There have been many new people that have joined the Resistance, in addition there are those that have been with us since the beginning. I'm more than sure the question comes across the Seekers mind about what We are going to do about all the situations that We keep discovering.

As you can imagine, about 90% of the people who engage in reading such literature and ideas/notions do not believe it. It has become somewhat of a new form of entertainment. Close enough to non-fiction to excite, while appearing in most cases as fiction so one can write it off as such and forget it as they go about their day.

For me I carry the burden daily. I have made it my responsibility to find out what is taking place in its totality. The goal still is to find a cure for the situation, even if its one person's situation at a time. I can show my email box to show hundreds of people one at a time being assisted in their own unique scenario. Since We have been up for almost a year and a half I have received numerous assaults on my character. This has come from attempting to release individuals from energies that they are yet to innerstand fully. Mainly the gods/goddesses/programming/ etc.

I sometimes wonder if people gander for a moment what I really get out of all of this. You can imagine how much more easier it is to stay silent about such things and continue to discover for yourself. When you go public about it, you have various energies intruding in your life everyday physically and psychically, in and out.

It has now gotten to the point that my name in particular has been slandered. Due to the Lenon Honor situation from a year ago I get people still not fully innerstanding what happened in that situation and the continuous plot against me by those who are clearly either practicing with orishas/voodoo or neo nazi's to defame my character since their magic is useless against Truth.

Honestly since this began all I have done is continuously given everything that I feel is necessary to begin the Path to ascension. These things have been astringed from the internet and various sources and placed here for the people to view. In searching the internet I still find nothing quite like the Resistance. But in all of this all I seem to get is people accusing me of being an impostor, vampire, illuminati, and anything else that can be said to deter me from the Path.

My refuge is also the Resistance. I come here to feel at home, to feel like I'm also amongst family members that care because they have analyzed what I'm doing in truth and see the changes it has made not only for them but for many people. In addition We have even kept certain factions from all out abusing people with their deceit, such as Project Camelot and their Luciferian Agenda, Bobby Hemmit and his dark arts, Theosophical Schemes of Maitreya, etc. Looking at time stamps many will find we were the first to throw a flag on such things. We have been in the Know for awhile and have extended that ability of being as such to all those who wish to make that step in their lives. 

I can only be honest, the Resistance is in a critical time. Not only did We face the non-profit situation with Paypal that cut off the trickle flow of sponsoring that we did have, Ning is also charging and as the world gets tighter and tighter even in my personal life I find myself working the Matrix again while still pulling people out of the Matrix.

My time is being stretched thinner and thiner as I continuously work hard at supporting the Resistance mentally/physically/financially and my home life/family/friends who need assistance also. In this I admit the Superhuman is bending under the pressure and I send this transmission as an attempt to ask for assistance. I repeat so I am clear the Resistance is very behind in funding due to the removal of our Paypal donation account which was not fixed until this Monday. Anyone that can contribute I'm asking to contribute. 

Sevan's Character

As you can see there is a great deal of what is being revealed that much of the world is yet to discover. But even deeper than that there is a great deal of knowledge being passed about the Resistance that even the esoteric community is yet to discover. I will show examples of this in a moment in the post entitled, "What is yet to be unveiled". 

If you look at the esoteric community right now they are pretty much at a stand still. It has just about forced away all those who have risked themselves to bring the truth. Seldom is there anything new introduced and most factions are still virtually devoid of solutions. This has led to a purveying feeling of general esoteric laziness which commeth before total failure. Ascension is an idea, even to some and experiment, that must be worked towards but is not guaranteed. I can literally feel the ideas of ascension starting to dissipate in the esoteric industry. 

I credit and site this misfortune to the fact that there are many factions whose leaders are being controlled remotely and they are not governing what is coming in and out of their sites or their mouths in order to set a standard. Basically it a free for all. 

We do have a chance to fix this situation but to do so We will have to make our presence felt. 2011 is the final hour. We will have to make our organization public. We will have to emerge into the mainstream. To do so We will need people that are totally serious about supporting Us. 

