As promise we are forward for another round starting this year off with a complete segment on activation from every level. We will be doing several shows related to getting the mind, body, and soul in the condition that is necessary for it to go into its next transmutation fully functional. Join me Sevan and Guest Host Satori Mune this Sunday on Blog Talk Radio as we get you prepared for higher levels of interfacing.


This includes discussions related to the Eastern vs the Western approach to enlightenment, illumination, or activation. We will look deeper into the Crown Chakra down approach versus the Root Chakra up method.


Alkaline and Ph levels are becoming increasingly more important as we go into higher wavelengths. It is possible to restrict beneficial transformation with improper levels of Alkaline vs Acid.  We will show how to get Alkaline levels up and balanced through food and other products. We will talk about Minerals and Monatomics that aid consciousness and what they can be really used for.


We have all become much more closer in the last year as things speed up and the methods of how to live a balance daily life is in question. This month we will be spending time taking you inside of the home of Resistance developer Sevan to see just what goes on day to day while giving examples on how to maximize the potential of the advancement of your well being through all that has been provided.


We welcome everyone to not only join but invite a friend as they will get instruction on the most powerful breathing techniques, daily diet, and even how to apply frequency as medicine. These shows will be scheduled in 1 hour segment beginning on the date and time indicated. Injoy!



TIME - 4:00 P.M. CST

               10:00 P.M. GMT



DIRECTIONS - Press play on the widget below during showtime or go directly to the link above. Chat room will be available.


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this is just what i been lookin for.

Concerning the alkaline foods I was wondering, how are they determined?

I read on some websites, that, you "can" take account on the PRAL (formula calculated by Dr. Thomas Remer). However, there are so many contradictions about alkaline/acid foods when you use this method that I'm lost. So, I would like to know what you take account as a nutritionist to determine alkalinity and acidity in foods or what do you use to know? (what are your "reliable" sources).


I would like so much to understand the method, but, all I can find is misinformation, and my researches are inconclusive. For example, I found out all fruits are alkaline except for plums, prunes, apricots,oranges, docks/sorrels; and tomatoes, asparagus, artichokes, onions, rhubarb, Brussels sprouts for the vegetables. I even read that all sweeteners are acid and the only nuts which are alkaline are hazel nuts/macadamia nuts (not almonds as I previously read).


Plus, I would like to know if you think that all dried fruits are alkaline and are they "naturally" more alkaline that fresh fruits?


If you could enlighten me on these different aspects of alkaline/acid foods, I will be very grateful. 

First, I used this board:

Then, a few days ago, I found out about your alkaline/acid board, and now, I have doubts about some foods in my diet.


As I want to be as alkaline as possible, so I mainly eat a lot of raw vegetables/fruits and I use MMS. I even changed my diet a  few months ago ( I'm a vegan). I tried to make it bit by bit in order to avoid too much change for my body, but, I lost a lot of weight; however I had to adjust my diet because I was too thin. Now, it's better, but, it was quite hard in the beginning. 


I intend to integrate your recipes in my diet. I love them and find them very helpful in the composition of my daily diet.They gave me some new ideas on the healthy foods I can have in my diet, notably for the sprouts and snacks :-)


Wholeness and Balanced Vibrations.





Thank you for your advices!


I read a few months ago Andreas Moritz's book "Timeless Secrets of Rejuvenation" and it helped me a lot. According to the tests in this book my body's type is mixed. So, I can basically eat what I want.


I'm gonna also try the ghee or clarified butter. I only read good reviews about its use, moreover, it's apparently better than margarine, butter and oil to fry your foods which I currently use







I got a response from a mentor of mine concerning Alkalinity and Food.


Anyway here is her take on the matter: 


Hi Jon: Okay, so ignores all lists about acid/ alkaline. Think minerals and protein tissue. Acids are produce as part of the metabolic breakdown of protein tissue - you replace all the parts of your body by breaking it down and building new parts - that is why true healing takes so long - some are replace quickly and some take years but every 7 years - you do not have a single cell in your body that was present  7 years ago.


Every tissue in your body that has a protein component (including food) produces an acid like uric acid as part of the  breakdown and these must be neutralized by alkalizing mineral mainly calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium. These acids must be neutralize because your body (except for your stomach) is
alkaline and your blood must always be alkaline in order for you to live.


So acids produced on a cellular level are best neutralized on a cellular level by Na and K before the acid reaches the blood. If the acid make it to the bloodstream then it is calcium's job and if there is not enough and there is magnesium then it does it. If there is neither, then the body will take it from bones or teeth. The blood will take the calcium from food that may be needed for bones or other things in the body and prioritize it for the blood if needed. Acids for food protein are neutralized in the digestive tract so
as long the protein is part of a meal with alkalizing minerals - then all is good.

If you look at alkalizing tablets or powder that ND's use is nothing more that sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate - that tells you all you need to know.

