The new year 2011/4 is now upon us. I personally believe this is the year the knowledge of the 4th dimension which include its activities and advantages become completely known to man and woman. It will still remain up to the person however to decide if they would like to go further in this grand experience or simply go with the flow of the large mass moving slower than those ahead of the curve.


A major part of this year for us here at the Resistance will be about organization and impact. I have been brainstorming nonstop about the things that we must do in this first quarter, most importantly the proper order to do them in. The greatest application that we have for the situation is each other. Everyone here possess some sort of ability and it will be those abilities working together that will bring about total awareness to many.


With formulated thought we have put these position and missions together. There are many people here that want to express themselves and what they have discovered in the way they shine brightest. We are always looking for such people and have also put this together in part as an answer to the request we have received about rendering other kinds of assistance beyond monetary to the Resistance. In addition there are things that we must get done and we are no longer at 100 members so we are most sure that if we open up the opportunity it will be fulfilled.


The positions are not listed according to importance and it is a fact that they all must get done. The goal here would be to get things up and running smoothly and establish clear communication and synergy with the new additions to the rapidly growing Resistance Team.


Position: Virtual Librarian


Description: Now that we have launched the new library it is in great need of organization and proper tagging. In addition we are opening up the option for people to request downloads of certain content after they fill out an inquiry. We will need people to keep track of those inquiries, forward the proper information, and make the download available. There are other miscellaneous tasks such as getting rid of duplicates and uploading new books, dossiers, magazines and volumes that are acquired over time. We are looking for (4) such people to fulfill this position.



  • Up close and personal access to the largest free occult spiritual library.
  • You remain in the know about all new developments in the area of data acquisition. Proper information is power. 
  • You will have an opportunity to access written content in its entirety the moment it becomes available.


  • You must be internet savvy and have a practical understanding of how to work basic site features in this case the site is Issuu.  
  • You will need to be available to correspond with the Resistance Team through Skype at least twice a week. 
  • You will need to have the ability to alphabetize, tag, and sort data properly.



  • Computer
  • Internet
  • Skype

Position: Information Propagator


Description: A  Propagator is responsible for uploading, adding, tagging, and spreading information across various networks that we have gained access to. The basic idea is once current affairs and other information has been dissected and reanalyzed recorded and then put into the proper format whether video, document, or html post it must then be placed on all corresponding sites which allows it to be accessed by the masses.  This includes sites such as The Resistance Facebook , David Icke's Forums, The Resistance Vimeo, The Resistance Youtube. We are looking for (3) people to fulfill this position.



  • You will be the catalyst to awakening and change for large groups of people. In many cases the first time someone will hear about something will be because you posted it for it to be available for them. 
  • Major access to the meaning behind the most current affairs as fast as possible.



  • Basic knowledge of uploading and copy/paste of html, pdf, mpeg, etc.
  • Basic knowledge of social website navigation.


  • Computer
  • Internet
  • Skype


Position: Facebook Page Moderator


Description: Migrating content from the website on to our Facebook page. 



  • Knowledge of how to copy and paste while operating Facebook.


  • Computer
  • Internet
  • Skype
  • Home telephone for internet emergencies and problems during show.



Position: Translator and Subtitle Creator


Description: If its one thing that I enjoy most about the Resistance it is the diversity of its ethnicity. This has come in major part to the effort of removing things that keep us divided such as religion. In order to span the knowledge out further we want to accompany all of our new videos and even some of our older videos with proper subtitles in the native languages of the viewer.


This will include but is not limited to Espanol, German, Hebrew, Arabic, Japanese, and Mandarin. If you speak another language and don't mind writing out a Resistance video script in your native tongue then you are perfect for this. We are looking for as many people as we can that want to do this and they can choose what films they would like to do this for.



  • You can now provide higher levels of knowledge to your people in collaboration with the Resistance for proper re-education.
  • Now the ball is in your court.



  • Fluent linguistic skills in the language of your choosing.
  • Basic knowledge of how to use video playback software on your computer.


  • Computer
  • Internet
  • Video Playback Software such as Quicktime Pro or VLC.



Position: The Wholeness Foundation Board Member *Positions Filled*


Description: The Resistance has now formulated its non-profit arm, The Wholeness Foundation. The Foundation is solely dedicated to the research and application of advanced learning techniques into society such as Frequency Application and the Universal Language. The Wholeness Foundation is a think tank of veterans to the spiritual affair uniting to apply what they have learned to be effective.



