It is my pleasure to announce this benchmark in our total Movement as we intend to continuously make progress in our field. The complete idea of the Activation Institute has been fully conceived. I will say to everyone now what prevented me from even mentioning this idea was one key piece that I was yet to achieve. That is the ability, if the person is deemed ready, to open their third eye along with their other eyes. I personally gained the ability to do this 4 days ago so I have made no delay in bringing the total idea forth.


We ask all those considering such things to innerstand that there can never be a greater responsibility then to be sure that you are turning the light on for the right individuals. Failing to use precaution will most certainly result in disaster, not only for the student but also for the instructor. This is why a person must be run through a complete system before they are fully awaken.



Costa Rica has choose Us. Costa Rica is a large nurturing home and sanction for endangered species as the Enlightened and Balanced people most certainly are, but We will change that. The ecological atmosphere of Costa Rica is immense hosting multiple micro climates and environmental diversity. One can go from rain forests, cloud cities, oceans, volcanoes, hot springs, mountains, to sunny downtown all in a day. To continuously add words to explain Costa Rica's energy lines and beauty is to bring about unnecessary mental limitations of what it truly is. 

Whole Body Cleansing

Since I have gone through the experience myself I can lend great advice as to what order The Awakening should take place. First and foremost one must be put through Whole Body Cleansing. Due to the amount of poison, plaque, and residue that remains in the body since birth there is virtually no way for the level of communication that must go on to enlighten a human to take place in such a vessel. Failing to follow this step will only result in misunderstandings, emotional distractions, and extreme gaps in energy transmission and synopsis.


As the major issue is time we will have no choice but to run a person through what it took me 2 years to complete in approximately one month so this is a real cram course. We begin with a 7 day fast with supplements and cleansing. During this fast one eats no food and sustains themselves on supplements such a those necessary to provide sustenance and proper nutrition to the body with 0 excess.


During this cleanse the body will be completely flushed. This includes all major organs mainly the liver, colon, kidneys, and intestines. This will accomplish getting the Organs prepared to be brought back into balance with their corresponding sound, shape, and color. As cleansing an organ will always work wonders for an individual it still needs further work such as light and frequency treatments to make them fully balanced and operational once more.



Now that the person is clear physically We can now began on the much deeper work, the innerstanding. As much of this has to do with the Heart we in turn use Earth and Her elements to accomplish removing a great deal of the mental traps that people suffer from everyday. As the Ayurveda has already shown the Plants and Trees are superior in teaching the body, which is from the Earth, how to remember its true reference point.


Deprogramming consists of immersing a person into the true balance of themselves by showing a reflection of vast diversity in harmony which can still be seen here in Costa Rica. We must all keep in mind Earth is the exact layout of the entire body and contains many fractals of that in the nucleus of various environments. We have located such environments here.


Since will be accompanying groups on the Awakening there will be also Mental Deprogramming as one is encouraged to ask all they want to know until they reach mental satisfaction of all Why's, What's, When's, Where's, or the Wilderness of Wonder that keeps the mind from balance especially during enlightenment which requires focus. 




Core Training

A great deal of diagnosis and analysis has been done on the individual at this step in the Awakening. Thus it is determined by Adepts where one must increase strength in order to endure Enlightenment. Enlightenment involves large amounts of energy coursing through the body, Westerners have appeared very ignorant in such matters and thus only activate the mind and the ego with very little real "Dynamo Jack" power to show for it.


This is because there are a few fail safes built into the bodies organic structure that force it not to activate if the body cannot handle the energy. One can even push past these fail safes however what will generally happen is the body will activate and then short out, this is no joke it literally starts up, reaches a peak and then shuts off sometimes damaging ones neuro-network.


Generally in places that the art of Kundalini is known there is already the knowledge of the Curry "Current" Curant "Current" and many other spices that must be a part of the diet to insulate the "walls" thus allowing you to carry the current. This is the beginning of Being in the Know or in the Now/Current. Not yesterday, not tomorrow but totally focused on right now.


This is only one example as another may have as core training a continuous test of how strong they are around their mid point, core, navel, which equals spiritual grounding less ye fly off in the mind. They may have to place a ball in the small of their back and remain in chair stance against the wall with a ball of Indian Mercury under their tongue. Whatever it may be, we will know, and we can get you through it properly if you are ready.





This is the moment of Truth. All the knowledge and experience will serve to come to your aid as this is the time being able to "see" will no longer be subtle. In addition many are talking about the third eye because it is a very useful ability in the spiritual world. However, other eyes/abilities will activate also.


This is why it must be determined if a person is ready for this level of activation based on all previous engagements. This is not a game of "let's activate some humans so they can know their power" this is more about people activating their abilities because it has been a life long mission to accomplish and they know that is what they came here for. This can easily be seen by even the Neophyte who is true and who is false if you simply pay attention.


I say this so it is not confused by readers, members, and guests that they can just come and get activated because that's what they feel like doing today. In many cases these abilities are sealed or behind gates in the individual. To access them means no turning back as nothing will be the same again.


This goes with the continuing effort to seek out as many people as we can to assist in the situation taking place on the Earth plane. People will have to realize one way or another that certain things take place on the surface that do not take place in the Sky and that's how the two are separated. This can be seen very easy with pollution.


In places such as the "downtown" of most cities a great deal of the smog settles there. In turn there are different kinds of Beings that breathe that air versus some Beings cannot even find sustenance in that air so thus they are confined to the much higher planes because of their nature. Simply put on the ground as a Spiritual Being you will have to deal with some things that are "grounded" permanently just as a Tree has roots and does not fly.


