Here you will find a perfect sequence of calibrated tones that will run you through previous lives along with straightening out a few problems with the Aura.




The first frequency will be the F-Tone. This frequency is approximately 1 Hr and should be played in totality. This frequency will harmonize all elements in the environment. After 40 minutes of playing this, one should go into a meditative posture, which ever one is most comfortable, while not causing excessive drowsiness. One should be prepared to remain in this pose for about one hour to complete the whole adjustment.


This frequency, recorded in a zero point field will open a portal to the next experience calibrated just for you. It is common for one to feel fear during this stage as most untrained minds manifest fear first. Fear is the mind controller, pushing through this portion is the key to the higher plateau.


The western culture itself is quite young compared to the Orient. As the Orient was one of the first countries to get overrun by the hoard here you will find purity and beauty of a time long passed, and then the story of a great World that has ascended from this plane you will be given a glimpse of what has happened and what We must prevent from happening to our world and the inhabitants that still find themselves in innocent, like Our children.



Nothing negative can hang around after these chimes do their work. They specialize at moving brown-grey energies from the Aura. They can't hang, too powerful.

The last ingredient will be a Crystal known as Celestite. This crystal should be placed on the throat at night and will clear up all throat Chakra issues allowing you to manifest things at rapid rates. This crystal can also be crushed into dust and ingested in small potions. Be sure to respect, not worship, the crystal, they are her for you. I have given you all the gems, now what will you do?

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Where can I find chime two?

May I please have clarification on which is chimes 1 and which is chimes 2. When right click to saves as for either chimes the file name comes up as chimes and the song name is chimes 2 and chimes 2 is titled chimes! When they are played on vlc the same thing happens. Should I be using the file name or the song name for my order of tracks?

+3. I too would like to know which is which: "Chime 2" (18.4mb, posted in the comments) which is ID3 tagged "Chimes", or "Chime 1" (16.0mb posted in the original post) which is ID3 tagged as "Chimes 2".

Which one is Chime 1 and which one is Chime 2, and is it essential that they be in correct order, or is that just for Ftone/Phi3/ForgottenLands, then the chimes played in either order?

I only ask because it was emphasized that the order is very important to achieve the intended result. Thank you for providing this, wholeness.

I'm not sure if the order of the chimes matter as long as the other ones are in the right order

Another thought, I realized these files are in 64kbps, is it even possible for that type of encoding to portray a clear enough frequency to have the proper effect?

Even 320kbps would be potentially questionable. I know Sevan mentioned back in 09 eventually working on a FLAC version or other lossless format, I wonder if there's any luck on that, or is this just a really outdated thread and we should focus elsewhere?

I was doing the f tone in the solution packet. I kept falling to sleep in-between feeling sick and just plain out strange. I kept at it though, and I managed to get through he whole thing awake, well mostly anyway. Just to make sure it took I did it a few times. Still don’t know what that was all about, but I inner stand that these things affect us all differently.  I will say that the ill feeling that I got came from me feeling as if I was in some sort of time flux. I was literally being pulled and my focus was off, I felt pressure in my eyes and head and nothing felt real. Whatever that is any more. this is interestingly truely weird. Looking forward to the PHI 3. : }

f tone made me feel very awake and alive and in the now, able to focus on my current tasks and get totally on track, it's brilliant BRILL I Ant, errm, i'm not an ant. 

Wholeness, thanks for linking me these tones Reg, you are a blessing to have around on the site, i only wish our community to expand, heal the world and be used for its higher purpose, when i look over the years that have gone by (in the comments section, and the members that came and went) and think of all the different phases of self i went through, oh Sam... how i wish i had been more consistent and persistent, and now i think if i can be there for others and give them this knowledge directly, i will experience that gratitude, like sevan said recently in the blue moon group, To be a time lord means to accelerate and cut short certain times for people, to save them time. 

the only consolation for the "wasted" time is that: I AM now here, and I AM on this track, and WE ARE :D

so in that way, all that was necessary to get here is just fine by me, yet i still look back and shake my head at some things. I must learn to forgive myself so i can progress and be what i need to be for the world, and for myself... 

There's actually so much to do! It's exciting :) 

Thank you all resistance family, We've been through a lot already.

chime I and chime 2 are labeled wrong on the download and you don't see the mistake until they actually begin to play. Now im wondering what I've done since they were not played in correct sequence

Perhaps there is other sources that could provide these frequencies at better quality. I could not even download, all files were linking me to a autoplay page. 

I can't give you any sources for these particular tones but I found this site had some great Vibrations!!

p.s I have the original 5 tones on my computer if you want me to upload them I can.



Hi KFive, uploading them would be great. Make sure they are WAV file or FLAC. The sample tones on that website you listed for tuning the chakras are low quality mp3. So many of these solfeggio websites host only mp3, it's very incomplete. Wholeness & wakefulness to you.

Wholeness Elke,

I only have Mp3 versions, I understand the difficulty in finding 'tones for tuning' in the better formats. It's strange they would go through the effort to create such things only to release them in MP3 format...  doesn't make much sense to me but then again not many things do ;)

I'll keep seeking though my friends...

Wholeness & Balanced Vibrations




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