Many are now asking what can be truly expected from real enlightenment and activation and how can one reach it, that is the question that will now be answered. Know this, anyone who does not think Ascension is of the highest priority has accepted living in an Illusion. There are plenty of them and each ring you see in the Chakra Geometry is but a layer of reality but can never be the whole thing by itself thus Earth has never been alone, let me show you.


These layers of experience continue to add themselves over large expanses of time and they serve to strengthen the Universal Tree. It is a fact the rings around a Tree contribute to its strength and since every fractal contains a image of the whole at every moment through its metamorphosis you are able to utilize the knowledge of these higher principles on this plane.


Here is how simple and clear it is to Innerstand. The Trees play the most hidden role in humanity. Everything that exist here feeds off a Tree in some way or another whether it be fruits, oxygen, vegetables, or materials. Even droid could not exist without the Tree because many of the parts used in computers are derivatives of Trees. They have the power to give and take away life with the elements that can be extracted from them. A person could find the elixir of life or a deadly poison all in a Tree. 


This knowledge is so expansive that the fractal shows most of our information is still on Trees which of course is paper for books. On the higher levels the Trees contain information and that information can be extracted and made assimilable to man and women who we find mostly extrovert at this moment, not knowing the original state of existence. So who are the Higher Beings that have always been here helping us? Now we are on to something.


Looking deeper we find many great symbols are all associated with a Tree. The most famous is that which was in the garden, however, you find a great deal of lore which subtly indicates that we are all children playing on a massive Tree. Some are on the ground while some are in the air but the reality is they are still children because they are yet to realize this.


Now I have completed the levels that one actually should to properly instruct so I will get right to giving it to you. This is so you can do the same thing. As I have often said, "my ideas are not to have everyone looking to me for knowledge constantly but rather to instruct properly so one can cultivate their own knowledge and special existence".


I want you to take a look at this list below and ask yourself how many of these Attainments you have reached and simply check them off in your mind. There is something you will begin to notice when you are complete.


In Regards to Meditation and Disciple

Knowing the Past Present and Future

Tolerance of Heat, Cold, and other Dualities

Knowing the Minds of others and so on

Checking the influence of Fire, Sun, Water, Poison, and so on

Remaining Unconquered by others


Primary Attainments

Reducing One's body even to the size of an Atom

Expanding One's body to an infinitely large size

Becoming infinitely heavy

Becoming almost weightless

Having unrestricted access to all places

Manifesting from the lowest dimension to the highest plane

Becoming worthy of Kingship*

The Power to reduce all imbalances

Secondary Attainments

Being unwavered by hunger, thirst, and other bodily disturbances

Hearing things far away

Seeing things far away

Moving the body wherever thought goes

Assuming any form

Entering the bodies of others

Dying when one desires

Witnessing and participating in the activities of the Creators

Perfect accomplishment of one's determination

Orders or Commands being unimpeded


The facts are present to show  a great deal of what most have been told is activation, especially by new age movement personnel, has nothing really to due with true activation. Channeling angels for auspicious days, practicing the law of attraction to bring money, and various things of that nature don't even scratch the surface when it comes to real application that will assist you forever. Much of such information can only be used  in this construct.


What the infiltrators are teaching is only how to become more enlightened to pettiness and what others are doing and not directly to self. This type of thing will only suffice for a time and when that time expires the person comes into the realization that they will have to go within so it is there you will find those of us that innerstand. We are ready and able to render service from the Heart.


Know this, if one is on the true Path then they would be able to cross out more than maybe 4 of the above Attainments. There is absolutely nothing to be discouraged about if you find that you cannot do such things and on the contrary one should be happy that they can now get into it from an actual real level and it is more than possible as long as you are ready to make choices and realize that there is so much more to existence available for you right now. We can show you.


"While most are still speaking of 7 Chakras We will advance to 21 and beyond." Sevan

I tell you the truth if a positive side was created a negative one was birthed simultaneously. Negativity is ground, ground is stability. Know your Rights and Lefts and that creates Balance. Balance is the birth of any two components mixed together, it cannot be known until it comes about.


What I will tell you further is the whole way one looks at things will have to be changed on a constant basis when truly learning. If you did not notice others around you may prevent you from doing this. If you are not acting the same way you did yesterday they believe you are now strange. You will have to summon the greatest levels of consistency to do this as one will actually be overcoming a Being that resides in their stomach region and is very haughty, wholly constructed and instructed on artificial things which makes it need to be trained, it is in essence a poisonous serpent.


