Wholeness and Balance to everyone. The sound of the Sun has various uses ranging from restructuring water to revitalizing the system while sleep especially when ones daily duties incorporate less hours in the Sun. While not an exact substitute for the original you will find these virtually lossless audio files useful for your experimentation. Wholeness

You will find linked here first a complete audio file I created that features all current waves and stages of the Sun. Below you will also find the original individual files linked that were used to create this track.

The Sun - Complete Mix


Sun All Modes


Sun One Mode


Sun All Modes All Year


Sun Three Modes


Sun Program CD


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Thank you Sevan for this beautiful posting and dowload, this is my sun almost everyday where I live and on way to my work national guide interpreter..... This photo is the sunrise at 8:20 am GMT Time around 1000m.

Nice, thanks Robert for the Insight.


Appreciated, I've been working night shifts lately so this is ideal 

powerful stuff. deep gratitude to the profoundly radiant being that centers our entire existence in this solar system. many blessings-

Wow! Perfect for meditation. Right when the audio begins my breath moves to my 1st eye and beats in tone like a heart beat instantly. This usually happens for me when I'm in meditation after a couple of breaths and lots of focus. Nice thanks Sevan again. Everyone have a great week!!

I welcome anyone who wants to clean this up further, I know there are some sound guys that can patch this track. In addition if you could separate the modes on different layers utilizing 3D sound layering you would probably be on to something. In fact take the entire Universe on 3D sound based on the planetary tones. I'm just saying, there are millions of brilliant things to do. Here is an example if you have not heard 3D sound, you will need headphones.



Wholeness and Balanced Vibrations!

Just listened to the full spectrum of these tracks....All I can say is it's the:GENERATOR.


Awesome, much gratitude.



Consciousness dances with frequencies

As light takes form


I have a question : what is the source of this sound? Electromagnetic measurement? 

And who makes this recording?


Pascal from France

I don't want to go a day without jamming to this Tune here. Greatly Appreciate!!




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