Let us take a brief journey through Time.

I write this post from the core of my heart and I only ask those that are reading to heavily consider what I'm bringing forth. The most difficult job it seems one could have these days is working with humanity but in turn it is also the most rewarding. To change a persons life truly for the better is something that takes great contemplation, courage, and most of all persistence. I have discovered that what is holding many people back from reaching just freedom, setting aside for a moment higher states of consciousness, is indeed powerful. So I have taken to doing my best in dismantling this stumbling block which faces us all. It becomes our common integer within all of our perceived differences to tear down the wall that divides us.




Major feats take time to reach. Some ask me what the plan is, as if I have not already began putting it to action. My mind never stops calculating, ciphering, and tumbling it is a gift and at times what feels like a curse. To know the Truth but to be put through constant obstacles when attempting to tell it. When I think of assisting the Planet I think of doing that on the deepest levels. There are places such as what you see above that we can send and receive sustenance. More than ever the Earth's Heart needs soothing from able bodied humans that have energy to give, not just those who pull energy when constantly asking for good fortune. Always looking for what they can receive rather than searching for what they can give. 


In doing this great work I personally have made enemies with the force that wishes to keep humanity ignorant, pacified and stagnant. I have no problem with this level of fusion because I'm in motion acting upon the Universe as it acts upon me with intelligence. I'm not a computer I do not just take commands and obey without question. The hindering force works through division and time. People who have fallen prey to any of those integers knowingly or unknowingly act in disarray often and are easily possessed by being swayed to follow others who are just as clueless.



They can never find it because it is within and non-accessible to the profane.


Excerpt from a Ancient Masonic Book


I cannot urge people enough to consider heavily that we just came off the Age of Secrets and there are certain things about this Planet and this Universe that have the power to change things in just one moment on the entire scale. Since you are a Microcosmic Universe this also means its inside of you. So basically they are trying to hide you from your self. They encourage "lose yourself!" I ask you to find yourself.


It appears that if there are only a few at first who are of like mind that still will not support each other due to the peculiar finickiness that always accompanies amazing people when it comes to how they perceive others it is only a matter of time before that said faction will dissolve. A great deal of this reality was programed to also make us police one another in psychology this is called the Buddy System. People feel as if they cannot be themselves because of others so they constantly pretend, they cannot wear what they want to at times in fear of being out of style so they are constantly uniform, they cannot believe what they want to believe in fear of being an outcast so they stay cast out of the Hidden World.


They are encouraged to follow the masses who are clearly walking off a cliff they do not perceive. Number 0 and 22 on the Tarot alas if one would just sit down for a moment and unpack all that power you have within.  The reason many have not done so is only because they have been conditioned to have someone doing it all for them like a drive thru, rendering very little assistance and even marveling that they are getting it all for nothing, however there is always two sides to a Coin (Cohen means Priest). Clearly the King has an agenda, it seems to have started at the time of the Khans, and they carry Ankhs which is an Anagram for Khans who are masters of the birth and reincarnation cycles. They have been showing and telling how they see the humans as servants. Are not the books riddled with how to be servants to the gods?

The Usual Suspects

I take very little example from myself but instead look to the ancient records and the previous generations and to those that have already ran this cycle. I watch how the same promises were made to them of a better society and a better afterlife by the same perpetrators that are now passing the same rhetoric off on us so that we just wait and then perish to do it all again. I often wonder when all will realize that they only have one life each time and now is the only moment one can do something that will leave an impact that will send ripple effects through the Universe that will ultimately lead to their biorhythm being that of something unique. It is that which is unique that is preserved with the highest intent and that which is clone like and artificial that is easily forgotten and discarded like plastic.


Even the Droids are making it back to Africa before the People.


I think of all the things that I have learned and how it brought joy at first but then sadness as others could not see it. So I worked tirelessly night and day getting by the moment more creative in transcoding this great discovery into a more assimilable format. What can not be undone is that many have already been changed for the better and it is irreversible. However, those people must in turn reach out to what gave the knowledge to them and only take up the duty to insure that it remains available for the next Companion who is for the moment lost in the reality and seeking to gain bearing. I site the Resistance to always remember even when they feel as if they have grown beyond this.



The "infertility" is the lack of natural advancement and creativity in addition to the spiritual connection that comes through tapping in that most are still clueless about as they wander searching for something but not knowing what it is. We can fix this, we can help them.


