"From the Space Dust you came and to the Space Dust you shall return". 7

It should now be with no confusion for the Seeker that the composition of our mind, body, and soul has its origins with the Universe and it is the connectedness that bands us in a wavelength or biorhythm. This grouping also allows us to be influenced by the various Elements. Learning the use and character of these essences will in fact allow us to gain better control over our reality and actuality while also allowing us to choose the measure of the Energies that we cycle within, this is Alchemy.


"The active Soul is waiting for nothing to happen, it is rather causing it to happen." 7


I have been made aware of certain cycles of time. It is the knowledge of these time cycles that is of utmost importance for the Higher Beings and a great necessity to keep track of. This is because the times, seasons, and cycles allow an active Being to know when to reap, when to sow, when to build, when to tear down, and most importantly when you are at the end or regeneration point of a cycle so you may prepare for the next phase.


This is what I refer to when I mention indicators of cycles of time and their use. Here you have the Pentagram, which is if not the most occult symbol used on this dimension. We of course have dissected this symbol time and time again and each time it renders an even deeper message as it is a Mark of a certain group used to indicate territory that they had gained control over.


This territory we speak of ranges from planetary sectors and geographic locations all the way in to non material elements such as Souls that have also come under the cycle of Circle "Sir Cull". Notice how the word Cycle also sounds just about identical to the word Psycho. I believe this is due to the later nature of one who constantly repeats the same cycle failing to graduate or grasp the reason they are in a circle which can be confusing and dizzying itself.




So what has been discovered is that trapping a Spiritual Being in a Pentagram is done by making them repeat the same patterns over and over again. This is called a "holomovement" which basically means that within a small time delay of adjacent dimensions a person writes their future through their actions waiting for the results to come around the Wheel of Life. This has been dubbed Karma, and is very real.


I find it also very eerie that the average lifespan in this particular dimension is also 72 years hinting to 72 degrees once more. This type of knowledge has brought us to a much higher plateau, showing us that these stars are not only symbols, marks, and 2D Sigils, but also mathematic equations that bring about the result of what they are geometrically designed and calculated to do with exact precision.


The next question would then be what do other Stars do? What are their degrees and hidden secrets and how are they being used across the dimension? Can a Star be in fact a level of control and more or less a barrier to be sure that only one who knows such things could ever "jump" to another segment.


So I began to see that all of existence was one big school and it was very possible to flunk out especially if you by chance began in the improper order. What you are witnessing with the image above often found on the final certificate of the degree of Master Mason is a deeper meaning of the Enneagram that shows the spiritual progress of graduated learning through the influence of the Planets and their particular belief systems, structures, geometry, characters, etc.


In all of this there are only a few who have left their Mark upon everything in this time as I have said we are in the middle of a Jovian Saturnalian conflict that reflects throughout just about everything from business logos, religions, movies, games etc. This goes beyond what people want to argue, especially those who do not study and meditate and then expect to Know as if their laziness should be granted the great award of awakening.




Now let us look deeper into the Symbology shown here in a picture of Earth's current Ruler known by many titles, 50 to be exact. Being Adept in the Grail lure and the story of the Gods, Angels, Cabiri, Sons etc. I advise people to begin to take a look into this knowledge more deeply if they do not believe. It is clearly controlling everything due to the hivemind "all connected" nature of this reality and what the masses are under persuasion of.


As I have already witnessed, there are already higher levels going on right now, they are not waiting on you to ascend before they begin. They are not waiting on Earth to get its act together before something major happens in the galaxy, that is a fallacy, this Planet fulfills its energy requirements through the cycles of duality in which two opposing forces drive the generation like an engine.


The highest states of consciousness accompany no waiting on external energies to act upon you an most importantly who you have banded or made a pacts with determine the entire experience. More on that later. There are already many who have achieved "ascension" which is closely related to being well skilled in "God Science".


It is my intention by the end of this post to get us well along the way into the metamorphosis of the Galaxy. To do that, I must get past "The Beginning" as it is the most difficult phase since in essence there really is no beginning, just the first point you became conscious, always remember the later part of this excerpt.

Now a word on leaping. It is now common knowledge to me that the real Adept is actually in control of Time. The art is no where near the lackadaisical notions that are often tossed around as statements such as "Time does not exist to me". To make that statement a fact one would have to innerstand the geometry and the mathematics behind the geometry. Further they will need a fully active pineal gland "all seeing eye" to actually project the image of the Sphere they wish to travel to through mental projection which encases the body in another field other than the current Pentagram field it is in.


