We have arrived! It is now 2012 and the Resistance Alliance has been given its commission. What you will find in this Universe is that anything can be accomplished and what remains is to have persistence, consistency, ability to harmonize, proper delegation, unwavering belief, and a great deal of compassion. So as you can see just having an idea is not the bulk of making sure it comes about. In all of my studies I have learned the greatest failures for our Species is simply not to act and to foolishly wait until the time expires to make an impact. We will not be guilty of such mishaps.


Now the matter at hand is that I must awaken you to your full potential. The only way to do such things is to lay out an array of possibilities before you and allow you to get involved. In addition I have received numerous requests from members asking beyond finances what could they do. Without any more delay I give you, The Resistance League positions. We will need nothing less than Superheroes, Avatars, Shamans, Messiahs, Indigo Children, Pyramid Kids, Rainbow get the surge; very unique characters. The only difference is this is the real thing, not just a book with a story. 


Lastly I would like to say that all of these stations must be filled and there is no position that is more important than the other. The entire Universe functions like a clock, if one piece is missing, even the smallest will cause the clock not to work so all of what is mentioned here is in much need of being fulfilled. Do keep in mind there may be multiple people working on a single project depending on its magnitude. Wholeness


Got crazy Karma? Balance out by doing something positive for others. 7


Title: The Tagger

Description: This time you will not be totting a backpack full of Krylon 48 ft in the air staking your claim on some freeway sign, no, you will have far more recognition and for many you are the Catalyst. Please get used to that word.

The Tagger does just what the title implies, he/she tags items with the proper label. The Resistance has thousands of media files with millions of impression embedded into the internet. The shear task of making the information available was cumbersome enough but now we must push to tag it properly so it can be located by Seekers.

Abilities: Many have been studying esoteric knowledge for quite some time and had just about seen it all before coming to the Resistance. :-) Such people have a unique gift which allows them to recognize the origins and names of Occult Images, Sigils, Symbols, etc. You are now being called upon.

First Assignment: The Resistance Image Library Our Master Library boasts over 4000 images many of which have never been seen. What is needed on this first project is for The Tagger to add the title to the pictures, descriptive tags, and the Resistance url. This will be a group project that will run in sessions. The first person will go over the images labeling what they can. What they cannot identify and thus properly label they pass on to the next team member. After approximately 3-4 runs most of the content should be tagged. All remaining untagged images will be forwarded to an Adept for final identification.

Prestige: People are constantly searching the web for more clues in figuring out what is going on. Often they use the proper keywords and then search the image section of google to see what it turns up. They also put these queries in to photo search engines such as Flickr and Photobucket. When a person makes a connection you are responsible for that. They will then link to the site and begin their expansion. That is how lives get changed. The Tagger often becomes the conductor on life's train of connections. Once it gets going, it's an unstoppable positive energy machine. How is that for free energy? "Free energy should free you, think internal".

Requirements: Free Skype Account, Basic Internet Skills, Esoteric Knowledge, Patience, Consistancy


Title: Master Librarian

Description: They say that the most valuable books in the world were never lost during the burning of the Library of Alexandria because they remained in the house of the Master Librarian as all such books do.

The Resistance Library has over 2500 books on basically everything that even matters. Allowing this library to become fully functional is the task at hand.

Abilities: Unlike tagging photos books already have labels and tags so that part will be easy enough, however, entering the information in the proper format is what you will be required to do. In addition, we are now making all the books downloadable, currently they are only viewable but since this is 2012 we are unleashing an armament of intelligence on ignorance by giving as much knowledge away that we can for free with easy access.

First Assignment: The Resistance Master Library again, this library contains over 2500 books and our faction gathers hundreds of books weekly that need to be tagged properly and uploaded. The Master Librarians will organize the library, uncheck the non-downloadable button, and manage the traffic, friends, questions, recommendations, reading list, etc.

Prestige: Its just something about having a one on one with thousands of books, you gain a great deal of respect for humanities continuos effort to discover despite all the fears and prejudice. You become acclimated with diversity naturally and this elevates you beyond the stars in consciousness. Nothing like telling your children about all the wonderful stories you have read but more importantly how you were responsible for brilliant works that have been lost, resurfacing and blooming.