Honestly the reason we don't find ourselves heavily sponsored is because I have said things that make me an outcast in the all to basic and repetitious esoteric arena of Ouraborus. The new age movement is anything but new, think Mount Shasta 1940. Because I do not subscribe to Archangel Michael transmissions and use Merkaba to send light into people while chanting the names of the ascended masters, I have already been deemed non-United Nations/V friendly.

Imagine this. Daily I work around the clock while awake to push Our total emancipation. In sleep I face a constant barrage of images and scenes attempting to divert my course. So after the struggle I wake up tired. When awake I have to design real ways to enlightenment. I do this in the most creative effective ways that I can present with what resources we have been provide which is meager. In turn I'm simply called a spiritual impostor and plagiarist? How does it all work? In addition I'm not the only one, this was my final response to such claims that my character is anything but true to the cause. In this you can also see what has happened to those bringing the real truth.

This is my response to the continuous slandering posts against me left on forums saying I'm everything but what I really am. After being continuously nice and replying with sound reasoning I simply had to end it as such.

"The back and forth is going nowhere the actual works speak for everything and for you to say I need your energy is an insult. After this you will still sit around with all this energy you speak of doing nothing more than looking for the next person to play games with during retrogrades and full moons. News flash that's a big waste of energy.

In one session they say Jordon Maxwell is a Illuminati Agent and CIA but he taught you how you were binded by maritime laws and what that really means. This was a big step for innerstanding Merovingian Law. Again people need to wake up and just say thank you. You can die a hero or live long enough to become a villain.

Jordan Maxwell Exposed

Next thing the brave David Icke is accused of being a Mason, but he taught you everything about the high levels of control of the Reptilian Faction from Orion. Starting to see a trend here?

David Icke Exposed 

On with the badgering shenanigans up next is Alex Jones. Takes everyone inside of the Bohemian Grove to show them how their presidents and officials are nothing more than moloch worshipping sorcerers, this of course being one of the biggest wakeup calls many people needed to stop being ignorant about the situation. No more than a week later.

Alex Jones Exposed

So you see my friend it comes with the territory but now the world has the Code and it has began to unravel the brain of many and activate the mind no matter what they say about me it will still do its work, that is how I planned it. 

People say the book is plagiarized but still don't know a book like it. How does that work?  24 page Appendix B attached to the end of the book is your quarrel and it has been removed a long time ago, apologies had been sent and you are reading old news from December 2009 good fellow mad at me because we are now in September 2010 and I refuse to answer your emails timely when we are engaged with a real world situation and your asking me to prove myself to you, unbelievable.  

"Sevan Exposed" simply exposes more of the false Matrix because people hone in on that and examine that because they love the drama even more than the ideas of ascension, get it. Chess not Checkers my friend you are still moving one place at a time while we are still several moves ahead. Your dimension will see ascension and the more creative I get the better off you will be. 

Don't expect what is going on in this world to just up and be cured by mediocre ways and acts, it will take the greatest strategy ever. It is a good thing "they" gave us their brains, and that makes it so easy to read snake like people. In the Know?

Like I said write MTV they are the vampires."

So when I could be spending the time putting together the big solutions I still have to defend my character from hecklers, which I also do mostly alone. I've most certainly never been shy at saying what needs to be said so there is no reason to start now. The Resistance is a team and we must stick together. This means those that consider themselves a part of this team must know what's going on at all times. 

I have written this to inform those that find concerned about our direction and what we are in need of. In addition I have written this to those that have infiltrated the site "somewhat" and are lurking about all the time waiting for the next moment to strike. Know that I see you and know who you are and the only reason I have not banned you is to give you a chance to be in the Know in hopes it may help you gain clear sight. I AM NOT THE ENEMY NOR WILL I CONTINUE TO BE TREATED AS SUCH.


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Good day Resistance know we will continue building the Resistance as strong as possible
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