CAUTION - You have entered into the world of Fringe. This requires one to be determined to Know. Fear is the mind controller so if you have some, get that under control before you go further. 7


PiRAY DeltraTron Orgone Receptor

It is official, Our Paranormal Division has been launched Tuesday July 20, 2010, a whole new segment begins and once again the world will be amazed. We will ascend the humans by all means. I personally want to thank everyone who has made this point possible. I urge everyone to get involved, its really happening now, We have tons of proofs, get Activated.


We will begin coming to various cities spreading high frequency activation in the most wonderful ways. More on this later.....

SP9 - Frequency Plate

In the design of the genius Marco Rodin's (Vortex Mathematics) you are  looking at a box of pure energy once powered up.

2D Tesseract Frequency Plate

Bringing it from 4D instantly, thats how things get done fast, I mean fast.


This is a Zaplicator, more on that later.

SP Nuclear Scalar Wave Biomagnetic & Hyper - Dimensional Field Generators

I'm going in, cover me.


This of course is the very beginning and to not delay the dossier's to much of what you see here are still being prepared but We wanted to show you now ;-). There will be many updates and questions can be addressed below.


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One can allow their mind to create wild stories and allow these stories to ruin the present moment in our lives. It is always better to come to the present moment being in stability and balance, and thus deal with what is happening right now in one's life, being aware of what we are not in our true nature. Come back to one's breath. Try to balance the airflow in both the nostrils by relaxing the more closed nostril, so that there is equal airflow in both the nostril. Do not fall victim to victim consciousness, find strength from within, in the moment.
People have spontaneous Kundalini awakenings all over the world. You are simply not alone.

It is easy for the mind to find someone to blame it, especially with things one is simply not familiar with. But in the end, we only have ourselves to hold onto. So honestly, with all due respect, finding out who was responsible for something that happened spontaneously/naturally won't yield results. It is better to work with what is already present.

Yes, exactly what you said about dwelling on the past.
Sevan ,

What is the story behind SP9 plate which you have shown above ? Are you familiar with Marko Rodin's Vortex Mathemetics , and the Rodin Coil ? SP9 is exactly what Marko Rodin has been claiming to have discovered by studying the works of Bahai, and he has called it the "Fingerprint of God". He discovered it by studying the pattern of numbers.

The rodin coil is amazingly efficient transformer, and the experiments are up on Youtube to show its effects. It is almost like the next big thing in new energy. Also, the SP plate with vortex imprinted which you showed above is exactly what Rodin has been using to design his Rodin Coil, and am telling you Rodin Coil is going to revolutionize everything you know about electrical energy and its applications once it will be used.

So if you don't mind please do share what SP9 plate is and how you got it ? Who was the guy who created those plates ?

Kuba A. Bennu,

Very wise statement...An open mind is a necessary thing to continue our upward and forward movement toward the discovery of one's true self; and by the way the ego is necessary for this discovery. We do not, should not disconnect ourselves from our ego, but instead learn to use it to our betterment. If it was not a necessary part of us, the Creator would not have given it to us. Having an open mind does not imply that we must open ourselves up to mechanical devices that can be, and have been proven to be, counter productive to our self-development, both spiritually and mentally/consciously, as well as physically. But if one must venture into this arena, be ware and please, please make sure that you know what you are doing before you activate any and all mechanical devices that are powerful enough to manipulate electromagnet waves of energy and vibrations. It's easy to get excited about the possibility of learning, what appears to be new and innovative, approaches to protecting ourselves from those attempting to harm us. Yet these devices are not new nor innovative. In mechanical form they have been in existence for more than 80 years, but our physical bodies were designed from the beginning of Creation to execute much higher abilities that can and will accomplish the very same end results. Be safe...Peace and Love, Ipriama
True that Kuba A. Bennu... We must check and direct our egos to serve our higher purposes, because it is the driving force (energy) behind our will of power (divine light). In this life, we must all come to a point as in the apex of a pyramid. Otherwise we shall be powerless and vulnerable to all destructive forces. If we put every breath we take into having holy thoughts, so that we will be holy beings, our ego's will be the gatekeeper (measuring stick) that keeps us holy; because it will constantly challenge our divine mind to remain so, less we surrender. It is one of the supreme tests designed to check us and mole us into the perfect beings (spirits) we once were, is it not? Atleast, that is what I've come to know as I live and breath. All things in existence have positive and negative (good and bad) attributes. It's up to each individual to know which one she/he is exhibiting, because it's nearly impossible to judge what's happening inside of another being, less we are the Creator. Things are not always as they appear or sound because words can not truly convey one's deepest feelings. They are a mere reflection, image if you will, of what is truly being expressed. With that said, I am in agreement with you, though I felt a need to express these thoughts as well.
Peace and Love, Ipriama