In addition jumping through Time is like crossing a very busy Galactic Highway, failing to jump a the proper time means being dismembered in some way or another, this has also been proven. So what you are witnessing above with the picture of Marduk is the Cogs of Time embedded on his robe symbolizes the multiple realities that he has already traveled in and possible become "Duke" over.


Furthermore I have discovered "Duke" is not the highest title by far and is rather a delegation of responsibility such as the hierarchy you see in the Military. For the record Marduk - Jupiter - Zeus - Jesus - Amar - Bael - Able - Phre - Nibiru are all the same Being. He is a Son and his Father is none other than Lord ENKI who is Sat - Nin - Bar - E.A. - A.E. - Asher - Assa - Cron - Dar. You are looking at a kingdom where the Son and his associates has temporarily usurped his Fathers along with his associates throne(s). FYI, TRON actually means Throne.






You are now witnessing one of the greatest secrets that has always been hidden by the church and is only known to the high initiates. The last Rite of Mithras is that of the Rite of Satan in which they discover like Luke in Star Wars that Vader/Pater or Satan is their Father.

To keep this in the proper scope, you have to realize that they are all now in groups, other than that you will get lost in the Pantheism and it will all blur together to the point where one just gives up attempting to unravel the mystery. So in this conflict, you have Jove versus his Father Saturn with the Goddesses running interference according to their agendas. You have Goddesses such as MA, INANNA, LILITH, and KI, who have children on both sides. Here is the very clear indicator that they are in various groups.

Of course there is the Genesis reference that says "The Elohim said let us make man in our image and in our likeness". It is common knowledge now that Elohim is plural and refers to a group of gods under the Sphere of the El's. The next reference is at the Tower of Babel, which is actually recording a skirmish between YHVH/Jupiter and the sons of Satan born to woman, mainly Cain who at that point had become King or Khan over the land, but not the Air.

It is also known by the Adepts that the Tower was being constructed as an attempt to: 1. Take the war to the plane of Jupiter, who is Baal or Able "the first to enter Heaven" by building an external Merkaba (Boat or Arc of the MER or AIR/SPACE - KA = A Spiritual Coat - BA = Abode or Bait) i.e. Rainbow Bridge. 2. For the "Sons of Men" to make a name for themselves, as they had just been obliterated in the Flood and had barely regrouped but still spoke the same language, showing they were all of one stock and it appears they still are in possession of some of the secret knowledge passed to them by the Sons of God/Nephalim within the Language of Light. This is why there is an agenda immediately to now confuse man's tongues.


It should also not be omitted that it is apparent one of the major infractions that SAT/ENKI/CAIN commits is the abomination of mixing genetics not with just the Daughters of Men, but both land mammals and aquatic animals. These Beings when in physical form, were exterminated over time through hunts conducted by warrior bands seeking to slay monsters, climate change, and the Eleven Holocaust. But their Spirits remained as they had been also blended with Light.





This "External Rainbow Bridge" was constructed very similar to the frequency rooms of the Great Pyramid. There were seven steps corresponding to the seven colors of the rainbow and the seven major Chakras. Each step of the Ziggurat was constructed to allow the Priest ascending or descending to "perceive" and traverse the wheels/chakras/eyes by being immersed in its field.


Know this, we have this equipment installed in us, this may sound a little over mystical but hey I didn't install the equipment I can just show you how to turn it on. :-) The equipment seems to give one the ability to jump through the segments of time they have already lived through in order to escape "endings". We now must take a break from this to discuss the concept of THE END.


This word END is DEN. You will find in etymology the word DEN originally comes from the word DAN. Denmark or Danmark the Mark of Dan is the original Gothland or Godland. This is what I was warning people about when using the word God as a generalized term, they have in fact given their energy to the end once more. Goth, Gad, Goat, and God all have the same origin, just check the charts.

You must change the direction of this cycle as it is going in the wrong direction, I can show you how. 7

Now it may take awhile to pour over all these charts and this information but you will not be the first and once you discover the complete meaning of this language you will not be the last. I have now discovered, I have seen glimpses of this Cabal/Cable connected.


Learn from this, the Words we speak are making our World at every moment. So how one has been trapped is through the language. One does not know the meaning of what they are creating, thus they live in a confused world that they created. Scale the Wheel completely to release the links in the chain, you will know you have done this when every word makes sense.


It appears the word MAN which is just MN is saying amongst many things those who know about and are from the Mountain. I would also assume this is why there is often a reference to a "real man" and mankind or those who do not know about the Holy Mountain which refers to the Arch of Noah. Mountains, Arcs, and Arches are all the same thing. Like McDonalds Golden Archs. So now I will reveal what was in the Arc/Chest.