  • You will have admission to a mature board of Adepts encompassing vast knowledge about the inner working of the dimension.  
  • Fulfillment of gravitating and attracting with individuals who are solution and application based.



  • An Adept innerstanding of the inner workings of the dimension. 
  • Intuitive by nature.
  • The ability to expand "meaning not brittle in thought".
  • This will require a person to more than anything trust themselves as it will require trust.



  • You will need to have the ability and willingness to divulge you person information as you will be added to a real non-profit Foundation and that is required.
  • Computer
  • Internet
  • Skype
  • Ability to travel if necessary.



Position: Esoteric Photo Analyzer and Image Library Manager


Description: Just because we launched the largest occult library on the internet for free does not mean that we are at all finished with providing the world with wonders. We will be also launching our very on Image Library with over 20,000 photos of everything ranging from symbols, artifacts, ancient technology, diagrams, and of course much more. To do this we will need a special kind of person an actual Librarian for images. This position will require the person to use phot0 software such as Picasa to file and upload images that will be funneled to them daily.  


This library will become  a linking source for photos related to shows, blogs, the website, films etc. so the key is organization and proper categorizing. We are looking for (3) people for this.



  • A dream for one who has a like for collecting rare images many of which will never be displayed again. 
  • Access to many images the first time they will be ever uploaded on the internet.



  • Must be a stickler for detail. An image librarian requires the person to pay attention to how they are filing and tagging a picture so it can later be accessed through search. 
  • Must have a basic knowledge on how to operate web 2.0 photo platforms such as Picasa and/or Flickr.



  • Computer
  • Internet
  • Image Software such as Adobe Photoshop for basic cropping or photo adjusting.
  • Skype



Position: Film Dissector and Stripper


Description: I was having a hard time finding another name for this special position that appears here last but by far least.Everyday I wake up I have a brand new film idea. It will be only now that we finally have the opportunity and capacity to actually put a film together in the speed in which I can create the idea. To do this however I will need someone to work with who knows how to clip films, preserve formats, follow syncs, and export them back to me properly.


That is not is however, the person must have the "eye" to know when a syncromystic scene is occurring and how to clip that scene properly so that it can be added to the collage of knowledge that our films consist of. There will be a learning curve for this as our upcoming film projects are mostly down on paper and we are in need of someone who can provide the scenes that we have chosen from various films.


You will be provided with torrents to the films and the information on what scenes to cut. We have discovered the best software for this is Quicktime Pro as it is very easy to clip movies using this software. We are looking for (2) people for this position.



  • When the credits roll you are there and most importantly you are learning to make your own films from some of the best Syncromystic Magi. 
  • You will see pretty much every important movie before it comes out on dvd.
  • View raw Resistance footage before it touches the reels.



  • You will need to be familiar with the whole syncromystic theme of how to look deeper into movies. Check Soundlessdawn on Youtube for a crash course.
  • You will need a natural talent for art through film as clipping at the right points while following the theme is the key to the next viral film masterpiece.
  • Its very simple but you will need to know how to download a film from a torrent using free software such as Utorrent.



  • Computer - In this case you will need a more hardware intense unit as you will be at times clipping and converting HD footage.
  • Internet - In this case you will need a strong connection due to the fact you will be downloading these movies from torrents that we will provide.
  • Hard Disk Storage - You will need about 100 Gigs free just to hold the current library that will be transferred to you and maybe another 100 Gigs for space you will need for the storage of the clips before transfer or archive.
  • You will need a torrent program and the knowledge of how to operate it.
  • Quicktime Pro is a must as everything can be done related to the video with it easily. We can also provide you with a torrent for Quicktime Pro.

All correspondents to these requests can be send to me personally through my email here at the site or to our offsite email at resistancecore(at)gmail(dot)com. I greatly appreciate those who have taken their time to read through this and I can only encourage those that have to get with us!


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lets make a skype chat soon with those core members that have been involve for a while now and the new ones to come.  like this those  with the right abilities and humandesign (of nature) can work hand in hand with each other to make the diversity a lot more lucritive to the cause...


- I for one can work on many fields. I feel that one should work not just on what they would like to do but on what they are design to do by nature and aquired talents along the path. "Meaning human design is KEY".

