It is a phenomenal time to be a part of the Resistance, increasing strength from within. 3000 Site Members strong and constantly growing as Our message reaches the ears of those guided and seeking with a recorded 1 million impressions.

Our mission is internal then external. It is first to repair ourselves so one can correct their reflection. When beginning the Resistance We set out to provide the cream off all knowledge available on this Planetary System. With this We were sure one could ascend into higher states of Being.

Once one was mended, or what we call remembered, they could then move to the next phase properly which is to assist others in continuing the Paths to accomplish great things.

There are three sides to the Pyramid of Knowledge. The Animal Kingdom, The Plant Kingdom, and Mineral Kingdom. When one innerstands the height of these creations they have then gained a Masters at the University of this World.

Consider this. 

In the Animal Kingdom you have the Snake and the Bird. The ancients zoomorphied all knowledge of elements as a way of encryption so the interpretation is the snake is the EL or Electric energy as it hisses and spits. The Bird will always be light and gentle, representing the Magnetic field that many a Magus learns to control. With Electric and Magnetic energy cycling properly, you are perpetually immortal.

In the Planet Kingdom you have many Mediators, they are the Plants that build bridges between our Kingdom and their own. This is so we can make communion with them to innerstand vast expanses of what time has produced. In every Plant you will find the unique design of various Planets.

With the Mineral Kingdom you will find the most Noble Allies, many of whom are firmly purified and true to the cause. A collective essence of frequencies that connect to many worlds. There are few better Instructors than pure crystals and few better Conductors than the elements in monatomic state.

Since everything that exist can also be seen somewhere in a fractal, if there is anything that we have come to tell humanity it is that life here is like life in your mothers womb.  When it is time to exit, it will be because you have gotten to big and must be ejected into a larger womb so the same thing can happen over again. A Womb is a Matrix. Each time you will gain more experience, more possibility, more innerstanding of the Most High which is a totality of everything.

How can we truly expect to know the Most High fully if we are still discovering what "everything" really is? Our actuality could never be half empty, We have discovered a balanced direction. 




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Thank you Sevan,I appreciate all your Effort awakening humanity.
i feel great to have found this place and to be part of it, the ever expanding awareness of humanity is rising quickly and this is a great place to share and learn from each other. thank you setting this up sevan <3

much love to everyone out there or in here :)
$1.00 a month x's 3,000...



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