So we finally get to the bottom of it, and oh the joy of finally being able to rest on knowing the Microcosmic location of the world serpent Codename: Levi. It has come forth now completely without any doubt that the activation of Kundalini is the act of bringing dormant serpentine energies from the base of the spine into the Chakra Centers/Wheels/Planets/Frequencies for their lessons of generation, ascension or dissension. This exact thing is happening in our existence in which we are through time transmuted from the lower and higher worlds to all arrive now at this present point, Earth 3D, the Blue Planet hence the term Blue Degrees.


This transmutations take place on an internal and external level and is done in a dialog of desires in which the human must learn to Resist repeating as they cease from making bad choices to gain rewards that are being issued in stages according to real accomplishments. The rewards are those mentioned above. When the Kundalini awakens it becomes a test to the man or woman of what they will do once they begin to gain power. As you rise mistakes have a greater impact as it would be more dangerous to fall down the top of a ladder than only a few steps. 


More fancily put a sequence of riddles and puzzles which cannot be solved by common repetitive interaction but only through the sincere attention that comes with avoiding the cycles. One could witness they are stuck in cycles when they remove the veil or serpents that are poisonous. You most now move in peculiar ways. Note: Not all snakes are poisonous. This also lends credit to the fact that not all serpents are evil just like every man is not good. The Universal Tree has replicated itself in contrast to retain balance.


Know that unlearned malignant beings use a strength that is liken unto strong rocks and stones because of the dimension they are on. They have grown use to carrying the weight of the realms that are stacked on top of them. Yes Mr. Saturn likes Rock and loves to get Stoned. The actuality of the opposite polarity dubbed "good" is that such brute strength is nothing to them. This is because they are superfluous, a stone can do little damage to air, this is like a person swinging at thin air trying to hurt it. Such is the match between good and evil they remain separate and can only connect through us.


Notice this repetitive story taught by many of the Ancestors which clarifies why their was Trees that were warned about that should not be touched or processed in certain ways. In ignoring this many ate poison which causes a spiraling through illusions that the person becomes unaware of once they have ingested. Nothing really dies, never forget that.  It is safe to say that many in experimentation have done such things as it is also known that a great deal of Chaldean/Persian magic was the act of ingesting poisons to divine the various stages of madness.The Netherworlds are madness indeed.


You are responsible for putting all this under control, if it continues to sleep as one remains reluctant to attempt such adventures then one lacks the ability to vividly manifest spiritual anomalies on this realm and can at times be subject to others who are using such abilities on this shared spacial such as the controllers. Let it be known now this is generally no matter for those who do their work on other Planes. A person who has not activated Kundalini on this plane may still be activated on others and often have visions of such things. However, for those that need power here this has been their Path and it is dangerous and serious. This is why it says the path must be straight. (The spine must be straight). One side is fire on the otherside deep water. (Two opposite energies joining and producing fusion which in turn becomes a great deal of energy through combustion). I have personally watched many in this very life fall by the waste side attempting to wield the power of the Kundalini Energy and it is clear why..


It was like we talked about before there are 2 ways of activating the Spiritual Energy System to function vividly on Earth. From the bottom up which is Root Chakra to Crown Chakra and beyond or from the top down. There are pros and cons to both. Generally a person who has activated the root Chakra runs the risk of getting stuck as they may slowly forfeit their ability to rise higher if they are not careful.


This is generally due to the strong physical attraction that occurs. A person that has an active Root Chakra generally has a strong magnetic attraction thus they pull in a lot of attention which only serves to make them more material as their desires become satisfied while submerging themselves into fields of pomp and praise. They have a hard time controlling themselves and began to act wild imaging they are invincible and have obtained great stance. Generally they have trouble raising the energy out of this area because it would actually mean letting things associated with the root Chakra dissolve.


It is not long before they face the trial of permanently staying in the Root Chakra which burns and consumes them. Soon the only thing that is left for them is to descend to the Nether Regions of their consciousness which is basically what you see when a basic hollywood initiation is over thus they have succumbed to the poison and lost a great deal that cannot be replaced because karma is in effect as they also led others to their ruin and thus they are tasked to bare that weight, a fool indeed.