The work will produce wonders even the "one" producing the work will be in shock on how they were the right one for the job opposing on taking on a mission that you can only get so far because your not design for the task at hand even if you may have the tools for the job. This will also bring about wholeness in ones field abilities  and synergy with others. This will be great for the Resistance over all and once again bring us even closer. We are not far but much need dedication to bring us WHOLE!



The most important thing to know about your Human Design is your Type. By knowing your Type, you can learn your strategy. By following your strategy, you will be living your Design. You will make better decisions and live life to its fullest. There are five main types: Manifestors, Generators, Manifesting Generators, Projectors & Reflectors. Your type is determined by which centers are defined in your Human Design Body Graph.

Strategy: Strategy refers to a way of behaving to eliminate resistance and to support the
process of becoming oneself. Strategy is not a philosophy; it is just the way your vehicle
works genetically. If you don't live your strategy, you will feel unfulfilled


description here:


-Manifesting Generators




find your type here:




This will be fun and will bring more activation to the team as a whole. I am greatful to be amongst all of you. Injoy!



Thanks for that Whole, I recognized myself as a manifesting generator immediately then done my chart and this was correct, loads of info on the site so will keep me busy for a while, thanks best wishes carley


Sevan - don't have any of skills you require as i'm not great with computers was interested in Board Member position but doubt my adept ability as i'm still learning which is not what you require, apart from that i'm spreading the word as much as i can in london do you have leaflets that can be handed out?


Love & light to all carley

You can count me in for the position of information propagator, i pretty much do that all the time anyways, spreading the word comes naturally :)

Not sure of the role I can play, but I make sure that "The resistance" website and name is uttered on every stage I touch.


I'd love to serve THE RESISTANCE as either a "Information Propagator" or a
"Virtual Librarian" ..& I would REALLY LOVE the role of a 'Film Dissector and
Stripper' [I moved to L.A. 2b in the movie bz in the 70's B4 we had any real
access.  ;-)].   Yet, my WILLINGNESS may easily exceed my computer skills!
I've never worked on Issuu.   Nevertheless, I'm here to serve.




I can run a resistance twitter page, post all the intresting aricles and stuff from the site that will atract more peps .. As i do alot of twitter news posts ect it will be no prob to handle another one :)


Denz - what's your twitter?  I'm @David_Math  - also - the Resistance Twitter is @Innerstand
Ah kool mine are @thephotonbelt (news posts) and @cyberdenz (music & other stuff) willl add you :)

excellent - just added you breadren --- we should all tag #TheResistance and @Innerstand regularly on twitter to help create a buzz....


wholeness fam.

 Good day Resistance for all of you that do not know me my name is Jean and down here in Miami Mr. Whole and I represent the Resistance and it has been our continuing goal to build this up as strong as possible, without getting to personal Sevan you already know come February the proximity issue wont be an issue and like if I gotta do all of the above I will So thats what i have to say about that.

       So I want to list some of my strengths and put it out there for other members of the Resistance wherever we can collaborate lets do so. okay so Im an Artist/ animator I paint and draw in all mediums and also do work through the computer I can build almost anything in 3D, I do custum artwork, logos, flyers, brochures, cartoons, illustrations for books, Murals, Concept Art, storyboards, motion graphics whatever we need. I use Maya, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects I can also do editing and with the right equipment we can do live action / and 3D  Wherever I can help any of you out im here you can reach me also at and check out my site to see more of my work We have access to cameras and film equipment down here as well and also pursuing other avenues that may result advantageous for us as far possibly getting some funding and other ideas that can generate some sort of continuing revenue streams for us. Imagine what we can do with this kind of equipment alone

Okay for example one of the members here has a childrens book

Im thinking projects like these we can be more unified team up with people that are already here.

Since were on the topic guys just so you know Whole and I have Resistance cards that we pass out or leave in places I know people will find them In hopes the superhero child logs on lol but I have them on my page and if anyone is inclined to get some printed for yourselves and contribute that way

Regardless the majority of my time is going to be spent working with the Resistance with all of you my new family and I look forward to the continued growth.

Thank you to everyone that has responded to this call either through this forum post or through direct email. I wanted to ensure everyone that we will be getting to you, we are currently opening new portals for linking and ascension services so this all can fit together perfectly. We have secured the sites and which is wonderful!
good to hear, thanks sevan.



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