CAUTION - You have entered into the world of Fringe. This requires one to be determined to Know. Fear is the mind controller so if you have some, get that under control before you go further. 7


PiRAY DeltraTron Orgone Receptor

It is official, Our Paranormal Division has been launched Tuesday July 20, 2010, a whole new segment begins and once again the world will be amazed. We will ascend the humans by all means. I personally want to thank everyone who has made this point possible. I urge everyone to get involved, its really happening now, We have tons of proofs, get Activated.


We will begin coming to various cities spreading high frequency activation in the most wonderful ways. More on this later.....

SP9 - Frequency Plate

In the design of the genius Marco Rodin's (Vortex Mathematics) you are  looking at a box of pure energy once powered up.

2D Tesseract Frequency Plate

Bringing it from 4D instantly, thats how things get done fast, I mean fast.


This is a Zaplicator, more on that later.

SP Nuclear Scalar Wave Biomagnetic & Hyper - Dimensional Field Generators

I'm going in, cover me.


This of course is the very beginning and to not delay the dossier's to much of what you see here are still being prepared but We wanted to show you now ;-). There will be many updates and questions can be addressed below.


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all is connected, cool, always look forward to your posting always something quite unique and out of this world... wholeness and balance vibrations
I've been meaning to get this out to you sooner but I think
you'll agree it was worth the wait.

To summarize what's in this Rife Report to skip a lot of
the technical stuff it's like this:

1. Rife used high frequencies that were largely in the
AM radio broadcast range for most of his work in the 1930's

2. These frequencies became problematic due to interference
with popular evening AM talk radio programs and the FCC
began to be more powerful as the 1930's progressed.

3. Electro-therapy instruments (not just Rife's technology!)
were banned from use from the hours of 7pm to 11pm to prevent
interference with these popular talk radio programs.

4. Rife seems to have experimented with audio frequencies
only after his higher frequencies became a legal issue.

5. These audio frequencies were originally used with a
high frequency carrier wave which was higher than the
AM broadcast band so interference was not an issue.

6. There is evidence of 1930's pure high frequency machines
being modified in the 1940's by Rife's engineer into hybrid
audio/high frequency machines. This is now understood to
have been due to interference issues.

7. The money for development was long gone when John Crane
came along in the 1950's so he sold audio only generators
which barely need any modification for use - but these all
lacked the carrier wave and could not run the original
high frequencies that Rife had been so successful with.
Greetings Sevan,

This is so interesting!!! In the 70's and 80's I had psychic messages and visions of high frequency devices being used in the Arizona dessert, to control the thought and behavior patterns of humanity. I always felt that it was being done by extra-terrestrial beings, with the aid of extremely wealthy humans, who had a world plan of domination and enslavement. Today, I know that I was right, I just can't prove it. Do you have any information on such a thing as this? Is there anyone out there who has any information on such a thing as this?
Peace & Blessings,
One Love,
yes, Here on the site.. or you can start reading some of David Ickes books..

I am after the last book he wrote " Human race get off your knees" < if i find it ill post it..

Now as far as in more details with Frequency devices to control the masses ill see what i can find.. wholeness

Greetings Wholeness,
Thanks...Let me know if you find specific info on frequency devices used to control the masses. I would truly appreciate it. In the mean time, I am familiar with David Icke's "The Lion Sleeps No More". I have not read it yet...I prefer to sift the airways for wisdom and knowledge at this time. Perhaps I'll take the time to read a book or two in the future. I have always absorbed what I need to know from the universe, it truly works for me...because the universal library contains all knowledge and has not been tainted by the human psyche...I can absorb it wholistically.
Peace & Blessings,
One Love Vibe,
This is why true healing and high vibration never came to your world en masse until now. 7
Greetings Sevan,

I love the matrix and what it has to offer, yet it is not the beginning of my journey nor my world. We do not know each others path, so let us not make absolute statements that assume. We can and will learn from each other, as long as we are open enough to do so. I truly appreciate all that you do...Thanks for the reply.
One Love,
Thats whats up...Excited
this it a truly exciting and wonderful thing you are doing. My main goal in life now is to achieve my full potential as a human being and to seek the highest state of conciousness. If you ever want to start spreading the good vibrations in the uk then I, and many others, will be lined up to join you. Keep up the much needed work sevan, peace love and wholeness to you and all who strive for a world awake.


I've just bought myself a S/H GB4000 and live in the UK, I'll keep you posted :)

where can i order these instruments
Sevan (James),
How do I unsubscribe from the Matrix? Please unsubscribe me immediately! I am not saying that your not on to something, but you are playing a dangerous game with the energies of your members and putting them in danger of demi-god control. You need to get control of your own demi-urges. You are being lead astray and is playing into the hands of those you claim to be fighting or exposing. As I told you once before, that back in the 1980's I had a vision that informed me of the use of vibrational devices being used in the Arizona desert, to control the behaviors of human beings. Why are you trying to do the same? You seem to be ruled by your need to be important or god-like. Watch yourself...if you are truly trying to help people to innerstand, why are you driving them to use external devices? To innerstand means to go within one's self to seek answers, because those answers "do" dwell within us all. There is no better or greater way to protect one's self or to evolve spiritually as an enlightened being, than to go within! The Holy Ones have equipped us with all we need to withstand any and all things disruptive or destructive to our natural path of growth and overstanding! So, be ware dear, for I fear you are barking up the wrong tree and bringing your members (followers) along with you.



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