There was always a Capstone on any Pyramid as the Capstone contained the actual crystal of essence corresponding to the dimension that one was interfacing with.You actually have mystical Stones everywhere if you look. You have the Stone inside the Kabah, the Stone underneath the Coronation Chair, The Missing Pyramid Capstone, The Crystal Skull, The Crown Jewels, The Breastplate of Aaron, etc. The question becomes what were the Children of MEN, in this case Cain and his descendants, attempting to commune with?

Noah and the Ark are much deeper metaphors for all the things that would need to be preserved from the previous cycles to the next, so that certain knowledge was not lost. The written part of this knowledge, which was basically the language itself, was written on two tablets. One tablet was imperishable by fire and the other imperishable by water so it was sure to make it to the next cycle. These Stones containing inscriptions of the light language became known as the emerald tablets and contained power because they contained the original language, that simple.


In addition, it was known that since the time of the Adamu there had been several Oaths, Pacts, and Agreements made with the Gods especially by Abraham and Moses. These Oaths are the greatest possessions of the Gods as they are like credit. Generally these Arcs always contained a Stone infused with the essence of the Deity and the Deity was known to live and rule from the stone/crystal.


So these crystals, most likely meteors became the standard way of communicating with the Deity. Their was also a common habit of keeping the Skulls of the Elder/Alder Kings or Giants to communicate with as the center of the Skull contains also a crystal. The real Crystal Skulls. This is also the purpose of catacombs, generally all the Skulls are from the same family line and the Priests frequent these places to commune with the dead but dreaming Ancestors.


In many cases, this state has come upon them because they followed the path of the Den which is where one sleeps, and is not awake. They have become too "dense" and have become Stone. In the case of any visitor to this Planet, it is said when leaving Earth they always leave behind a Stone of the Essence of themselves, possibly DNA or DAN, the last state you were in before you left. If one happens to have the Stone of the last Ruler, then they become a Ruler also. Thus the quest and quarrel over the Stone that fell from Satan's crown changed the whole world because those from the land of Canaan already knew their Father was Satan and his Stone became the Grail that all of their ilk sought after to become Lord of the Earth.







This is also why in the Priory, there is great talk of the Stone because these Stones carry the energy of the Deity and in this case the Deity was Satan and the stone was a Cube. On this Stone the Language of Light was engraved, as it is known that many Pyramids where covered in Glyps that would light up at certain times showing communication from the Deity like the one in George Bushes hand when he is in the bed.


When building a massive temple for time/dimension transfer, I believe the construction had to consist of precise locations, precise measurements, precise geometric building due to harmonics, and corresponding crystals to create such and external Arc. I have also watched those in power of this world scramble to attempt to secure all of these items to gain total control once more. That is what leads us to the Ball of Power, the Soccer Ball or more properly the Sorcerers Baal, In the Know?





I would advise you spend every moment you can figuring out how to implode yourself into another Cycle in the Universal Cosmic Clock. Not all Cycles/Worlds are the same, they have different primary numbers that give the worlds their shapes of creation. These patterns and designs would be strange to us at first like looking at a different language. This world, Earth, the 3rd Planet is congruent with 3's and 6'because of its systems of times that are hardwired into the Planets internal Time, hence "36"0 Degrees.


Now I have had friends who have ventured beyond the construct and have witnessed a fabric or net laying over the organic life on this Planet. It appears as the flower of life. I will not go into the Flower of Life, still being a construct of 3D cubes which just adds more credit to who is manipulating things and how they are doing it.


Now we enter the realm of Timelords but before we begin, I ask everyone to consider this. Since we are on the dimension with Magicians, High Llamas, Sorcerers, Ascended Masters, Illuminists, and Enlightened Ones, and one may have barely obtained the status of Neophyte. Who do you imagine is actually in control?


"Many Beings are here to teach a very important lesson, its already happening". 7





Updated 3/28/11

Waddell Aryan Origin of Alphabet


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much thanks for the breakfast

so much to digest and innerstand, whew :-). I appreciate your efforts to help those of us challenge ourselves to further awaken to the truth...

This entire excerpt

REALLY resonated with me.  Thank you again!"