I had the same reaction when I saw the mechanical device. I am still divided about this. I like the potential but have reservations about the method. The CP3 vortex imprinting plate looks like the mark of the beast as we saw in the video regarding the symbols on the dollar bill. Hmmmm. Are we sure that this technology will not be a paradox?
No. Watch the video "Mark of the Beast=Materialism" on the home page and they discuss the two triangles with the circle around it being the most evil of symbols.
Marcus Fields,
From the depth of my divine being, I declare that it is a paradox. It is a robot. I can see how one would be fascinated by the seeming possibilities of such a mechanical device, yet is it not true that a robot is not made of flesh and blood as are we. It has no sense of purpose. It has no care of our needs, nor is it able to determine whether or not it is harmful to flesh and blood beings, because it has no ability to spiritually or emotionally connect with us. It should have no place in any of our human stages of development. Even if programmed by us, a mechnical machine can and does malfunction. Flesh and blood beings will lose a war against an out of control mechanical machine (robot) that we willingly subject our minds and bodies to. We should not be so willing to cast our bodies into the pit to be used as guinea pigs, less we simply wish to be careless, or have destructive desires, therefore it doesn't truly matter what becomes of us. Are we so desperate to defend ourselves from those attempting to harm, control and brainwash us, that we would throw caution (self-love) to the wind. I say no... These things are not toys. They have real effects. Check out GBPPR Mind control Devices and Experiments, by typing it into your search engine window. See what you come up with...
One Love,
Just Linnie,
Both... In our desire to find useful answers we plough through piles of seemingly useful information, which many times help, yet always causes us to go through many forms of change within ourselves. As we research and apply what we find to aid ourselves, we are then our own lab rats. And on the other hand, the reasons we find it necessary to find answers, are because the puppet masters are manipulating our beings and true nature to keep us in a place conducive to their commands. I'm not sure what you are referring to when you say "you all said it was all natural" I missed that discussion. All I can say is that anything that is man made is not natural. All natural things are created by the Creator, and remains natural as long man does not change it in any anyway. I must end here...this could be a very indepth discussion. I hope I've been helpful in some way, for that is my true desire.
Peace & Love,
So then if something is 'made' by man it's not natural? What I think of all this is that we are vehicles for the 'one force'. We make our thoughts with it and speak with it. This 'one force' is everywhere and in everything. And without it there would be no movement. Ain Soph. So if we create ANYTHING we use this force wich is our right and freedom. From this we can say that everything we see, hear, taste, feel, dream, make and do, good, evil or in between is CREATED BY ONE FORCE (or Creator). Everything is spirit for ever and always. As a society we've made technology for just about anything. Are these technologies natural for us at THIS moment??? Seems like it, we can see that many machines and technologies are either good or bad, just like everything else in this world. Is technology a living thing? Yes it is. It is a thought form materialized. But no invention can be invented by us since we make use of the thoughtforms in the astral plane created by countless souls.

If one wants to become efficient at using these thougthtform he or she must seperate the subtle from the gross and the fixed from the volatile. Especially in a time like this with radio, tv and internet. In this way it will be easy avoid any webs created by the spiders. For this many people have used the pentagram wich is a precise instrument for human intelligence.

The six pointed star has a deeper meaning than just 'Evil' or 'the mark of the beast'. Since the Earth is Carbon based: 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6
electrons. We could call Earth the 'beast' or humans and anything else that lives or doesn't to our eyes. Did you know even water has hexagonal shape? This is when it is healthy.

The structure of the carbon atom has hexagonal shape like so:

This shape is older than the people who make use of it. All Symbols can be very powerfull when used in the correct way. Vibrations of our being are dependant of the strucure of the 'one force'. The rise or awakening of our vehicles can be achieved by many ways and everyone has there own.

The GB4000 is just a frequency generator wich can imprint vibrations into matter. Not thought-forms just frequencies. And it's the best of the frequency generators. Current, frequency and amplitude cause chemical changes in the body. Our chakra's can thus be influenced by this device. It would also be possible to kill any virus, bacteria or disease with the right frequency and amplitube. How? Every thing alive or 'dead' has his own vibration wich could resonate with the right frequency and the right amplitube. Anoter application could be to energize water or any other substance, in a good or evil way, like always.

A good or evil thing is only good or evil when one determines it is.
Fear is your worst enemy.

Checkout more info about the GB4000 on this website, wich is a pretty cool site if you ask me:

Sevan is doing some great things here. I greatly respect that he spends his time and money to show us the use of this machine. If one has any questions about anything on the Resistance; better ask somebody or do the research yourself!

We are all in this together and need to help each other. Instead of making observations.