Requirements: Free Skype Account, Basic Internet Skills, Esoteric Knowledge, Patience, Consistency, Uploading Capability


The Missing Link

Description: The Resistance holds many top positions in the search engines currently for some of the most popular keywords, including, The Resistance. We have been however monitoring our positions and we noticed that our backlinking could improve. Backlinking involves contacting another related site and offering them an opportunity to exchange links. Most sites are happy to do this and only need to be informed that a connection can be made. We are currently 628 backlinks away from siloing the entire esoteric field.

Abilities: You will need the ability of communication. Currently the Resistance has a page Rank of 4 so it will not be hard to convince someone to share a link. What is needed is a team that can stay on it until we reach our goal.

First Assignment: #1 Resistance Keyword Positioning Right now we are neck to neck with Mark Dice's wanna be Resistance, Drake's sad Resistance Rap song, and Muse's #1 Hit "The Resistance". We have acquired the data of these sites and their current backlink connections. We will need you to go down the list and go to each site and make contact.

Prestige: Overall when this is complete it will leave a huge impact on visibility to all of what we have available. I have discovered that it is not that the Resistance does not have so much more to offer that people may be a little strange for never stopping by its more of they have no clue that we are here and we have to change that.

Requirements: Free Skype Account, Basic Internet Skills, Email Communication Skills, Consistency


Title: Liberator

Description: Dun Dun Dun Dun. I personally wanted to see the look on some of your faces when you heard that title. It is now 2012 and if our world has taught us anything it has taught that if we choose to forge our way beyond the norm and reach the greater states of existence we must remain determined to do as such. Often those beginning their quest in spirituality are required to remain passive to the reality for awhile in order to develop the opposite pole of solitude, inward discovery, outward rejection etc. of course that is the Female Physic side of us that draws within. When this comes about one even has to ignore the injustices, however, I believe just as we breathe in and then out there comes a time that we must take the role of counterbalance. In that vein we have began formulation of the Spiritual Police

Currently there is still a great deal of dark occult residue left behind from the dark ages, crowleyism, black magic, and all related dark arts. Many of these stagnant practitioners have been erecting new forums and groups with the promises of giving their adherents power and control over their reality when in all actuality they do the opposite. It is clear to see the condition of a person before they get involved in the dark arts and their condition after. You will find that many of these people were just looking for the Truth and got only the wrong side of it as all things can be considered to be truth in some way or another when you exist on a dual plane. A Liberator infiltrates such networks, radio shows, blogs, etc and drops off an intact jewel of knowledge which shines light into the minds of those who have been clouded by the veil of Illusion. In short, you are the Emancipator.

Abilities: You must be non dualistic, non bias, and have a heart of pure gold. This is to ensure that you are clear during examinations of foul spiritual play.

First Assignment: Something very suspicious is brewing over at the Project Camelot and David Wilcock faction. After the situation with Project Camelot, the V Based Agenda, and Alien Event Alien Shift they have been under constant radar for possible Manchurian Manipulation (MM). Either way these people expect to do what they want, steer consciousness in anyway their limited fearful minds can imagine and then everyone else is to just sit back and get programmed. Not on Our watch, we are still the Resistance and we have the Universe with us, it only remains that we act which they seldom expect anyone to do. "The Body is a Vessel for untold Energies, the Human are Mighty"

Prestige: No one ever forgets the day they are released from prison. You will be responsible for being a Beacon to a Seeker when they were in no condition to even know they needed one.

Requirements: Free Skype Account, Intermediate Internet Skills, Esoteric Knowledge and Wisdom, Determination, The Shield of Truth.


Title: Synchromystic Magi

Description: Now that a great deal of the esoteric story of this world has been uncovered in detail by The Resistance, we still have the mission of revealing that to people in the best format possible. There is so much being shown, movie after movie, what remains is for a team to come that innerstands it all and can put it together. This is also a major part of The 2012 Show.

Abilities: Your abilities must work in conjunction with the requirements. What is needed most is a vast knowledge about current theatrical media. This means you need to have a working knowledge of the latest movies. You will need to know how to clip film and have a general knowledge of film editing software.

First Assignment: The 2012 Show Trailer

Prestige: This will be bigger than Bollywood.