So the question has come up "Were is all this going" and I feel obliged to answer that question at first simple and then at great length. To make it very simple "We" have already gone and continue to come back for each individual that is ready. This is very similar to pulling people out of the Matrix step by step, we even have access to the Red Pill. However much of this still depends on team work and should not be just the responsibility of a small group as it is a very large task. How long it will take to be done still depends on how much assistance we can get to make it happen faster. One thing you can be sure of is that as long as the knowledge is spreading and the tools are there, then our goals will eventually be met.


The Resistance is still the only network that has fused together things that generally remain separate. This includes people that are from various cultures and ethnicities. We have merged the highest levels of spiritual knowledge that accompanies physical application while most networks only carry one or the other leaving a person incomplete. We all have special abilities many of which are laying dormant within. It still ultimately requires that something is conveyed or done that awakens this hidden potential with the individual.


Its still a Team. The Head will be going nowhere without the Leg.


Joined in the Cause of Enlightenment with no fear we span across the globe creating Conscious Way Points for others looking to anchor themselves to what will empower them. It is already happening not something we are just planning and talking about. We need your assistance in continuing the expansion.

Since I'm already aware of this I've been pouring through all systems of knowledge looking for what will awake you. I know for everyone it may be something different so I constantly look for the trigger or keyword that will start the grand wheel of the mind turning without interruption. My greatest abilities are comprehension, patience, courage, and pride which are far more effective than learning how to use the mind to throw objects across the room these days. It appears many have the wrong idea of the preliminaries to the higher activation so I will explain what I do with these abilities that are so easy to access.


Comprehension is key as you must look for inconsistencies, through this ability you can see through the thickest veil that it is claimed in many cases no mortal can penetrate. My comprehension tells me that when a god says "beware of the evil one" but in the same token says "good and evil I do all of these things" then surely something must be aloft and it is the first sign that an inception might be taking place. If one ignores common sense then surely what will follow cannot be intelligence.


Exhibit A

Ah yes I see another important clue on why everything fell to pieces as it is now clear the stories of the goat god are true and those who cannot stomach such things remain clueless never suspecting the pun of being in Oz and the Wizard of Oz or should I say Oaz. If one thinks this will have no ramifications whatsoever with what will happen to them on this dimension then you have left the problem to someone like myself.

Exhibit B

Talking about an open and shut case.


My other Gift is Patience it can wear down all things. You can only imagine what it is like to open yet another 800+ page book of shear madness only to extract a few very valuable morsels of Truth. But when you are putting a Universe size puzzle together that means a world to you those pieces are much appreciated. But truly what do you think keeps me from saying "forget all of this", "why am I doing this", "why don't I just quit"? Patience, because no matter what anyone may say there is always something to be achieved that can expand you as broad as existence, it is however waiting on you to discover it fully by you placing all its working parts in order. You must repair the fractured reality within and oh the joy when someone is helping you do that.


My special move is Courage in which I use constantly to mentally and spiritually defeat demi gods and mini bosses many of whom take shelter in the psyche of men and women as a cloak. Outwardly we all look just about the same but inwardly many are something entirely different. Now we all know that in these times a great deal of the Truth is being discovered and daily we realize that what we once thought was infallible was in fact yet another cunningly contrived myth. This has occurred the most with religion and government especially in relation to patriotism, even our very own food supply is now being mutated but you can ultimately vanquish such things for yourself and others.


In every instance your attainment of Divine Consciousness will not only remove negative energy from around you it will also do so for others while you are in their presence. While this is occurring they are in a moment of clarity, a perfect time for you to discuss higher matters with them, but first you must obtain Divine Consciousness. 


But how many people actually go out of their way to constantly pull the coat tail of as many as will listen daily? Even deeper how many people are actually in a position to do such things since most that come into enlightenment have already exited from the main stream leaving all the other victims behind as they yell "wake up you sheeple" while marveling unwarrantably that they have reached what they think is the highest level when in fact it is really just the beginning of true enlightenment because they will have to return to the people and learn the methods of how to wake them up.


This is where many must use their heads, why eject yourself completely out of the Matrix if you still have loved ones embedded within it? Why not work your way into the circles of those who are blindly causing the disaster and then pull the leader aside and give him a dose of your new found enlightenment since it is so powerful so at least they have something to think about while they sleep on multiple levels. This is chess not checkers the world will not be won over into the ideas of total consciousness until the fetters that bind the ones that are controlling it are set free.


