CAUTION - You have entered into the world of Fringe. This requires one to be determined to Know. Fear is the mind controller so if you have some, get that under control before you go further. 7


PiRAY DeltraTron Orgone Receptor

It is official, Our Paranormal Division has been launched Tuesday July 20, 2010, a whole new segment begins and once again the world will be amazed. We will ascend the humans by all means. I personally want to thank everyone who has made this point possible. I urge everyone to get involved, its really happening now, We have tons of proofs, get Activated.


We will begin coming to various cities spreading high frequency activation in the most wonderful ways. More on this later.....

SP9 - Frequency Plate

In the design of the genius Marco Rodin's (Vortex Mathematics) you are  looking at a box of pure energy once powered up.

2D Tesseract Frequency Plate

Bringing it from 4D instantly, thats how things get done fast, I mean fast.


This is a Zaplicator, more on that later.

SP Nuclear Scalar Wave Biomagnetic & Hyper - Dimensional Field Generators

I'm going in, cover me.


This of course is the very beginning and to not delay the dossier's to much of what you see here are still being prepared but We wanted to show you now ;-). There will be many updates and questions can be addressed below.


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Thank you for the some of the information in this post. It helps to have some things to think over after an opinion is offered. However, we could do without the rant on how we should respect Sevan for all of his hard work. We are appreciative of his work. Just the fact that we spend some time on this website everyday shows that we are on board with the mission. Differing discourse spurs progress indeed and history is filled with moments where good-intended people shed darkness because they were not questioned by those who "followed." Well, we are not following Sevan, we are right there with him, shoulder-to-shoulder. Fear is not wanting to be questioned on anything. Fear is also not wanting to question what is before your eyes. I WILL continue to question things whose purpose and possible effect I am not certain of. If that is a problem, then the Resistance should revoke my subscription now cause I am just gonna piss everyone off. You did state that if we don't understand something we should ask or do research, right? Well, that is what both Ipriana and myself did and you seemed to get a little defensive. Just an observation of something that may not be necessary.
Thank you Marcus for responding to AceofSwords letter to me and you too, it seems. This is a healthy debate that can be of great inportance to the growth of the Resistance (Matrix) itself. I, like you will forever do my part to help in the war against oppressors (status quo, illuminati, new world order/old world order, etc.) by expressing thoughts from my truest self. It's the only way I know how to be. Foward forever, backward never.
Peace & Love,
Hotep AceofSwords,
I feel relieved that we seem to have some clarity between us, whew! The quote you wrote restating some of my words in my last post was correct. Yet, what I did not include in that post is that it was a semi-contiuation from an earlier post to Sevan. I was a new member of the Matrix on July 29, 2010, so I was overjoyed and excited to express what I thought was very important to the subject at hand, mechanical devices. I wrote a post directed to Sevan, regarding a vision I had had back in the early 80's, about a mind control device situated in the Arizona desert. I asked him had he heard anyone mention such a device? His only response to me was this, "This is why true healing and high vibration never came to your world en masse until now." I thought that was quite presumptuous of him, so I suggested that he not assume, because we did not/do not know each other's paths. That judgemental statement of his gave me a glimpse inside his psyche. I felt it was quite demi-godish to assume so, without knowing anything about me. Even though, I did not waver in my committment to the Matrix because the Matrix is more than Sevan. It's a team, as you so elegantly put it. So, unless you had read the post from 7/29/10 between Sevan and me, you could not know our history on the Matrix. This history has shaped my approach to Sevan, but does not take away from my sincerity to the mission of the Matrix, which I totally support.
I am a psychic as it is put in America. In my native land Africa, I am what is called a Sangoma, which translates to psychic, queen mother, healer, traveler (astro-projection/travel, cosmologist, and beyond, etc.) Sangoma basically means one born knowing, one of light. I can see beyond most people you will meet, yet I know that I have much to learn in areas of communication. I said all this to say that, I'm sorry if my last posted statement mislead you in any way. On the subject of GB4000 and what you know about it. Have you used the device, if so how long? Are you aware of it's after effects? There are always after effects that don't materialize until years later when we see patterns emerging in test subjects. Clinical testing of this sought could last as long as 5 to 50 years to insure the safety of the device. If you have these results, I'd be very interesting in knowing them. This information would go a long way in challenging my point of view on mechanical devices and their valuable usefulness. I sincerely want to know, so help me out here, will you? Until I can get some pertinent information to back of your claims, I feel that all mechanical devices are a paradox. What I mean is...I know for a fact that these devices can be quite useful, but I also know that the possibility of serious damage to bodily organs, mind, etc. in the long run or short run are real possibilities. Too real to overlook, especially when I know that there is another and for safer way to accomplish the same results that you proclaim that the devices offer.
One Love,
I saw that movie, The Box....and what a perverted hoax and mind f--- that was. The movie "The Matrix" on the other hand was more on target. Yet once again Hollywood and all it's folly gave it a twist of perversion too, as they do with all "could be useful" movies.
What does it do?
Where did Sevan get these plates from Ayzik ? Especially the one with Vortex pictures.. what is the story behind them ?
Thank you Ayzik.. Appreciate this..
Ayzik,hey thanks for explaining,I figured it looked familiar,the patterns,
I have a leyline running through my bedroom,we stay in over hundred year old house,
I had to clear myself before I could clear the line though and the geometry very
came to my mind,I actually saw it appear and dissapear as I moved my hands over it.
Tried taking pictures of it,low res,only partial patterns showed though..
Its even got a sound to it,it humms,hehe,sounds lil nutty..
Looking at the plates reminded me of crop circle patterns. Perhaps some of the other patterns would work well with this device. I am not a scientist but my intuition tells me this is something you might want to look into.
wholeness 2 all. i have been reading the comments about the use of the plates. i started thinking about the fact that music is frequencies, is it not? man has used many things 2 make sounds that we consider music, creating instruments of various types causing sounds (i guess they r frequencies we can hear). is it not the same as these plates in a way? music affects us, it can change our moods, make us happy, sad, etc. these r my thoughts, simple as they may be.
Wholeness salt. thanks 4 the response. i was not comparing musical instruments frequencies 2 the plates, it was stating the use of an instrument which seemed 2 be of concern to some. u can say it is artifical also, yes?'s some explanation of orgonite.  There are instructions here to build "cloudbusters".  It would be interesting to build these in communities making our own grids..



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