I feel you...but you are ranting and rambling! Obviously you feel very passionate about something, but with all that ranting, it's kind of hard to decipher what. So, let me attempt to respond to what I think it might be. You are assuming that I don't truly appreciate Sevan and all his hard work and that my rejection of using mechanical devices to enhance, develop or defend our physical, mental and/or spiritual selves, especially in its' regard to the GB4000, is based on fear. Is that about it or atleast close to your point? I assure you that you are totally out of bound if this be your case. I truly appreciate Sevan for the hard work that he is doing. He selflessly put in long hard hours researching, compiling, editing, writing and reaching out to countless people on a daily basis, and without monetary gain. I respect him and I will love him eternally. When I became a member of the Matrix, I did so because I wanted to be part of something where I would be able to express my truest self and to share all of my ancient wisdom, knowledge and intellect. Who I am and what gifts I have to offer is a mystery to you, because you know me not. The only way for you or anyone else on the Matrix to know who I am; what I have to offer; where my heart hails from, why I am here and why I'm a member; when I speak and how I feel about all living beings; is to honestly, sincerely and truthfully express my true divine thoughts on any given issue or point. I am not a yes woman. I am not a follower. I do not worship any man, woman or child or inanimate object. Be careful that you are not a worshiper. The Matrix is not a church. Less I be wrong, it does not have a God-head. To my innerstanding we are all here to share what we have to offer and to hopefully gain some insight along the way. Or are we expected to just keep quiet and not express our points of view even when we may disagree with something on the Matrix, even if it is being offered by Sevan. I certainly hope the answer to that question is no! Because we get enough of that from the staus quo; the illuminati, the old world order and/or the new world order. I am not here to oppose Sevan less I disagree with something he is proposing, nor am I here to be subordinate to him or anyone else on the Matrix. Healthy disagreement is good for this site. You gave many examples of dual opposites during your ranting; good and evil, subtle and gross, fixed and volatile......but you did not mention for and against. The fact about these examples is that they represent the rudiments of exchange that is needed to keep balance in our universe. Am I right? Awaken! one is not always under attack because another expresses a different view point or even the opposite view point. It's healthy and necessary for growth. Through friction and contrast we evolve, especially when something is done without malice or evil intentions. And by the way, I have probably done more research on mechanical devices than you can possibly imagine. How does over 40 years strike you? My statements are well intended and are based on years of indepth research as well as experience and experiments. I fear nothing! No literally, I fear nothing! I healed myself of fear in the first 30 years of my life. I remember the precise moment. It was after my third temporary death in this lifetime. During the time that I was out of my body, I saw things, was taught things, went places and came back whole. I went all the way into the core of the sun and returned unscotched. Light beings have taught me since before I was born this time of flesh, and continue to do so on a daily basis. Trust me of not...but can you feel me? I know an ancient secret that is so simple, yet so far removed from most of the world's population that it's painful to me. There is nothing to fear, less it be one's self. All the aliens in the world can not defeat a fearless person. The illuminati or any other force can only control the mind of human beings for a season. It's the time of the gathering and punition. One must gather what's within and know that it is and always was present. Because we are all born knowing and have been lead astray from ourselves by following every bright light in the midst. We must revive our God given memory that is inately our throughout time eternal. The wicked ones will receive punishment. So, rest assured I'm not fearful, on the attack or the enemy.
Peace & Love,
Dear Ipriama,

First of all I feel you and I don't say that anyone cannot express their opinion on this matter and needs to keep quiet. Everybody can ask questions and give their opinion here, that's what I like about the Resistance. Sevan is doing great things and I do not worship him or anyone else. This is a team. Questioning people is all natural and discussion is a healthy thing. My point on the matter is that I read from Marcus. "The CP3 vortex imprinting plate looks like the mark of the beast as we saw in the video regarding the symbols on the dollar bill. Hmmmm. Are we sure that this technology will not be a paradox?". All I wanted to do is give a answer to this, not getting defensive. Next I read in your post that quote: "How do I unsubscribe from the Matrix? Please unsubscribe me immediately! I am not saying that your not on to something, but you are playing a dangerous game with the energies of your members and putting them in danger of demi-god control." "As I told you once before, that back in the 1980's I had a vision that informed me of the use of vibrational devices being used in the Arizona desert, to control the behaviors of human beings. Why are you trying to do the same? You seem to be ruled by your need to be important or god-like. Watch yourself...if you are truly trying to help people to innerstand, why are you driving them to use external devices?"

After reading this I assumed that you had some concern (fear) about using the gb4000. I'm sorry if I misinterpreted that. Reading your posts I can tell you are a wise woman. What I know on the matter (and yes I do not know you but still i'd like to share this) is that the devices like this and the royal rife are succesfull at healing people from diseases, balancing energy levels and raising them. Please innerstand that i'm not taking an 'opposite' position on this but simply am putting what I know. Maybe my choice of words is not perfect, and I appologize if I seem to be ranting. Like you said we need to look inside. And yes the opposites need to balanced. To balance anything it is necessary to recognise the two opposite forces in any given triad. Am I right? Good and evil, subtle and gross, fixed and volatile. To see is to know how to learn these forces inside all of us. With every thought and expression having a definition we can make use of it to build for the good for the people around us.




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