In our entire existence any Entity whether Reptilian, Ghost, Shadow Being, or any other negative force has always been none other than Beings who departed worlds spiritually defunct. In many cases these Beings are our Ancestors, related by the connection of the Universal Family Tree. The Ancients always have known this and have confirmed that not all Ancestors are good and not all Spirits have our best interest in mind. One must be trained how to distinguish one from the other and how not to be played on by their emotions, especially fear.


We have now embarked on yet another journey imperative to completing the Universal Path. That is of the identification of Spirits and the knowledge of the Spiritual Realm. I congratulate all who have made it this far. The deep study of the Spirit world is not for Neophytes, one should seriously consider how much progress they have made in other areas introduced before they deem themselves ready to just jump right into this.


Negative Entity Research SSRF  


As one can see there will be a few areas of expertise one will need to gain in order to graduate Earth with Honors. Failing to master these Paths can be blamed on no one and there are millions of Spirits that have neglected Higher Knowledge to their current detriment. To name a few expertise as dictated in doctrines that already have these processes laid out you will need to master such things.

  1. Herbs - You will have to know the plants and elements that give your body the ability to enter into the desired state it is requesting for the Spiritual feat you wish to accomplish. One cannot cross the universe astrally on a cheeseburger diet but the right Ph allows lucid travel continuously.
  2. Lexicon - One must master the deeper knowledge encased within languages. There is a great part of the Adepts life that will be spent in book study, all those who think this is an unnecessary step have been trained improperly. Many "holy" languages are of Alien origin and contain levels of information necessary to plot out the course of Earth's past, present and future and since you are part Earth it only make sense that you know about yourself.
  3. Body - The body as its own component is a powerful fleshly beast endowed with Spirit making it that much more dangerous. It should be clear the Body has desires and cravings that when not controlled will place the Seekers goals to ruin. One must practice mastery over the body through meditation, exercise, and/or energy building arts.

These topics branch out much further however one gets the general picture, they must have detailed work for the mind, body, and soul kept in balance or they have traveled very little distance. So in effect this part of our studies is for those who aspire to relieve themselves and others from the control of Beings that have seldom been identified  to do this you will need a few dossiers that I have compiled from various sources.

Names and Identification of Sea Spirits and Entities  




I will say it now for the record. All of what we are experiencing from spiritual Cabals such as the Masons, Rosicrucians, Jesuits, and the Illuminati is nothing new in fact throughout history such factions have always existed as they all roll under one main cult. The Cult of the Lower Dimensions which corresponds to a gang, band, or group of Beings that generally carry at least one sign of the Zodiac as their symbol i.e. Cult of the Dog (Sirius) Cult of the Dragon (Serpent Brotherhood) Cult of the Goat or Horned Gods (RAM) (Baphomet). 


I will allow you to innerstand a important part of how it works. We are sandwiched between two realities, a higher realm and a lower realm. Both realms seek to influence us to ultimately sync into their frequency. This is done in the form of choices, desires, inspirations, and motivations. In the lower realms there are actual Beings used to cause these states to come about within Beings in realms they have access to but have not entirely taken over.


That's also why amateurs opening portals to lower dimensions has left Earth vulnerable to certain types of Beings long ago, these passages are like weakly guarded back doors to our world their guardians are the person who opened them many of whom flee when something comes out leaving the portal open. Of course there are people who are assigned to closing these Gates eventually but it is a known problem. These Beings in the lower realms are departed souls that served and worshiped the gods of the plane they have now been consigned to. They are now "servants" of the god just as they had been begging for all their lives.



A Servant Spirit is tasked with the constant command of attempting to convert other Souls into the service of the Entity they are consigned to. This is why Priests, Pastors, Witches, Warlocks, Masons, and many other servants attempt to convince others to join their factions, it is the only way they can get some relief from their oppressor. You can always recognize when this is happening because they will introduce the Deity by name.



