I have recently been putting my attention into a Qigong class. For those of you who don't know what this is, it is a beautiful energy practice that assists with healing. From my limited experience it is helping me harness my own energy and move it at will. 

I have noticed a few body changes when I am really focusing, and more so when I practice exercises with a partner. My eyes will dilate, my sensory overloads, my body fluxes in temperature in a matter of seconds, and I can become incredibly euphoric and peaceful. I am starting to hum into a new space that I have never been in before. Now I know that I am a novice, and the purpose for this post is to see who out there has any experiences with different energy practices. What is your daily routine? Where do you draw access from? I personally focus accessing my power from the Divine Heavenly Oneness and from the Great Mother Earth. These two sources of energy combined balance my spectrum so quickly.

What do you do to create your hum? 

Love and Oneness


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i like to listen to music in the morning to get me motivated

but i also enjoy the silent moments and let myself rest in that. 

I practice Falun Dafa QiGong  . Its easy to memorize the movements. And certain government bodies have banned its practice. Maybe it might help a practitioner quicken, which is not desirable to dominators.



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