by the time the person is in their 20's they have fear of breaking the law, fear of being poor, fear of not being accepted etc. But as a child none of that stuff mattered whatsoever so you were lite, carefree, and fearless.


This leads us to the solution to fear. To remember the times when you did not have it. To contact the inner child which is more daring than the reigned in adult. To once again embark on missions to discover new expanses to allow consciousness to flow into. The world is in desperate need for these type of people as we have some challenges that must be overcome. We are running out of "physical" room in this bubble and that is subconsciously leading any person with common sense with the notion that such things will eventually lead to a big problem. If not for there own selves then for their children or grand children.


It then makes one ask "what did the world do the last time it got in this situation" and the answers don't look very promising as when things got crowded last time, the solution became depopulation. I still believe groups of  people, such as those they have found the remains of everything they have but not the people themselves, have already discovered how to  do what we are on the brink of discovering right at this very moment. This is how to travel using the Soul to other planes free of fear.


In discovering those planes the fear on earth will lessen and the negative Beings in service to the controllers will have no place as they cannot remain in this new frequency. This will manifest as people simply not being concerned about the negative Beings anymore because they will be powerless. The people will have the power and because of the recent lesson, they will know how to use it. Anyone misusing power will have the majority to deal with so they will not go unchecked.


Let us also keep in mind the use of power is more of a big lesson that has to be learned. A great deal of misuse has occurred due to improper training. Once the training is corrected power will be used in conservation to only what it is need for. Imagine how much energy has been wasted on this dimension and what it would be like if it went into building things up, rather than blowing things up and tearing things down.


Nobody will even pay attention to the lower forms, save to guide them also, because they are not in control and never have been. The controllers will flee as they always have. Let it be clear their armies of dummed down mind controlled god worshiping drones are the controllers only power. When that is removed they have no life force as a vampire is dependent upon the host and when there is no host they dissipate, always remember that.


Right now however the negative Beings are terrorizing our world and it must not be allowed to continue. The more that respond with courage and strength to this situation that has been laid out for the last 3 days, the more the tides turn in humanities favor.




The physical environment will change as confusion is put to pasture and clarity moves in. People will follow those that are brave and gain courage themselves vanquishing the fear frequency. The mental environment will change as people will gain more expansive imaginations first over coming the fear and then unlocking their inventive imagination to repair amnesia and remember what they came to do and contribute. The whole spiritual paradigm will change as we gain control over this reality and allow ourselves to be once more united in the essence that we all came from Earth at some segment so thus we are all family. Then we will enter the universal community.


This is not an assumption this will happen just as sure as you sitting in front of this computer reading this. I know how these lower life forms operate now. I know how they are trying to keep us as a people in confusion. I know a small few compared to the majority have allowed greed to keep this going, but its coming to a close. If I don't do it completely while living in this world, I will finish it when I come out of this body permanently and there will be many with me because I have already connected to those people and they are right here with me now, The Resistance, and we continue to grow daily on the material and the astral. We want Earth fixed so we have made the decision to do it ourselves. No more waiting.


In times past the courage of man and woman has been called upon. Often this has been for the wrong reason. You can only imagine when a small village knew the roman legion was on the way and how they may have felt, especially the soldiers. However in many of those small villages those Romans got more than they bargained for and had to flee. It was because of the Spirit of the People. Sword cannot cut through it, so they had to build a more decisive trap for those kind of people. One that uses a persons own energy to wear them down, this is fear. We have now discovered that device, the pentagram, how it works and how to overcome it.


Keep in mind the Pen is more powerful than the sword and it uses our energy against us. How it does this is through our laziness and suggestive programming. This body in this design basically allows us to interface and be interfaced with. This has so far worked as a disadvantage as the consciousness of the masses is dull and effects everyone on this Planet. Right now the Planet is afraid because it has been misinformed and lied to and it knows it. I mean take a look at the constitution, is there one truth there? However, when you start throwing charged up people reeking with the truth coming out of them like orgone in with the batch, things start to change really fast, like the 100th monkey.


