Follow up to the previous post on the Book of Amenti.

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Who has read this book ? Quite an astounding read... explains all the present moment, be in the now,  U create ur own reality, the truth about Egypt,Osiris,Thoth and the Pyramids and what David Icke was speaking about in his latest book humanity get up of your knees with the 'Truth Vibrations' and the return of Leonine/ Lion like beings.... Read the book People !!!!

Ok this I've converted into an audio book for those who can't read ;) or prefer to listen to mp3 audio books when they travel, work or do other stuff... This is with a very understandable computer generated British lady called Brigette. Part 3 and 4 to follow...

P1 - Prologue to ch 3
P2 - Ch 4 to ch7

page 24 is interesting... ...which is about 1 hr 22 minutes into P1 :)


"We have forgotten that we are powerful, that‟s all. Your small circle of twelve runs this whole world. Each of you are given tasks of making sure all the world‟s governments run things the way you like them to be run. You make sure that all the people in this world depend on their governments for everything. We don‟t use our own minds. You make sure we are prevented from using our minds and stopped from remembering that we really do have power by producing lots of movies, countless TV programmes, new computer games, new electronic equipment, new fashions. We get all excited and forget ourselves because we are so distracted.‟ Lara felt a bit guilty because she realised that even she constantly nagged her parents for the latest mobile phone, fashionable clothes, new computer games and ipods. She never used to think that her mind was being trained to be a slave! "

P3 -Ch 8 to 9
p4 - ch 10 - end
Thanks John, U da Bomb :-)
I'm enjoying this, I've got to page 15 and so far it seems like a story I could tell my nieces. A story like this would help the young ones to keep their imaginary friends, keep the childlike imagination and just love with no fear.



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