Of course activating from the top down has an exact opposite but just as dangerous effect. This  proves that the premium method, which we teach here at the Resistance and the University of the World is to converge the Chakras, making them collapse upon themselves in perfection like a well tuned clock filled with the geometric cogs of Eras, Aeons, and Yugas of experience.


Those that activate from the top down have a very hard time living in the Heart as it is to them below their level of communication and communion. Remember the Heart is Earth. They are so lofty, speaking of benevolent alien creatures and higher states of transitions with Beings that use light codes and care nothing for petty material matters. Alas the person if they fail to make the complete journey through their lower Chakras become very akin to an alien as they alienate from society. Soon they become frail and disconnected as the Ming energy of the Soul attacks the flesh through ideas of total fleshly submission. They are often unable to come out into public and share their grand revelations without feeling like they are being infected by the virus of what they begin to call livestock or sheeple. It is on that lonely ascent the energy runs out and their final state is just as sad as the one who failed to climb up the ladder of the spine. On one end too heavy to go higher, on the other to light to go lower, what a pity. So We have come with the cure and it starts in the middle, the Heart, its starts here on Earth my people.


You should know that there is more active brain matter in your stomach than the brain has in the head itself. Thus in your stomach area it has a mind of its own and it must be tamed. Now you see that a great deal of the body is comprised of composite animal instincts that must receive sound lesson and instruction by you the Beast Master. In addition you must now be ready to learn the secrets of the Heart as the Heart has now been officially classified as the largest endocrine gland.


Profound research has now shown that the Heart actually controls the Brain as the Heart sends out the message on how it feels which in turn directs the proper chemicals to simulate that feeling within the brain. What is going on here on Earth controls the whole Universal Tree of existence so recognize the power of where you actually are. If you are not under some type of influence that removes you from being present than you are actually at the control point. If you are having trouble We have arrived in full array to assist you with a great deal of manuals on how to cure your Planet. Some still think We are playing or We have failed but they are Jesters. You can find all the new research on the Heart here at the Institute of Heartmath.


We have discovered without a doubt that it is a fact the controllers are keeping humanity from the great attainments, one should not argue if whether or not this is going on. Now you will have what is truly available for you in constant doses to end all suffering.


The poisonous snakes can be absolved through proper Alchemy.


To Be Continued......


*What is most interesting is that just about everyone has a Crown Chakra that when open shines like the radiance of the brightest stars. You can actually feel this Crown on you head when it opens. What reason truly would the Most High give us Crowns if there was not an opportunity to actually wear it.



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Wow! deep as usual! I realize how much more I need to know and I'm excited to get there
I've been having more trouble with my stomach than anything else. It is constantly tingling, unless i DONT eat. I fasted for 24 hours and it felt fine. Any advice on how to end this battle? I will look into Ifrit
Outstanding! Great information! I absolutely cannot wait for part 2! Keep up the great work!


The vertical, linear 21 chakra structure is really a hierarchical ( 2D ) mechanism for viewing the Fruit of Life. How many more external chakras are there before the language grammar changes from above, below, past or future into one of wholeness, ie. in or with as prepostions that keep the tense with the truth in the now? Most people use a 13 chakra system of vertical integration. Here is a link to some visuals for the Fruit of Life ( which is 3 axis of 5 circles, I suggest using 3 axis of 7 circles as this is the hypersphere or torus ie. the photon which allows for touching/connecting with all ):

g-ROUND or 7 round implies transformation ( rotation/multiplication ) the key to fractal geometry. Hierarchy yields to holarchy or hologram or wholeness. Gram ( mass ) , grammar and gravity all start with the same 3 letters the G ray of vitae or life. Our language should resonate to this change as in where the word "the" is the definate article as in the Greek "Theos" or THE-ology.


Fractals are neither flat nor linear and the fault is in our conditioning to accept the zero centered duality number system which disconnects our thinking from nature. Replace the false duality number 'line' :

...,-5, -4, -3, -2, -1,      0    ,1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ... where neither a zero or negative actually exist in nature as quantities ( positive negative  -  good bad ),   with

..., 1/5, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2,   1  , 2/1, 3/1, 4/1, 5/1, ... and then identify the patterns that can be found all a ROUND the reader and one will find and connect with unity in which he is a fraction of the all. Monopoles do exist and magnetic poles can be connected through phase conjugation - it just requires transformation.


