As promise we are forward for another round starting this year off with a complete segment on activation from every level. We will be doing several shows related to getting the mind, body, and soul in the condition that is necessary for it to go into its next transmutation fully functional. Join me Sevan and Guest Host Satori Mune this Sunday on Blog Talk Radio as we get you prepared for higher levels of interfacing.


This includes discussions related to the Eastern vs the Western approach to enlightenment, illumination, or activation. We will look deeper into the Crown Chakra down approach versus the Root Chakra up method.


Alkaline and Ph levels are becoming increasingly more important as we go into higher wavelengths. It is possible to restrict beneficial transformation with improper levels of Alkaline vs Acid.  We will show how to get Alkaline levels up and balanced through food and other products. We will talk about Minerals and Monatomics that aid consciousness and what they can be really used for.


We have all become much more closer in the last year as things speed up and the methods of how to live a balance daily life is in question. This month we will be spending time taking you inside of the home of Resistance developer Sevan to see just what goes on day to day while giving examples on how to maximize the potential of the advancement of your well being through all that has been provided.


We welcome everyone to not only join but invite a friend as they will get instruction on the most powerful breathing techniques, daily diet, and even how to apply frequency as medicine. These shows will be scheduled in 1 hour segment beginning on the date and time indicated. Injoy!



TIME - 4:00 P.M. CST

               10:00 P.M. GMT



DIRECTIONS - Press play on the widget below during showtime or go directly to the link above. Chat room will be available.


Listen to internet radio with Esoteric Radio on Blog Talk Radio

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i cured my dads gout with a regimen of one tablespoon of raw unfiltered organic apple cider vinegar in a 7oz. glass of water three times daily :)  No pain , no inflamation a case of gout suggests a highly acidic body to me and the apple cider vinegar did an amazing job  nutralizing his ph and it brought him back to balance.
hi where did you find the info inregards to the recipi?
was it recoreded? do y ou know where to get it?

Hi everybody, this available in an audio file? would be great listen in the car or whenever i got the time.



yes above by Reply by Ayzik 1 day ago
Are there anymore cheap good places to get away to for a couple of months that you could recommend; maybe list.
I wonder if I can just go ahead and transition totally to to last three columns in Kayowe's chart above from lowest to highest alkaline foods..right?
This is great Sevan and Mune. I'm looking forward to learn my new lifestyle. you guys are absolutely amazing.

Is this not available in video anymore?



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