These "grounded" forces are at times plaguing all the denizens that are also "grounded" individuals with no perception of true Spirituality. This is of course the people we need to reach with the message of activation and they at times make up our mother, brother, best friend etc. Sinners just means "Mooners" as the name for the Moon is Sin. Sin is ignorance as the Moon was called ignorant for only giving off light part of the time, when one should be giving off light all the time.


Vortex Imprinting and Blasting Past the Insectoid Hive Mind Network

For those who still have the question in their mind about how we can activate a person I can only say that the Great Arcana or Universal Solvent has been revealed to me amongst many other things. It should be seen no different than awakening methods such as Ayahuasca which is still much more subtle and not all the way effective in activating abilities permanently. Our formula has been tailored to produce Ignition.


I will speak no more on that topic but instead discuss a situation that some have sensed is going on, few have experienced, and even fewer can prove although anyone that can fully "see" knows what I speak of. This is of the Hive Mind and its programming. For those looking for more detail about the Hive Mind and how it functions this Sunday's show will leave no more questions.


The conclusion is all we need to mention here. It is known that several levels must be broke through in order for one to obtain total connection. To assist in breaking these barriers we have equipped and programmed the GB-4000 to pierce through the Hive Mind network. This allows a great deal of negative "static" and "chatter" to cease from embedding itself into your neuro network as you are placed in a stronger field which blocks these transmissions. This keeps "them" from hacking into your mind in order to produce some idea that will make you descend the ladder before the enlightenment stage is reached




Once the process is complete we then test the persons energy levels, mainly their brainwaves and bio signature with the Emotiv Device. With customized software we can further in depth check a persons signal to see if it needs to be optimized and remains constant. A constant signal is very important to an Enlightened Being as it is the key to focusing. Focusing allows you to obtain the specific result you are looking for without unnecessary integrations that are sparked from random thought interfering with your focus. One can be trained to recognize what these random thoughts feel like by witnessing them digitally on a screen.


Debriefing and Reintegration

We are dealing with a matter that none can return the same from. Enlightenment is a life altering experience and there is absolutely no way to prevent that, not that one would want to. Debriefing and reintegration gives one the mental, spiritual, and physical tools to return to their current habitation and immediately continue their mission without risking absolution back into normality.


As Specialist will be on the Mission with you that innerstand the entire nature of the construct organic and inorganic you will be given a final briefing and debriefing. This will serve to equip you for all situations you may face on the Plane. This will accompany up to date data on the Cause and a direct link to Resistance Adepts.


The now Enlightened person will receive a Total Reintegration Package (TRP) which includes most importantly a Dietary diagnosis and instruction on what to intake such as food and Ayurvedic Supplements. This will also accompany a Regimen such as breathing techniques and exercises that will allow you to remain awake and continue into higher states of consciousness as I have clearly discovered there is no limit.




Those seeking admittance into the Resistance Activation Institute will be given a spiritual application and aptitude test. This test will be very basic and it will be directly related to determining the sincerity and motivation of the Candidate.


We have not yet decided the amount such a course would cost but it is already our desire to sponsor a great deal of individuals who have scored high on their motivational aptitude test. How this would generally work is a more fortunate party/member will sponsor another Candidate to attend the awakening courses.


Due to the fact that the courses in total will span out a little more than a month we have also divided the courses into segments which will allow a person to come down for a week at a time between intervals until completion. If one has no engagements they can complete the entire course with no interruptions. We have also considered a set rate for each course, which will allow a person to approach each level in the time frame they feel they are ready.


Grand Opening


We just about have everything we need to begin this, we are only working out the financial situation as there must be facilities and staff to assist in this process. We have secured 2 facilities for housing and internal cleansing we have only one more to obtain for the Deprogramming Retreat. Currently we are seeking funding to finish this magnificent school and its administration for those seeking Enlightenment. This should cost us somewhere around $60-70K to be fully functional. If you are considering funding such an endeavor please contact me through the normal channels. Wholeness


"If you are thinking 1 year ahead, plant seeds

If you are thinking 10 years ahead, plant a tree

If you are thinking 100 years ahead, educate the People"

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This is awesome! Cannot explain in so many words how fitting this is.
I will be there.
wow! this sounds great I look forward to attending and participating
This is definitely a needed experience for those of us that are sincerely in the know/now for a truthfully profound connection as a whole and balanced element of consciousness.
I really want to go this is what my life is about.This has been in my dreams.I dont know how this comes together but i will do my part to continue this.wholeness to you.
How beautiful!!!!! This moment i have waited for..I have asked questions of how, who, and where can i go to get activated... i need ask or wonder anymore.. I thank you Sevan for giving us this opportunity to elevate ourselves. i am so humble for knowing that i have always felt the urge to do different than just work for others and pay to have simple things in life. i have noticed the difference in my desire for meat, and certain foods. I feel my body pulse at times and cannot make a oonnect. I also get high rings in my right ear and cannot make since of anything. i hope someone can give me innerstanding of this. i have viewed the world different since June the passing of my Uncle. Wholeness to All. i know this is my true self calling me back. i feel like walking, getting stronger to come back and help us all to realization of truth...I WILL WALK AWAY FROM EVERYTHING TO BALANCE SELF AGAIN AND HELP OTHERS..
Sounds great, awesome. That place is really beautiful with the protected national parks. The only thing that makes me feel uneasy about this place is its volcanoes. With so much seismic and volcanic activity going on now and in the future, it makes me wonder how safe it will be.

Nice initiative, Id love to join...
finally - the time for training is here.  I want to start today.
This sounds wonderful. I have one question, how much paper currency would we need to bring in order to stay a full month without being a drag?
i am so ready





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