The immediate Spiritual world that we are closes to heavily relies on names. Names as we have uncovered are the identification marks of other Beings. So every Spirit has a name and in knowing what type of Spirit one was dealing with the Adept could remain unhindered and seldom fooled by the identity of various subtle Spirits that attempt to make contact through the sensory system. A very equipped Spirit can take on the form of anything especially when you are in a dream.


This then becomes a warning by example, many of these Servant Spirits are helplessly dependent upon their god/ghost/ghoul and should be treated with caution. This also includes those in physical bodies that are representatives of these departed Entities. It is known that on the lower realms the Spirits do not understand things the way we do having lost the ability when descending. Thus they seldom respond to kindness as it is foreign to them due to their condition.




This is also why the sorcerer must constantly curse at the spirit and hurl threats to get the Spirit to obey, remember, a slave only speaks the language of the slaves until he/she finds the way or will to learn another language. This has a much deeper meaning when you think of our languages and how just about every word that is suppose to mean good is in fact something evil, but yet many embrace it with no question and even defend it.


In my recent studies much of my thoughts and experiences with the Spiritual Planes have been confirmed with corresponding factual data. My goal with this disclosure is to provide all the information that you will need to investigate this thoroughly on your own so you may arrive at your own conclusions. This will also fortify our doctrine of studies here at the Resistance to not omit anything of great importance to a person's spiritual quest.

Tracking Ladon Gog the Hebrew Rose



When we find out something it may be a discovery for us but in reality there is really nothing new under this Sun. The name for the Sun has always SAM or Sham which on the surface means Alien Ship or Craft. SAM in etymology means a serpent born of the Womb or The Matrix double mountain dual world (SA)(M). For a Being to get up to the Spiritual level of the Sun is not impossible it only takes for that Beings energy to be increased by the worship of numerous lesser energies. Since we have been and still remain in an age of Sun worship I have come to the difficult conclusion that the Sun is actually the all seeing eye, it is the Sun's rays the penetrate almost all things thus it sees and influences all things, but what is it influencing Beings to do?


I encourage any Seeker to move beyond positive and negative and search for the reason, it is there you will find useful information including the truth. Immediately many will say, "what do you mean we cannot live without the Sun". That statement I find no different than those who say they cannot live without the Moon but still admit the the Moon holds some type of mystical sway over our consciousness and can at times make us lunatics.


Any dependency is just that, a dependancy, a father type figure whether foreign or otherwise giving fodder/father, to its Plants in the Garden. Those Plants are being nurtured so they can produce energy in exchange for a very misunderstood level of protection. To get the whole thing in motion first fear must be created and that happened a long time ago. When you no longer need such influences and protections than you rise to higher levels, this has been proven as a fact. 


I do not subscribe to every detail written on this chart, especially some of the terminology being used, but it will prove very helpful for you in innerstanding some basic facts. The fact is when you are dependent on something it has become your master by default so there becomes no mystery of why a great deal of the Ancients looked at the Sun and Moon as the master/teacher/god and they immediately connect its origins with the Serpent because the Ancients already knew about the energy game being played on Earth coordinated by the larger celestial bodies many of whom were from various Serpentine Constellations.


Some will immediately think of Sun Gazing and all the other useful things that can be done with the Sun but they should innerstand one basic principle it is the rotations around the Sun and its Photon Energy that age you, when you are liberated from the cycles of birth/death/reincarnation you will be in fact on a Plane that is positioned above the Sun. Not to mention there always has to be nourishing energies such as orgone energy, magnetic energy, electric energy etc. to make something grow but we can admit we know so little about what kind of Beings we would be if we had not been nourished on these Forces.


Since we also know how the Sun and the Planets are truly positioned internally this simply means rising to a higher state of consciousness. Many say the Sun Chakra is actually in the third eye. This means when rising above the Sun you are actually out of Body, out of the influences of the celestial bodies i.e. Chakras. This means an emancipation from the entire construct. This comes permanently when you have mastered the mind body and soul as you may find yourself as an entirely different substance that cannot conform to the system currently in use. 