I can remember the first time I came on the scene and everyone was telling me how far I would go and how brilliant I was. That was of course until I threw a red flag on those in the Esoteric Circles for leading the people into worshiping the most despicable entities. Comments like "How could you dare disrespect the elders" and "You ungrateful little traitor" was what they hammered me with but Truth is Truth and should always be accompanied with courage because you will need it to bring it forth.


Since the proper deed was done now many are rising up questioning what the "Authorities" who keep blandly guiding our future back into the past have been saying. They now have an opportunity to learn as it is clear the youngest of us are the oldest, we incarnated last within time to fix the situation while their incarnation is almost over but they will get the link out of real respect for the situation we have all found ourselves in. This will be done not out of timidness and false elation which does no man or woman any good.


No mistake about it the young will be teaching the old this Generation.

Our Power is Pride. Now we clear some things up as accusations of Ego have been hurled about the Resistance so incorrectly. Now do not mistake that because we are not laying down waiting to be run over that we are egotistic. It only remains a matter of that most who are fully pacified see any act of strength as one of Ego by default. This Pride keeps us alive now and keeps us going despite the odds which are stacking against us. It remains in the blood and keeps us warm on the cold nights the world has dealt. When it is all said and done our original culture remains within and cannot be removed by droid and monarchy. Enliven others with your fire and they will turn from a cold heart.


Witness true Pride and know how to distinguish it from Ego, we are here to protect and uphold consciousness there will be no giving up.


The point I wish to make is to never undervalue true knowledge because it is what changes things. Teaching gives a person a choice to learn. We take as our weapon sharpened Truth and we give that to the people so they can defeat what evil lurks in their lives. Evil is ignorance my People as nothing intelligent would make ignorance a companion for to long. Ignorance is not so much as not knowing but refusing to learn. We have worked a great deal to get to this point, and this is the big launching point for us. Everything that came before was the preparation and meticulous building of a foundation that will not crumble under the weight of what is to come but instead will be a shelter for those on shaky ground as more of the Truth comes forth and many are forced to seek stable and steadfast ground above deluged falsehood.


I ask those that are reading this to keep us in mind in regards to donations. Some of us have now taken the leap, left our comfort zones, and have taken up the mission abroad to fully raise consciousness on a level never experienced in this interim. We are not ashamed to say that we are depending on you, just as PBS says this program has been sponsored by viewers like you and without those sponsorships we cannot broadcast, however, with increased support we can produce more, incorporate more people, do more research, etc. We have already proven over and over that we are here and we can get the job done. So know we have a very equipped Ship on the launch pad with all the bells and whistles and the last thing needed is fuel. I ask directly, please support so we can continue strong, we need you now.


They can't reset me, they can't make me go away, and they can't make me stop telling the Truth. Lets make it the same for everyone else. Wholeness







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Awesome post. Really. Thank you 7
This was great! Thank you!

This is really good!

Thank you, Sevan!


We know all this, this is why the resistance got started... we will rise... they will fall... doubt it not that is us... ill put it like this, talk is cheap this is why we are engaged..  We came equiped to take care of this..


That shed some light on some things in another direction..I use these things in my life to bring those around me up the ways i can.This is the only place left out here that has anything real.I think these things myself and I see no other way for the conciousness we are connected to and are(words based on my limited perception).It has been a journey just getting myself established here in nm,time has come though for some more contribution.Last week or so I ordered some or your shalijit so I think Next week I will have something for the resistance and i hope to get some etherium some time after that.you all have provided so much in content i am gratfull and will always word my end.haha i just got the shilajit,here we go.wholeness to you sevan charging post

''The Ripple EFFECTS'' made me cry. very beautiful indeed. Thank you for this. WBV

''The Ripple EFFECTS'' had made me cry, thank you for this one Sevan.

Evil is ignorance my People as nothing intelligent would make ignorance a companion for to long. Ignorance is not so much as not knowing but refusing to learn.


These are words to live by, these are words I have tryed to teach someone around me. refusing to learn is soul suicide, I see all to well the lack off direction in souls around me.


one by one piece by piece the only way, I see,

Thank you Sevan for calming words.

This is a great collage of the situation at hand!


Was really touching reading this......Awesome work Sevan. Thank you.

Your more than welcome!



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