Here's a bit more on sacred geometry, the key to wave mechanics and in-phi-knit sharing via our heart's EM phield.


Cheers! and looking forward to the next part of this trainline of thought,



PS - Dan Winter has issues with the HeartMath Institute for not honoring him with credit for their software principles.

PSS - There are no perfect people only perfect ideals. I certainly don't know everything and my vision is only as broad as the height of the giants I stand on allows me to see.

the 7:3 hypersphere connection is best explained visually here:


Eight primary siddhis

There is the concept of the Ashta Siddhi (eight siddhis) in Hinduism. These are:
  • Aṇimā: reducing one's body even to the size of an atom
  • Mahima: expanding one's body to an infinitely large size
  • Garima: becoming infinitely heavy
  • Laghima: becoming almost weightless
  • Prāpti: having unrestricted access to all places
  • Prākāmya: realizing whatever one desires
  • Iṣṭva: possessing absolute lordship;
  • Vaśtva: the power to subjugate all........





Paranormal powers

Vibhuti (powers) can refer to paranormal powers that some believe can be developed by yoga practices.

Vibhuti Pada

Patanjali in the Vibhuti Pada of the Yoga Sutras, mentions many different vibhutis:

  • Knowledge of the past and future
  • Understanding the sounds (language) of all beings
  • Knowledge of previous existences
  • Knowing the minds of others
  • Invisibility
  • Suspending the ability of the body to be heard, touched, tasted, or smelled
  • Foreknowledge of the time of death
  • Strength of any attitude (such as friendliness)
  • Super strength (such as the strength of an elephant)
  • Knowledge of subtle, hidden, remote things
  • Knowledge of worlds, realms, universes, etc.
  • Knowledge of the arrangement of stars, planets, etc.
  • Knowledge of the movement of stars, planets, etc.
  • Knowledge of the arrangement of systems in the body
  • Freedom from hunger and thirst
  • Attainment of steadiness or immobility
  • Visions of Siddhas (perfected beings)
  • Knowledge of anything and everything
  • Knowledge of the mind
  • Knowledge of pure consciousness (purusha)
  • Psychic hearing, touch, vision, taste, and smell
  • Entering and controlling the bodies of others
  • Ability to float or walk on water, swamps, thorns, and other such objects
  • Ability to glow or radiate light around the body
  • Super hearing (hearing at vast distances)
  • Ability to fly
  • Mastery over the elements (earth, water, fire, air, space)
  • Making the body atomically small, indestructible, perfect
  • Perfection of the body in beauty, strength, grace, and brilliance
  • Mastery over the senses
  • Quickness of the mind, perception with the senses
  • Supremacy over all states of existence, omnipotence
  • Higher knowledge
  • Discriminating knowledge
  • Absolute freedom (kaivalyam)..


Wow!!!! That was an awesome well as the Vid.....I recognise that beast in the Stomach....Thanks again Sevan...

Thank  you Sevan for helping me clarify some experiences i have gone through that in the world i live, gave people about the me the ability to say you are weird so many times.

The one time I had a true experience of kundalini everyone in the yogi class gathered around me to eat the energy, truly not really understanding, I said hey! i believe if it  heals it goes to the young child in the hospital who has cancer( i had been meditating on a young man who seemed alone in a hospital sending love and healing.. they got mad as their needs were greater and that was it, I could not understand the mood of everyone over the energy????

the heart as the center I understand, that is the part I can shine from the rest I am not sure of, that is open

along time ago i read in one of Joesph Cambell s books that he would have reached the activated state had he not become so intellrctual so i went on a mindless part of my life, i might have stayed there had not you woke me up to reading again and listening to more than the hummingbirds song and the trees story.

Thank you

really excited about the Part 2



:) great to have the audio.... WBV 

MAN oh WOMB-man do I love this! Thank you multiplied infinitely! This gave me the most relevant realization and insight   regarding those that enter through the crown and those that enter through the root. In my own frustration at the latter, I have certainly regressed at times= judging the herd, though I have found great re- balance in returning to my heart. I identified with this so deeply, as it gave me a reminder of the holistic truth, I saviour the expansion and connection in heartfelt appreciation.



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