If you were looking for a deeper understanding to your life, one that is not full of dogma, is nonjudgmental yet fully supportive of your body and soul, would you take a step towards it? What if you were just plain curious and wanted to peep down the rabbit hole to see what is reallythere? Would you do it?

But if you know that black is white and no amount of discussion will convince you it is otherwise, please stop reading, as you will have no interest in what could possibly be the most expansive adventure of your life…

We are a vast group of individuals who have reached varying heights of knowledge and wisdom and are applying this to our daily lives.We want to share our vast body of knowledge with you, in order to enrich your life to an entirely different level. When enough people join together they make an impenetrable body; you now have the opportunity to join that Body.

Our goal is to impact the entire frequency of the World leaving an endless ripple effect of enrichment. We want to build bridges with people from all walks of life, to connect with what would seem to be unrelated opinions and peoples, that appear on the offset to be disharmonic, but as we look deeper, it is clear we all desire the knowledge to help us gain that inner sense of peace and wellbeing.

We can share much of the world’s wisdom with you with our vast library of free information.

All questions can be answered, all problems can be solved; it is only a matter of taking the time.

This is a Universal Message and we meet everyone at any stage they find themselves currently in. We do not promote a hierarchy and consider our faction circular with each person assisting one another, not pyramidal where all serve the one on top.


Our understanding is that there are various levels to life and as we graduate these levels we receive a metaphorical  ‘ring’ that brings us closer to the harmonic cyclic nature of life. This journey of discovery and health we call the Astral Quest. The Quest (rings) can be seen repeatedly through the Universe. Trees gain a ring when they reach a complete cycle, look at your fingerprints and you will notice that you also have rings, unique swirls and circles that are yours alone.

Anything that spins or is cyclic can be seen as a ring. Our Universe spins, our Planet spins, and our Aura spins, so in effect you have entered a body of concentric rings. The goal is to spin in harmony with them all.

So where does one begin? In truth your Quest has already begun as you have dared to read this far, we are simply presenting you with the ability to take the switch off autopilot and dive into a wealth of information, a vibrant community and to steer your own path.


On the website we have highlight different stages of information, so you can determine the next stage of the quest that is right for you. Please take the time to watch the introduction video by clicking "here", as this will help you to navigate our website.

A Guideline has already been made available for humanity, yet much of the knowledge of this system has been misinterpreted, demonized, reinvented and even ignored. The knowledge we discuss on our site is called Planetary Knowledge. We explore the chakras and how they relate to the organs in the body, how they relate to the planets in the solar system, and ways for us to resonate in harmony with them, and to ultimately resonate as who we really are.


This system can guide you to gain complete mastery over yourself, and most importantly your Innerverse. Controlling others world’s, especially to negative extents is a disastrous practice.

Because of our unique differences, we make up the most magnificent spectrum and the knowledge being presented here will affect people in many different ways.  Since the mind works like a wheel cycling the information and experience it receives through it, you now have the opportunity to begin a fully expanded rotation of thought. This can be similar to when a fish, the symbol of the Soul, is taken from a small tank that hinders its growth and size, and is placed in large body of water that gives it the guaranteed opportunity to expand.

There are no falsehoods to these claims, and you will find a plethora of knowledge on this site detailing how to begin such a Quest. There is nothing truly external to us; all things take place first within and then manifest later on an external level.

If you would like to take the next step just click "here"

Our obligation to the World is to uplift and inspire our entire Species. 

This we do with the upmost integrity.


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wow :)  i indeed think the innerverse auto pilot video above was nice, does move inner,  Wholeness balance vibration resistance. family, thanks sevan



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