Here is what you should know. The Sphere is shaped like a Dodecahedron. It is around the body and around the Earth. This is why the Dodecahedron can make all other Pythagorean shapes, because it can be effected and can effect all shapes. Use this to your advantage and remember, you are not the body it is a vehicle but you have to take care of what you ride in.


Now that I know the problem, I know the real solution. One cannot come before the other, the two never appear without the other somewhere close. I also wanted to put some things here below that I wrote on other forums about this situation so everyone can see clear in real time were consciousness is and were it needs to be and how to respond to those that have been diluted somewhat with authority. When you show strength it creates that within the person, if you show that you are unsure and waver then you are sending mixed signals. Stay focused lasers not elephant guns.


            Response to one person in denial on another site:


There can be no more disillusionment than stagnation. How soon we forget that virtually nothing has really gotten better since all these people started to imagine things were getting better but they have seen no noticeable change because they have really done nothing about the problem themselves physically. Ignoring it and pretending its not there just like you are now does not cut it and is not a good example of a powerful Being sent with a purpose.


If you want knowledge come and get it, if you are scarred and feel fear when the obvious approaches then you have a lot to grow. These so-called light workers are supposed to be doing something about the problem, what do you think all that energy would actually be for? But its obvious also many are not equipped they simply imagine kundalini but don't have it, they have blue beam and a pretty good imagination.


Many would be able candidates for the real rainbow light body Kundalini activation but alas nothing is really going on to them so their is no reason to activate. But if you didn't notice there are thousands of birds and fish dead for no reason and people start to see how powerless they really are when they try to actually do something about it besides once again imaging something else is going to fix it. Wake up totally or get put in an ever deeper sleep seems to be what going on here.


Response to another in denial and brainwashed by Ashtar.


Her Response to the post:

Wow, I had an "ah-hah" thought when I got to the part about Tibet... was the Dalai Llama sent out of Tibet because he really was a Satanist... and that brings another question about how aligned with the Lucifer Rebellion and Satan are you?  I came to earth as part of the Ground Crew to rescue humanity from the Frequency Wall that the dark established 500 million years ago and my inner senses are putting you and this information right smack in the middle.  10.5 million starcraft overhead full of our relatives and friends cannot be wrong.  Only 5% of this universe  is made of un-Christed beings.  It would be against the laws of Free Will to alert us to the dark but our inner discernment is better tuned than ever.  Personally, my "dark" alarm is ringing loud and clear!  Blessings to all souls who read this, know this, and see this.


My Response:


Lol this is exactly what the book "Alien Agenda" often refers to. The Souls on this planet have a high skepticism for each other, with just cause of course, but they often do this to the people that are trying to assist them. Do you think I took all the time to put this together to get the response "how aligned with Lucifer and Satan are you", and that's the first and only thin you say directly to me? Not "I appreciate the info thanks I will consider it.


Little things like that say a lot about what the greater issue is just in case some are thinking about why the "higher beings" just don't come in and help them. In time you will see its not about the person its about the Movement and as it is exact let it rest on your conscious for awhile and when you are ready to receive more tune into the Resistance. Those ships are in your imagination, vehicles of metal are not the preferred transportation for any advanced Being.


One should have a balance of exactly what things are and what they can become. Anytime you polarize to one or the other you will be ghastly mistaken. Thinking to much about whats going on, for those who really know, is exausting as the situation needs a lot of work. Thinking about only what it can become while never accepting or knowing what it actually is leaves one in the clouds imagining something in space with ships will save them from it, but of course not them.


When you are in correct measure you not only know what is going on, you know what to really do. Failing to accept what is happening truly is going to keep people unprepared just like it always has. Failing not to look through someone else eye's other than your own is the first sign of ego. Consider the children who deserve none of this and have nothing while you sit back with your mocho and computer imagining everything is going fine because you have been fooled to believe there are millions of ships in the atmosphere just waiting to help. What a mind job....and a lot of gas. Not to mention it took 500 million years to finally handle the situation? That makes no sense.