Much of this may seem very difficult to accept at first and that is only because the ability to focus on many known things at once to draw a conclusion is a gift, but in time you will discover the nature of the Universe and then you will innerstand why the spiritual ascent is liken unto climbing a mountain not sliding down it. You will face Masters of the Gates within your own body and to traverse those Gates you must outwit its Guardian, your body becomes the battlefield, you will be more than equipped for the task but the actual action must come from you.


This is how it is laid out. The Sun in exchange for other things will in fact protect you from many things. This is no different than what happens when the Sun never shines on something that's molded. The mold/fungus will eventually take over and everything will be covered smothered and infected by it. Innerstand the lower realms which are only considered lower because of there lesser access to "Photon Light".


This fact leads us to the knowledge that many are falsely thinking they are all powerful Beings but they have had no instruction on such things, only false imagination from watching movies created by Illusionist using a hollywood wand. They are hiding behind other forces and talking crap but they are not the ones with the power. The real deal how will you exist without this Sun's Protection?


The Greatest Mystery too Scary to be told

I watch daily as the no fear campaigns move about the New Age world but it is a fact the domestic human has been bred to fear, that is the #1 control point, period. There are multiple reasons for this but the ultimate drawback remains a scarred person never ventures out beyond their field of perceived protection.


Now I always bundle the problem and the solution together so you must realize tapping into your innerchild at a certain point will allow you to grasp fearlessness. This is all so funny to me, it is truly the child that will teach you how not to fear again. This is because when we came into this world we were fearless. We had to be burned to know the fire and the pain as it was foreign to us, non-existant. Before that point my people, you must access.


This is what all the deeper prophecies that have seldom been seen are about. What they call the dark night of the Soul. Every Adept goes through it before they can use that title. Many are claiming to be Adept just because they have read alot about spirituality, it is is very interesting to watch them relearn the lesson about claiming to be more than what one truly is. While accidentally evoking that great  responsibility it can all of a sudden be hoisted on ones lap.


The truth is spirituality is much more intricate than the Western world ever hinted to its denizens in fact they have done just the opposite than any real surviving culture would do.  They have made it seem like a game and neglected it as truth entirely, that can not and will not be of benefit to the people despite what the church says. Keeping people from knowing about the Spiritual world actually keeps them trapped on this plane or subject to the lower realms as they die lacking the ability to breach higher spaces.


The dark night of the Soul is a process brought about through the hidden occultation taking place within all Sentient life forms. In some cases some secret societies have been known to have the exact procedures of how to induce this "Zero Point Encounter" to come about within the disciple/student/pupil when it is deemed they are ready. We have discovered many of those formulas here. However, as all things go there is also a Cosmic time that this happens for everything on this Planet and I believe that it will occur anytime between right now and 2025.


What I'm speaking of is the 3 days of darkness upon the earth known by the Ancients to be the great crossover and harvest. If you don't know about this than listen up. At some point there will be a Celestial Body that will Eclipse the Sun. During this Eclipse this Body will stop for three days in front of the Sun causing total darkness. This period will actually allow us to truly feel what it is like without the Sun because the Eclipse will last for more than the standards few minutes. During this time the body will also experience its fractal version, I have to do a whole segment of what that means.


In addition there is knowledge that states the Celestial Body that actually blocks the Sun will cause some type of emanation that will transform the Beings exposed to it. This is why you see eclipses associated with transformations all the time in movies such as Heroes and Twilight. Some say this Planet is Venus others say it is Nibiru while still others say Venus is Nibiru. I have seen these occurrences in my Astral Light also, it appeared many where burning up from within but the energy was not a temperature hot, if that makes sense. I noticed that those that were Guided were being assisted by the trees, very strange but insightful dream. Somehow the trees could hide people "in tune" and they could travel across their branches.


Also keep in mind. Those in the center of the Earth already live out of the influence of the Sun so they are very powerful and can spiritually protect themselves.