I appreciate the work Sevan puts in to give us information but I guess I'm just to ignorant to comprehend?  I dont quite know what to do with it and how to research whats been given. Can some one help by leading me to where to go from here.  I really dont want to have to go out and buy 10 books to try to make some since of the knowledge but whats been given I just can't pull it together, its just more stuff. I guess I have to have more order, and a more detailed outline to get it I guess.
This is what we are aware of for many and right now I am working on a better outline using everything we have,videos, pictures, illustration, design, etc. Just hold on Daughter soon it will all make sense. Simply chose a point, and start from there, and if for any reason you feel you need assistance We are here for you on all levels.
wholeness elijah's daughter. like u i felt completely overwhelmed by the info. u r not ignorant. it is a knowledge that was mostly hidden from us. what worked 4 me was to read the info and what stuck out i would try to understand. i would look at videos from the site that related to it. my eyes grow very weary very quickly so i find the videos most helpful. after a while certain things will keep poping up and u will get it. absolutley not everything b cause it is lifetimes of knowledge. 4 me i take it a little at a time, and what resonates with u so b it. u were guided to the resistance so whatever level of innerstanding u have right now is not important, u r here! there r brilliant minds in the matrix that do not have the insight and innerstanding that u do. there are wonderful people here who will help guide u. it is really a family. i am so happy u r with us. u r a link in the chain of change!

At the end of the day Elijah D, you must take the info and  learn to go within.


Argument is conclusive... but... it does not remove doubt, so that the mind may rest in the sure knowledge of the truth, unless it finds it by the method of experiment. For if any man who never saw fire proved by satisfactory arguments that fire burns. his hearer's mind would never be satisfied, nor would he avoid the fire until he put his hand in it that he might learn by experiment what argument taught.
- Bacon Roger


Oh, and thanks sevan for your efforts, they are truly appreciated.

The stellated dodecahedral is fractal as it is rotated through 6 ( hex ) spin axes. That's how our DNA is implosive:


Each face of a dodecahedron, with its 5 points is related to the Timestar: http://www.timestar.org/timestar.htm

I would ask for an image of how the Flower of Life is cubic ? Thanks Sevan!

To me the Cube of Space is anchored at the zero, when three number lines intersect:

    ...., -5, -4, -3, -2, -1, 0 ,1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , ...   where a 0 or negative cannot be shown to exist in nature !

 But that's what we are taught in school. We are either negative, bad or positive good! that's duality.


Nature follows the:  ... 1/5, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2,  , 1  , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5, ...   or the

 ..., 1/5, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2,  , 1  , 2/1 , 3/1, 4/1 , 5/1, .... As above the one, As below the one.

This all positive system connects to the Vedic math and the Vortex Based Math systems. Vedic Math uses 16 lines of prose to do math! Visit http://www.jainmathemagics.com/ for some exposure to it. Just Google VBM and there is a wealth of material on the hypersphere and the Rodin Coil that are the foundation of Vortex Based Mathematics.


Excellent show!



Looks like a Cube if I ever saw one, this is the original. On the internet they often show the one missing the outer ring such as the one below thus visualization of the cube is impaired.


Thanks for the Flower of Life images Sevan!

I guess my question was how cubes are used to construct the 3D Hologram of Love rather than the 2D FOL: http://www.qigonghealer.com/merkaba.html

My thoughts are that it takes 3 cubes ratched to get the FOL pattern, like the Timestar pent system uses from my post. I think it is the overlapping required that I was looking to visualize.

Thanks for the feedback!

There are more 3D images here, found while searching Metatron's Cube:



The heart chakra corresponds to a green cube rather than the black cube of Saturn.

I'll stay open and keep looking!


Isn't the tesseract or hypercube the male version of the torus or hypersphere?

When the FOL is superimposed on it's self 3x it forms a Stereogram that reveals certain Archetypal figures hidden within? This is because of the interplay of Hexagons that manipulate our senses.
Here have a look: http://www.world-mysteries.com/sar_sage1.htm

Humanity was created by the luciferian serpent group of demonic entities. Our created body of light energy includes 2 main fields. One is electrical and the other magnetic.

 If you want to create peace in the world it can never come through the mind and logic... the heart is the only way. The irony is, that scares the crap out of the mind.


Non of the info above was written by me, I just clipped and pasted it together. I feel there is at least a third field which comes from getting our electrical and magnetic fields in synch, maybe sound? If wisdom comes from NOT knowing then the expression is true,

"You think I know nothing? I know f*** all ! "


Readers can also check out http://illuminatimatrix.wordpress.com/

for another metaphoric take on the construct we call reality.


Peace 2 all, we are 1.

Even though a simple cube is made from 8 stacked spheres, the flower of life when viewed cubicly has 3, 3x3 ( saturn ) magic squares. These 27 spheres are also what a Lo Shu will use to construct a fractal as in the following videos:





The Lo Shu is also the Saturn Magic Square:




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