As you can see it will be somewhat of an uphill battle from here, however,  it is a good thing we can fly and handle this from a much better vantage point. This is why I have released this information because the people I have to live on this dimension with have been incepted and its totally lame everyday to see these people and not do anything about it or for them.


I know for sure this problem can be fixed by those who are equipped to do as such. The Resistance will not be like other factions trying to save their reputation and membership count so they deliver only teddy bears and rainbows. I mean c'mon its one more year till 2012 and these people need to step it up and get really activated, not just in the mind they need to fix thier dense bodies and souls which will require application to the Mind - Body - Soul. Not just one or two of these but all of them to gain balance.


You know how to reach me.


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wow...what a revelation
I will be Copying Sevans Text on post and turning them into (Audio) so it can assist others in learning the the hidden knowledge at a faster pace or on the go while they continue to remember while still living their everyday lifes.. IPOD STYLE oh how we love DROID!

this is not my thinking nor belief  => 4 me it is most SICK thing I have read in long time

WOW!!! Ladies & Gents: A MESSAGE FROM "THE DIVINE CREATOR" CREATOR OF ALL THAT IS!!! @_@ from Creator/Source transmitted through Archangel Michael/Ashtar Sheran. (as received by Ariel DeAngelis on March 15, 2011)
My Beloved Sons and Daughters/Brothers and Sisters/Family of Light,
Earth continues to change as you proceed into this new dimension. Time fades and disappears. Land moves and sea shifts creating new shorelines and new temperaments, new zones of experience and undisputed beauty which you have yet to perceive. The old still overlaps the new and though there is much to look forward to, you remain with your gaze fixated on what was.

You know why these changes are occurring and yet even as you understand them innately there is still blame laid. Know then that it is not that these things happen as a result of any one thing, but simply that they ARE. You have always known that Earth would change. It does not matter how those changes happen. You knew coming into this life at this time that change was imminent. Let it be. Allow it for it simply IS. You have prepared yourselves beautifully for these changes you have been expecting, and now it is appropriate for you to move forward into your new experience.

You are a reflection of the Love that resonates from deep within ME; a mirror which shines bright Light out into your world; which reaches far beyond the known Universe and far beyond what you think of as “time”. It goes out and in its travels collects more Love resonating from deep within ME, magnifying it incomprehensibly, and bringing it back here to you. All for you, and your Brothers and Sisters who are here with you, and scattered throughout the Universe. This is the stuff from which you are made. This is the one thing that you thirst for. This is the only thing that will quench your thirst and feed your soul from now throughout Eternity, just as it always has.

Each time you look into the eyes of your Bother or your Sister, you look into your own eyes. You look into MY heart. When you see fear in the eyes of your Brother or Sister, know that you see fear in yourself also, but look into MY heart within you own heart and see the Love that resides therein. Allow the Love inside your heart to transmute the fear, and change it into Love, then send that Love back through your own gaze into the hearts of your Brothers and Sisters so that they will know your Love, your understanding, your compassion, which is also MY Love, MY understanding, MY compassion. When you know this Love, then you know everything. You will know that you have an unending supply of this Love; you will know that you have access to everything you could possibly want, need or desire.

Fear is not knowing. To Love, and experience Love is to know that these moments you now exist within have been planned for since the beginning of Creation. Yes some of you may perceive them now with your eyes shut, your memory clouded, and experience great fear as a result, but those of you who know, because of the Love in your hearts that is reminding you; help those who do not understand, to know that all is well. All is Love. All is occurring exactly as it is supposed to, no matter what you may be tempted to believe. Believing is not knowing. Faith is knowing. Have Faith that each and every one of you will soon know the Love that you came here knowing you would know, because you already know it. You have known forever.

Earth continues to change for the better, as does this star system, as does this galaxy, as does this entire expanse of Creation. We know what we are doing, as do you. We All know how it will be; beautiful, as always. It is the only way it can be, for All is welcome in our hearts.