Code Cracked SEX = XES = ZEUS 


I have so much more on this, this will actually be our first In the Know Dossier, I will keep everyone posted on how you can get the expanded interactive version of this post. Wholeness

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I had many encounters with them at a very young age but when I faced them they disappeared and could no longer physically hurt me or haunt me its like they were inside my fear. The more spiritual confidence I gained I realized they couldnt harm me at all no matter how much power....
Time to move THRU the HURT on URTH!  What a RUT! - (H)
Sevan thanks so very much for this information.

Well said.



Great post and a lot of "buried" knowledge you brought us up -  on the "sun". :))


And now I hear the sam or sham... anyway great subject to search on..

Yea, and 1 more thing if there is anyone "In the Know" what is that surpas the sun on the spiritual level??







Delbert Blair says our Sun is a planet.

Here is an interesting read with lots of connections to 7.

If we have 3 suns as indicated in this theosophical expose the toroidal 7/3 pattern

connection emerges again.


“Thus even the now exoteric Kabalistic teachings speak of a Central Sun, and of three SECONDARY SUNS in each solar system -- our own included. As shown in that able though too materialistic work, "New Aspects of Life and Religion," which is a synopsis of the views of the Kabalists in an aspect deeply thought out and assimilated:

“The Central Sun . . . was to them (as much as to the Aryans) the centre of Rest; the centre to which all motion was to be ultimately referred. Round this central sun . . . 'the FIRST OF THREE SYSTEMIC SUNS . . . REVOLVED ON A POLAR PLANE . . . THE SECOND, ON AN EQUATORIAL PLANE' . . . and the third only was our visible sun. These four solar bodies were 'the organs on whose action what man calls the creation, the evolution of life on the planet, earth, depends.' The channels through which the influence of these bodies was conveyed to the Earth they (the Kabalists) held to be electrical” (p. 287). . . . "The radiant energy flowing from the central sun called the Earth into being as a watery globe," whose tendency, "as the nucleus of a planetary body, was to rush to the (central) Sun . . . . within the sphere of whose attraction it had been created," "but the radiant energy, similarly electrifying both, withheld the one from the other, and so changed motion towards into motion round the centre of attraction, which the revolving planet (Earth) thus sought to reach.”

“This Kabalistic view is here quoted, to show its perfect identity in spirit with the Eastern doctrine. Explain, or complete the teaching of the SEVEN SUNS with the seven systems of planes of being, of which the "Suns" are the central bodies, and you have the seven angelic planes, whose "Host" are gods thereof, collectively. (See Comm. to Stanza VII Book I.) They are the Head-group divided into four classes from the incorporeal down to the semi-corporeal, which classes are directly connected -- though in very different ways as regards voluntary connection and functions -- with our mankind. They are three, synthesized by the fourth (the first and highest), which is called the "Central Sun" in the Kabalistic doctrine just quoted. This is the great difference between the Semitic and the Aryan Cosmogony; one materializing, humanizes the mysteries of nature; the other spiritualizes matter, and its physiology is always made subservient to metaphysics. Thus, though the seventh principle reaches man through all the phases of being, pure as an indiscrete element and an impersonal unity, it passes through (the Kabala teaches from) the CENTRAL SPIRITUAL SUN [Center of the Milky Way—GJ] and Group the SECOND (THE POLAR SUN), which two radiate on man his Atma. Group THREE(THE EQUATORIAL SUN) cement the Buddhi to Atman and the higher attributes of Manas, while group Four (the spirit of our visible sun) endows him with his Manas and its vehicle -- the Kama rupa, or body of passions and desires, the two elements of Ahamkara which evolve individualized consciousness -- the personal ego.

Keep in mind size is not everything, one inch squared of certain celestial bodies weigh more than the entire earth. That's a Mass Effect.
Bringing this back.
Good timing fam. Thx and Wholeness

 As we approach the launch of "  Secret Energy " and begin the trek into the Nether World to conquer our demons & move upwards through the chakra centers towards the goal of facing the Sun & eventually merging into Totality. A VERY Relevant read & study for ALL members. Lets take our Power Back ! We are limitless & infinite beings!

Sin is a Sham ; ) We will absolve in Unity. Wholeness to all on this quest... 



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