Here you will find a perfect sequence of calibrated tones that will run you through previous lives along with straightening out a few problems with the Aura.




The first frequency will be the F-Tone. This frequency is approximately 1 Hr and should be played in totality. This frequency will harmonize all elements in the environment. After 40 minutes of playing this, one should go into a meditative posture, which ever one is most comfortable, while not causing excessive drowsiness. One should be prepared to remain in this pose for about one hour to complete the whole adjustment.


This frequency, recorded in a zero point field will open a portal to the next experience calibrated just for you. It is common for one to feel fear during this stage as most untrained minds manifest fear first. Fear is the mind controller, pushing through this portion is the key to the higher plateau.


The western culture itself is quite young compared to the Orient. As the Orient was one of the first countries to get overrun by the hoard here you will find purity and beauty of a time long passed, and then the story of a great World that has ascended from this plane you will be given a glimpse of what has happened and what We must prevent from happening to our world and the inhabitants that still find themselves in innocent, like Our children.



Nothing negative can hang around after these chimes do their work. They specialize at moving brown-grey energies from the Aura. They can't hang, too powerful.

The last ingredient will be a Crystal known as Celestite. This crystal should be placed on the throat at night and will clear up all throat Chakra issues allowing you to manifest things at rapid rates. This crystal can also be crushed into dust and ingested in small potions. Be sure to respect, not worship, the crystal, they are her for you. I have given you all the gems, now what will you do?

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these two files are not saving .. i even tried it from 3 different computers... (forgottenland, chime2)
Always remember that frequencies are only as accurate as the equipment that they are being played on. It is always recommended (and I first must disclaim that I don't speak on behalf of Sevan (and sorry to jump into the conversation) but rather years of experience with meditative audio enhancers, tones and Beta, Theta, Alpha waves, etc) that you listen to any meditation accompaniments with a high quality headphone to get the MOST out of it. Not all speakers are created equal and when dealing with cleansing and enlightening tones/frequencies, it is always important for them to be accurate in order to acheive your desired result.
Ana - you're very welcome. I wish you the best.
Thomas definately has a point, you will find with most of the frequencies I have posted that they are binaural, meaning when you play them in headphones you head diffrent sounds in each ear. Stepping this up another phase I will start posting hemi-sync programs available in .flac for clarity.
I will mention this only once. If I say, here take this frequency and cure yourself with it, and the person says, I want to do it a natural way, I will say fine then be sick. If a person says I want to communicate with you and I say, call me, and they say I don't want to use the phone or technology, I will say fine don't waste my time anymore. All the things I present are training devices that allow the person to learn to simulate certain states properly. It is the most I can do for a generation that still doesn't see that as long as they keep eating sentient beings like the animals, as long as they expect to reiceve something without giving, and various other forms of this type of behavior, maybe they will be the first to begin the extiniction process. After all what can be the use of Beings in such states of error throughout the Galaxy. Humans need to realize that if they don't increase there self worth, spiritually and thus on a Galactic level, they are nothing more than space plastic. A empty vessel unable to be used. Attempting to fill a contaminated mind with purity is sometimes a waste.
If you think this is the way that I feel then you are missing the point. In fact did I not give you information freely and even extend a hand if you needed anything else? Cmon. Likewise my work speaks for itself I'm not just talking but doing. Now here is what becomes a little unerving since we do still have them. If one has not read what has been provided and then comes with the same questions that are answered already that could create an issue with dependancy, that must be addressed right away. Lastly whatever I have to do to encourage people to think on their own and expand thier consciousness I will do, and have done. This is but another Matrix here even, but hopefully it is a persons last. And if things get to heavy well you could always delete your profile and go back to youtube. I'm not a game, I give respect so thus it will be extended to Us at all times this is not your local chat blog. Anyone who feels like I'm not here for them and have created a well of knowledge do delete your account today.

any recommendations on a good pair of headphones?


It just so happens that I broke my headphones on the bike trail this week! Such a lovely collision of paths. I thank you for standing, will you offer suggestions? If any brand will do, what technical specs should I look for?

Thank you!


Again, I will only encourage the people to do what they need to do, I don't waste time, I don't have a motive other than ascension and at this point I can not sit and watch people regress. I gave you The Code, I purged truth from falsehood, and I even gave you a glimpse into the workings of the Unseen Hand. It is time for many of you to go out on your own, maybe even read the Code again to innerstand the depth in the words.

Finally if you feel the work here is disturbing your normal mode of life to any degree, well that means I have succeeded in awakening you somewhat from the illusion, however, everyone has the choice to return back to it and become a Cipher. Personally I find it a shame that not one person has come forth with the ability to take this whole thing to the next level, after all it is only Our future, Our children, who see lustful perversion and curroption at every turn. When they watch an episode of American Idol or a Disney Movie they say "man that was awesome", when they here the perfection of tones they say "Evil Gregorian Chants" lol truly the world is backwards. Its just like my X girlfriend, she said if you are sitting and meditating everyday that is an Illusion because you are not doing anything, lol, the ones that are truly in the Illusion are telling those that are trying to remove themselves that they are wrong?

No matter, I told the world how much "time" they have left since they are so fascinated by the future. It is not me that needs the rope here, I leave your dimension everytime I close my eyes with ease. That is what I gave many the option to do thus they cannot say they did not have a chance it is rather they have not followed orders. The future is very grim for this world, it has already happened, you that remain in time thinking that it is still to occur are still operating on 5%, there will be consequence for placing anything before the Most High, anything.
Ok sorry if I missed the answer to this somehere but is there a noobz guide to starting meditation or a step by step of how to go about this properly so I'm not wasting my time and yours asking every little step. What should I be visualizing during and what should I be expecting the first few times. Also any sucinct info on opening chakras would be most apreciated and again sorry if this has been asked &answered already
thank you for your time
Its funny this post was the solution and has caused the most problems, backwords I tell you. :-)
The Solution is meant to be used in relaxed meditation sleeping with it on should be ot problem after the first initial experience. As far as remebering your dreams how much light is in the room you sleep in when you are sleep?



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