Bounteous Love, Peace and Joy is already yours, but I send it to you now especially so that you will know what is just around the corner, and that you need not fear any longer.

I Love You My Precious Ones.

Mother/Father, Goddess/God, Creator/Source; I AM All That Is. I AM the Love that you seek. I AM the Love that you know. I AM You.

I AM Archangel Michael as Ashtar Sheran and I bring you this message of Love and Knowing from Creator/Source

Hear Message at: http://www.DIRECTORYofUS.COM/




~FAMILY REUNION~Greetings. Welcome to “Nibiru”.
We have some friends here at the Nibiru Council:
With me are Alcyone, St Germain, Lady Master Nada and KOS, Captain Ashtar

and Admiral Sananda, Rama, Tom the RingTail Cat and some of our other

Paschat Friends. The are the ones you have met before, and the other

Members of our Council you will become more familiar with.
We welcome you all. Thank you for joining us here on Nibiru. We come to

you tonight to bring a message about family reunions. Many of you have

been to Nibiru or originated from Nibiru. There is much about your own

ancient history you do not yet remember.

NASA has come out with a lengthy discourse denying the existence of

Nibiru. I assure you, Nibiru exists and it is very real [Check out

pictures of Niburu from NASA!

film Tony]. We are here because Earth is ascending. We are here to assist

all the inhabitants on Earth in their ascension.

There are millions of Galactics now living on Nibiru. Our MotherShip is in

your Earth’s orbit. We each have a job to carry out which assists in

bringing Earth to this change point. We work with the Sirian Commander,

U.S. President Barack Obama. He has prepared many lifetimes for the role

he now plays.
He has special abilities and will carry Earth into a new era of One Race.

We help coordinate the Master Plan for Worldwide Peace.
I have lived before on Earth, for thousands of years, during the Golden

Age in Egypt. I am known as Mother Sekhmet, the Lion Goddess [see Robert

Masters book"The Goddess Sekhmet"].
I am joined here with the Galactics, your family. We are the lion people,

the bird people, and the reptile people. We are all humanoids, we are


We are joined by the Kumaras of Shamballa, the peoples from Inner Earth,

in the Argatha Network, and the Council of 4 and 20. We are also joined by

Councils from Planets in your Solar System and beyond your Solar System.

All of us are meeting together and we will be meeting with you on Earth.

We have been working with the people of Earth on Ascension.

As Earth vibration raises up to the Higher Dimensions, there are some who

have chosen to leave the Planet rather than make the changes needed to

ascend with everyone else. These Ones have volunteered to wear the Dark

Hats and teach about duality. They got so into their role-playing,that

they were unable to turn the Dark Hat to a White Hat.

Their time is up. We love them, because they lovingly played these roles

so each one of us could experience life’s lessons.

The Ones who are leaving now have volunteered to be returned to the

Source. That is my role, to help them go. For too long the Dark Hats have

controlled, lied, and manipulated their fellow humanity on Earth. They

have kept your true origin from you. They have manipulated you into forced

slavery for their own benefit. They have kept you in a place where you are

unable to see you are all

Creator Gods. The only way to bring World Peace on Earth is to bring all

the Councils, working together, to make it happen. Many of you here now

are lightworkers and starseeds who incarnated at this time for the sole

purpose of turning Earth back to a Planet of Love where all races live

together in harmony.

Mother Earth [Gaia], with her Twin Flame, Vywamus, has requested an end to

her destruction and nothing can stop these changes from coming to pass.

We have Galactic Technologies on our Ships which support this effort along

with millions of Galactics here to play roles in bringing about Earth

Ascension. We have transportation, communication, intel, computer systems,

imaging abilities, and healing capabilities which far surpass anything you

have ever been aware of in recent memory.

We have used all of these things to help bring about necessary changes.

