Here you will find a perfect sequence of calibrated tones that will run you through previous lives along with straightening out a few problems with the Aura.




The first frequency will be the F-Tone. This frequency is approximately 1 Hr and should be played in totality. This frequency will harmonize all elements in the environment. After 40 minutes of playing this, one should go into a meditative posture, which ever one is most comfortable, while not causing excessive drowsiness. One should be prepared to remain in this pose for about one hour to complete the whole adjustment.


This frequency, recorded in a zero point field will open a portal to the next experience calibrated just for you. It is common for one to feel fear during this stage as most untrained minds manifest fear first. Fear is the mind controller, pushing through this portion is the key to the higher plateau.


The western culture itself is quite young compared to the Orient. As the Orient was one of the first countries to get overrun by the hoard here you will find purity and beauty of a time long passed, and then the story of a great World that has ascended from this plane you will be given a glimpse of what has happened and what We must prevent from happening to our world and the inhabitants that still find themselves in innocent, like Our children.



Nothing negative can hang around after these chimes do their work. They specialize at moving brown-grey energies from the Aura. They can't hang, too powerful.

The last ingredient will be a Crystal known as Celestite. This crystal should be placed on the throat at night and will clear up all throat Chakra issues allowing you to manifest things at rapid rates. This crystal can also be crushed into dust and ingested in small potions. Be sure to respect, not worship, the crystal, they are her for you. I have given you all the gems, now what will you do?

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hi tina springer , just right click on one of them , a box will appear , then left click on save target as, and save it on to your pc hope this helps
You won't believe I posted this last night and the computer crashed before I thought it was posted. It took me 45 minutes, which is like 45 days in my world, to put this thing together. It feels so great to see it somehow made it. I will post the other two frequences which are very important.

However for those that are trying to bend the realm, this is a one way key to seeing if you have what it takes. Silver should only be used in the colliodal form and works very well as an antibiotic.

The great thing about these minerals and elements is you only need to take them for about 2 weeks and then you do not need them anymore. Crown Chakra is more sensitive after taking Etherium Gold. ORMES (Powdered Gold) is much more different. You will find Etherium Gold under the nutrients tab. 
The Etherium Gold will boasts the immune system higher than any other supplement I have seen. This will be a good investment for you that will keep the family from taking over the counter and prescription posions.
They say fear is often instilled as a preservation, the flip side is one should be concerned more about what will happen if they remain on this dimension rather than crossing over. When this is realized from within in its totality, which is actually something of a snowball effect meaning once it gets to a certain point one does not need to try, it is as though there is no reality around you, only air, once going within completely spontaneously you combust. What is left is just an "imp"rint.
Merkaba will only take one within the Spheres of Saturn it is after all a hexagonal tool. The true vehicle is an orb created from multiple points of light. This contains no edges and an undetermined geometrix structure unique to you. I'm sure the reason it will not move correctly is Something does not want you to return to where you already have been.
Points of Light:

The easiest way to imagine this is with your skull. A circular sphere that is completely dark on the outside but a bright light exist inside. Something pokes a pin hole into this dark orb and then 1 constant beam of light shoots out into the far reaches of the galaxy. Another poke now you have 2. The sequence is 1 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 ad infinit. This numbering sequence is also used in the computer.
That time you yearn for is soon at hand when time collapses We will be "gathered" meaning all the essences of you will collect into one form.Ribbons are used in Magic to create "ties" that link one to whatever they are tied to. A simple meditation is in order. Imagine a large shear or sword cutting ties to anything that you can think of, even family. This would be a good time to use that sword you were given. You should start with the earliest person you can remember. This is great to do in the shower as the energy will be immediatly washed off. This does not mean you are cutting them off you are just clearing ties. Everything begins with intention, as you know.

@ Sevan,


are those transportation vehicles called merkaba shields by any chance? 

It is easier for me to tell what you had by what you may have paid per gram. That will tell me a lot about what you need to do next, let me know brotha.
Now, I'm not an expert on any particular subject, but according to Dan Winter, dependance on gold for igniting our DNA can make us no better than the Enlil...just stating what I've found. I just want to clarify if this will have the same gland-weakening/dependency effect. We want the 12 strand dna, as opposed to the parasitic mutated deformed 10 strand dna activated, no? Correct me if I'm wrong, I just need something to cross reference my ideas with.
Never mind, just found out about the illegal activities of Mr. Winter and the plaigarism. I answered my own question.
The other 2 frequencies.



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