Requirements: Free Skype Account, Intermediate Internet Skills, General Knowledge of Syncromystics, Uploading and Torrent Downloading Capability, A Workhorse Computer that can clip film preferably a Mac using Quicktime Pro.

There are a few more positions that I will finish listing by the end of the week completely however in order to get this post up now I will conclude with the titles and purposes of those positions so everyone will know what they are and if you are interested you can contact me.

I'm asking all Members that are interested in assisting the Resistance Alliance to contact me internally through the site for further instructions. You will receive a simple application for us to gain  contact information and determination of capability. I want to personally thank you for your time and attention in these matters and we are more than sure this year will be the greatest humanity has even seen.


Orgonizer (Not Mispelled) -The Resistance has no choice but to overhaul and sort everything. We will need members that are familiar with the Resistance format to go in and move posts and images around in to the new sub-categoriess and proper places created for them.

Data Siloing - All major Resistance posts must be compiled and made in to .pdf's with the video links active in order to have those posts on hand for members and guests and also to submit them to other networks.

The Weekly Reader - Since we are being charged for Blog Talk Radio every month anyway we may as well take advantage of the air time. My latest idea is to have a Weekly Reader. A good book is chosen to convert to audio and then uploaded to the Blog Talk Network. We then play that book once a week until completion PBS style.

Wikipedia Entry - We have more than enough credibility with the Code to the Matrix to get on to Wikipedia, however, it takes a specific format that is somewhat tedious to follow through on. We need someone who can dedicate their time to put it together the way they want. This is a big thing.

Affiliates - There are many great products out there and we are often contacted by various people who wish for us to sample their products in hope that we may carry them here on the Resistance. We need someone on behalf of The Resistance to follow up with these people and also find great products that we can offer.

The Muse - Just where would the world be without Music? I suppose there would be no world since everything has a tone that it joins to the Universal Orchestra. We have been asked about Meditation Playlist, positive Instrumentals, and decent Music. We all have a great deal of tones, frequencies, meditative CDs, etc that we have tried thus we are in a great position to know what works best for what. Lets share that priceless knowledge. We now need a team to gather it all and put it in various formats so other members and guests can enjoy. This is big time linking with each other and we can real make it happen.

Wholeness and Balance Vibration

Compassion is the Compass to Sion. It will traject you well in 201Z

James Evans Bomar III  Limitless

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Oh my Self how unbearably exiting lol

I am in.i am sure my friends will be down as well.2012 and beyond

Hahaha Nice piece there Mr Spirit Matter :D lol!!  & to the Resistance members time to boost up and become a beacon to other lost seekers!



I'd like to apply for the position of "Missing Link" - and would like to undertake the task of ensuring a thorough/accurate representation of The Resistance on Wikipedia.  

Awesome, I will be in touch. Lets do this!

Would like to apply for one of the Master Librarian positions. fabulous new years to the resistance family. Will get started learning how to Skype...


I have a question about the Muse position. Would we have to create our own ambiance music to add the library or is any mp3 we've found useful okay? Also I'm very into alter consciousness through music, color, and symbols and could try to produce something that incorporates all three. Tell me what you think and hope to hear from you soon.

We actually have access to a lot of meditation music and products what we would need is a person to head up collaborating all of this stuff. Ultimately we will make Youtube Playlists and Reverb Nation Playlist that hosts different kinds of Meditations for different desired states. There is a lot of stuff out there, we need it put together.  

I can do this:

Data Siloing - All major Resistance posts must be compiled and made in to .pdf's with the video links active in order to have those posts on hand for members and guests and also to submit them to other networks

Just get back to me.  

sample attached.


I am new here and I have received so much in the way of clarity that I want to give back.  I am surprised that there are so few replies to this request.  Maybe people do not feel qualified for this undertaking.  But my desire to learn and contribute what I can compels me. The "tagger" would be my best spot, however please keep in mind that  I am a good editor as I subvocalize every word and catch so many grammatical and spelling errors.  Let me know.  Gratitude.  Jan

I would like to contribute in continued funding. My business take a lot of the time I have though money is less off a challange to me than my time is to free up

I'd like more information on the Librarian position, please! :)

aka "Light Inside"



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