Our Galactic members have their own Secret Forces which have members

placed in all levels of law enforcement. We have Galactic members with

special abilities, such as shape shifting and telepathic communications,

working in the Secret Service Guarding the President of the United States

so he may carry out his Mission.

This President is entrusted with communicating with all the World Leaders

in every country, to let them know that they must cooperate with the

Master Plan, or they will be leaving the Planet. Gaia/Vywamus can no

longer tolerate pollution, war, strip mining, misuse of water, slavery,

violence, and lawlessness to be the norm.

The Master Plan is one where there is an end to all wars everywhere on the

Planet. Neighboring countries will be required to live together in

harmony. Only then can Mother Earth be safe from destruction through

nuclear holocaust. The Master Plan has provisions for No Nukes. The end of

Nuclear proliferation is at hand, it will no longer be tolerated.

All countries must work together to accomplish this. Any country with

leaders entertaining the idea of building and storing nuclear weapons,

will see arrests and removals. We will be certain that the new leaders put

into place, are working together with all countries to end nuclear

weapons. As a matter of fact, no weapon which is being used for the

intention of harm will work.

There have been rumors that President Obama will take away American’s

right to ‘bear arms’. That is a misunderstanding. Hunters all over the

U.S. have been hoarding guns and ammunition since President Obama was


When the time is right, these arms will no longer discharge. They will be

holding onto a pile of junk which no longer has a use. There will be

Peace. The animal kingdom will be honored with all of Earth’s citizens and

there will be an end to hunting.

It is not President Obama who will take away the right to have a gun. It

is the Galactics who will insist on World Peace, by Gaia’s request, that

will make the weapons inoperable. President Obama, along with me and you

and all of us are also Galactics.

It is through the coordinated efforts of the Galactic Federation, those in

the skies over Earth, and you, the Ground Crew, working in your roles, who

are bringing Peace to the Earth. We also have Galactics working in the

courts. We have the International Criminal Court of Justice at the Hague.

We have Universal Jurisdiction.

We have 16 million men working with the King of Swords (KOS). All the Dark

Hats, working with the 13 Families of the Illuminati, will be rounded up,

arrested, and tried for war crimes, including genocide. These atrocities

will no longer be allowed on Earth.

The Master Plan includes dissolving the Federal Reserve Bank and the The

Internal Revenue Service. There will be payments made to every man, woman

and child for monies taken from them illegally. This will be for every

person on Earth.

The division between the haves and the have nots will be permanently

eliminated. Everyone will have all they need, once the payments are

received. There will be new currencies, and new partnerships in the

countries around the world.

In order for the Master Plan to be fully carried out, we must have

disclosure of the Galactic Presence on Earth. This means everyone will

learn about the millions of Galactics here now, who are working through

the Office of the Christ, to bring harmony to Earth. We are working in

concert with you to solve the World’s problems. President Obama has been

criticized for tackling too many issues at once. What cannot be seen is

that he has millions of Galactic helpers working on these issues with him.

It will be accomplished. It is happening now.

Once everyone is aware that the removals have taken place, there will be

no reason to hold up disclosure. There will be no reason to hold up the

payments made available through the Reformation Act, NESARA Law.

When this happens StarShips of all sizes and all types will be seen flying

in the skies over all Earth. This is called mass decloakings. Everyone

will know we are here.

It will be a great reunion with all of you, a part of our larger family of

star nations. Within days we will be landing on Earth and interacting with

you. You will have mentors to help you work into your new lives. You will

have loved ones coming back to live with you. You will have technologies

that will make life easy. You will have all necessary abundance.

Free energy and new building practices will end pollution on the Planet.

All of these things we have been talking about for many, many years. There

are some new to these ideas, so we went into a detailed review for the

ones reading

this news for the first time.

NASA will have to remove the denials from their website and this will be

done at the time of decloakings.

What we have not been talking about is, at the time of decloakings, there

will be an half-step increase in intelligence and heart opening for all

inhabitants on Earth. This serves the purpose of dropping the veils which

stand between you and the other dimensions and parallels. With these veils

dropped, you will remember you are a Creator God.