So food that is mainly protein with little minerals is "acidic" so meats and foods like fruits and vegetables that have no protein component and has a ton of minerals is alkaline. Everything that has both is neutral - nuts, seeds, legumes, grains and dairy ( yes dairy is not acidic - little protein and lots of calcium) and as long as the diet is balanced then it cannot be "acidic" which not a euphemisim and does not really mean the person is acidic as nothing lives in acid - nothing - not bacteria, not fungus -nothing and not us so we can't be acidic.

Refined white flours and sugar are not acidic but they contain no minerals so if a person has been eating a diet that does not have a lot of minerals those foods do not help and they may be deficient of the optimal amount they need to be healthy - so they may need to "alkalize" themselves which means load up so they have an optimal amount as opposed to a minimal amount so having a higher alkaline diet for a while or alkalizing water or taking alkalizing tablets - whatever but it is not needed forever once they have
loaded up - if they are now eating a balance whole food diet.

By the way most meat has a high amount of potassium so it is not totally devoid of minerals.

So I hope this makes it easier and by the way - cancer not being able to thrive in an alkaline environment is also not true - once it has metastasized it has adapted to an alkaline environment as it used the blood
stream to spread through the body.

I could go one but hopefully this answers your question.

Thank you Jon, you answered my question :-)


 About the evolution of cancer in an alkaline environment, I thought it rightly was the alkaline environment that was allowing you to avoid diseases.

So, if it's more the presence of the quantity of the adequate minerals that the body needs which permits you to be healthy, that will of course explain people's recovery when they change their diet.

But, in the case of diseases in an alkaline environment, is it also because of this deficiency of minerals in the body? What's the reason?- as alkalizing mean no diseases to me- 

Can you elaborate a little bit more on it?


Really not sure about the cancer part.  I suggest you read about the bio-chemical cell salts posted on the site, you can find the books in the master library: it will give you insight on minerals and disease.  


Also in regards to the post,  that's my mentor's opinion, as she's well versed and has much experience with research, and collaborates with other people.  


In regards to cancer, I never liked looking at alkalinity for a cure for cancer or all disease.  

There's more to food and its relationship to the mind, body and soul.  

Living foods, and living water contain life force that nourishes our state of being.

Disease will not flourish in a balanced environment, because you are no longer in "Di" "ease" (feeling divided... the feeling of dying).  

How can you get cancer when you are thriving: mind, body and soul.


So many ways to approach dis-ease and balancing... why not just use them all :)  


Draining the body of toxins by moving the lymphatic system: breath work, Yoga, working out....  

Introspection, self-reflection, meditation.....

Frequencies, crystals, supplements...(MMS, E.GOLD, Shilajit, BC cell/tissue salts)   


What Mune and everyone else was saying...:). 


The tools are here.  


I'll ask my mentor in regards to the cancer bit.  She'll probably point me to some studies or something...that should be interesting....hopefully she's willing to answer - but she's usually really busy; i'm surprised she even got back to me.

Something which is extremely important for digestion is ACID and ALKALI... if you take alkali or even water  at the wrong time it can disrupt a persons's digestion. Fluids (especially alkali water) 30 minutes before AND upto 2 hours after food can dilute the stomach acid and cause digestive issues (as well as eating a small snack within this period too, as you stomach dumps all the processing food to make space...) . Also  anti-acids are really really not good especially straight after a meal when most are taken... When you see how many programming adverts are for anti-acids you may ask yourself why?


Having strong stomach acid is essential for digesting proteins


Having a clear free flowing liver and gall bladder producing bile is essential too.  Bile is alkali and it neutralises the processed food from the stomach which is acidic. To make sure your liver is free flowing a process called liver flushing can be performed.  Compacted bile stones block the liver AND the gallbladder and cause digestive issues.  All my research is compiled at the below link: 


And the Andreas Moritz book is essential reading at the link.  There are other mothods to FLUSH the liver I have just stuck with this one (similar to Hulda Clark's method).


I've now performed 11 liver flushes and produced some "impressive" stones (~2000+). One (not photographed on 6th or 7th flush was ~35-40mm in diameter! And on flush number four, a sieve full of parasites came out (on page 2 of the link). 


The acid alkali balance within the body is something which is so important and numerous health/body/doctors who are aware are now saying just being Alkaline isn't the total story, in summary we need to be balanced ~around 7 pH and your body changes within the day to allow functions to happen some need to be acid, some alkali...


Most of this I've gathered from listening to almost daily since being introduced to it ~2 years ago. Some amazing information is there...



A water thread I created in an old forum where I collected water info 


People think I'm mad taking my water in glass bottles to work but I'm not I'm just informed.



thanks Ayzik, much appreciated!


Now there's one show I can refer to that is packed with information on the subject of alkalinity!!



Thanks for posting that Satori, that is truly incredible!
Nice.... reminds me of my days of organic chemistry!



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