As I mentioned before a main part of the beginning of this new year is about organization. We have been sorting and tagging over 1 Terabyte of data gathered over the everquest. I have since found many things that have been misfiled or put away for one reason or another. In many cases there was maybe a thing or two that I wanted to edit out or make a proper intro on or even do a complete video with pictures and video. The Real Matrix Series falls in that category. I have uploaded the raw footage to hold it back no longer as it contains many facts that need to be brought forth and it has been sitting in the archive for awhile.



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brilliant.  Many thanks.



"Iao is certainly a title of the Supreme Being, and belongs partially to the Ineffable Name; but it neither originated with nor was it the sole property of the Jews. Even if it had pleased Moses to bestow the name upon the titular "Spirit," the alleged protector and national deity of the "Chosen people of Israel," there is yet no possible reason why other nationalities should receive Him as the Highest and One-living God. But we deny the assumption altogether. Besides, there is the fact that Yaho or Iao was a "mystery name" from the beginning.... Anterior to [King David's] time, few or no proper names were compounded with iah or jah. It looks as though David, being a sojourner among the Tyrians and Philistines (II Samuel), brought thence the name of Jehovah. Neither David nor Solomon recognized either Moses or the law of Moses. Says Fürst: "The very ancient name of God, Yâho, written in the Greek Iao, appears, apart from its derivation, to have been an old mystic name of the Supreme deity of the Shemites. (Hence it was told to Moses when initiated at HOR-EB -- the cave, under the direction of Jethro, the Kenite or Cainite priest of Midian.) In an old religion of the Chaldeans, whose remains are to be found amongst the Neo-platonists, the highest divinity enthroned above the seven heavens, representing the Spiritual Light-Principle (nous)(1) and also conceived as Demiurgus,(2) was called Iao, who was, like the Hebrew Yâho, mysterious and unmentionable, and whose name was communicated to the initiated. The Phœnicians had a Supreme God whose name was trilateral and secret, and he was Iao."".





I believe IAO is a very old being, worshipped by many.
The 101 to the power of 9 ;) feeling this... Oh it would be worth re-watching the cube films again, in perspective of this!

                                                                       ---> silver 666  or  gold 999 --->

the second time i went thur this information!!! it was brand new to me!!! this time i took deep notes, almost writing down everything you said, because this is pretty much the foundation of innerstanding! thanx seven for putting this up:)) lov wbv to u
I can't believe I didn't see this all this time! Great videos. BUMP!
Makes sense, Time has no real meaning it is all one; past, present and future. However we have been conditioned to go to work 9 to 5 in order to survive in this reality. We have been taught about the 24 hour day from the time we were five or entering school. It is all designed to get us to engage the machine we have been conditioned our whole lives to fall into this system. The other day I was watching the Cosby show it was one of the first seasons,  first off in the opening intro I swear I saw shape shifting reptilians right before my eyes it kinda creeped me out. Then there was an episode where the dad was talking to his son about getting good grades so he can get into college and make enough money to survive and have a good life. However the son seemed opposed to this idea and just wanted to be a regular person, garbage man bus driver, janitor ect. From the time we begin school the conditioning begins, the father than pointed out that you can not survive unless you essentially get good grades and fall in line with the system he pointed out that with minimal currency he would not be able to do the things to have a comfortable life. The ones who decide to reject the system are then sent out into the world the bottom of the pyramid. But regardless of a persons desire for money it is still needed but by them rejecting the conditioning they will experience hardships and a difficult life or they fall inline and embrace there 12 years of conditioning, there College life they embrace all of it an become a functioning part of society. I was talking to a friend who rejected most of his schooling he is poor and has no money he worry's about it constantly. However what he does not realize is that he is exactly where he is supposed to be, because he rejected the status Que again all by design I say. It becomes even more apparent to me that it was done this way to separate the game players from the benched players. Because the Machine no matter what must keep running and they want there play makers the ones who have accepted an entire life of conditioning to turn the largest wheels of the Machine, to think that there four bedroom house means they have a good life, to think they are better than the benched players who have rejected the system.  Money is indeed our energy, it is our time, and it is our life in this reality. I say we must reject this notion, they need the wheels to keep turning and by us entertaining this thought form we continue to turn the cogs of this giant clock we call the Matrix.  We need money and money has essentially been turned into our time, the two most expensive thing on this planet are food and a place to live, does that not seem odd? I will tell you like Seven so eloquently mentioned this is indeed all by design.  I have been telling people this for sometime now just not quite as articulated as you Seven. Materialism is thrown at us through mass media ads, TV magazines ect. We are conditioned to want money to obtain it to become materialistic it is a cycle that has no real value. For sometime now I have begun to ignore time completely I no longer run on time I tend to forget the day of the week I have no watch. I have begun to disconnect from this Matrix, however regardless the fact still remains to survive this Matrix we must expell our energy our time to Make money to survive.      Custom X
Great info, I especially like the explanation of money=time and energy.



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