You will be ready to explore Co-Creation with immediate results. We would

like you to consider what this means. Instant Creation. Some of you are

doing this now, in fact you are very good at it. You repeatedly create

that which you do not want in your lives, due to repetitive thought that

you do not want it in your life.

We have healing techniques that can help you balance all of your subtle

bodies, the mental, physical, the emotional and spiritual bodies. In doing

this, you change your point of view. You will be able to rise above the

chaos on Earth and come into joy and love. When the declaokings come it

will be easier to be fully in joy and experience more love.
You may begin today removing old programs and shifting your thoughts to

those of abundance. Continue to imagine the changes you will have in your

life when the changes come about.

Many are asking questions, What about this and What about that? We hear

all the questions you toss around in your minds. The world will so greatly

change, when you have the Galactic Technology; in a short time you will

not believe the improvements.

The greatest thing the Nibiru Council would like you to know, is we love

you beyond measure. We are your family. We are human-hybrids from other

Star Nations. We are here to assist you to a life of freedom and restore

your status and your understanding that you are an unlimited Divine Being.

We wish to show you new ways to live lives of ease and enjoy all the

fruits life has to offer.

Your primary thoughts will shift away from the repetition of survival and

you will be able to create in new ways. You will be able to live in

harmony with yourself and with nature. You may live in a world where

everyone is encouraged to work together for the greatest good of all.

You will be living in immortal bodies which do not need to experience


The possibilities of what we can create together, with our technologies is

endless. There is no place you will not be able to visit, including

Nibiru, and other StarShips, Stars, Suns, and Planets, as well as all

points on Earth. Experiencing the cultures of all the different species of

hybrid humans will be a great adventure.

Remembering that you are one of us will cause your souls to expand. Very

quickly we will be as equal partners, working together creating a new

Earth. When we have decloakings and landings, it will be a deeply personal

experience. Each person will meet someone they remember and they know.

Some will be meeting again in the physical with their Twin Flames, their

true love, who they have waited for a very long time.

These friends and family, the trillions working with you from the trillions of Ships now in Earth’s atmosphere, will go to meet with the ones they know, in the places where they are on Earth. None of us are strangers to you. When you see us, you may ask us all of the questions you are now unsure of. Each Soul is on another part of their spiritual path and each has a different perception. We will be here to fill you in on the things you do not already know. There will be no fear. We are here as loving members of your family to help you wake up to the truth.

As soon as we land, you will be made aware of all the gifts we will share with you. You will have new modes of transportation, new technologies for healing, replicators to build or bring to you anything you need, including all of the basics.

These will be available as soon as immediately. No one will be left out. Everyone will have what they need.

You will very quickly remember your role with us. Many of you already work with us nightly. You will take up your passion and join us in the effort to restore Earth and balance all that is needed for humanity. We will make our computers, holodecks, and training facilities open for your use.

You may drop the illusion that you were meant to do menial labor until you are too old and worn out to care. You may drop the illusion that you have no control over your life. The only requirement will be living life from a heart-centered focus, with love.

Love for all on Earth, including Self-Love. It begins here.We welcome you to call on us for assistance at any time along the way. Call me, Mother Sekhmet. I will show you in subtle ways the steps to take, as we move forward in changing this Planet back to Love.

We look forward to reviewing all the stories from days gone by. We look forward to laughing at ourselves for the roles we played. We look forward to the delightful times ahead as One. We will join you and live with you and build Terra Nova together.

Bring these ideas into your heart, with joy, as we co-create this as reality, now.

~Mother Sekhmet

Dropped some pure gnosis in this post thank you. -  its so true, people focus so much of their energy in external affairs and it gets them so caught up that they don't take any time to channel it internally for reflection and meditation. Self lord and master

Bringing it up fr fresh eyes YEE!

And so glad you did Mr Spirit Matter.....Great and Inspiring read........You know where to dig out the Gems that I havent come across yet. WBV to ALL. 



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