Just recently I was in deep thought about how We could reach more people before the time expires. The Higher Ones which make union in the minds of man and woman only and do not manifest in fleshly forms say this. There are many out there now and they are still deciding what to believe amidst their daily lives. Only when they find themselves in trouble do they seek the Most High so a great trouble will be upon them. Before this great trouble some will realize the ultimate goal again and ascend above it all, taking many with them that would have otherwise perished.

When you perceive that We all have a destiny you are incorrect. Destiny means that something is pre-written or pre-determined about where you are to end up. This is not how We believe, We believe if something is already written about you and "destined" for you than you are in fact moving backwards or descending into a territory that you have already trekked. When you are headed to the future your entire reality you are creating on your own at that very instant. This is the real power of NOW.

I watch everyday from the Kether as many awake from deep sleep and began to sleep walk. They are not knowing that they still are not awake but perceiving they are since there former condition was much worse than the latter. Questions become the indication to the Teacher that the listeners are learning. When a person is ingesting knowledge the correct way, various questions should come up. We are here to answers the questions so you may continue your activation process.

Lastly I have noticed many seek fame within the esoteric world of conspiracy. They carry the same air from the world of illusion into our world of enlightenment imagining this is about getting rich and famous, lol, their souls are in even greater danger than most. They think not of the people but simply how they can in-trance the people with their new arts of video scrying. Gaining more fans, subscribers, and friends is their goal only to quell insecurities. Their is a danger in the untrained vessel that is feeding its ego with the most potent of magic, conscious people. Be aware of them and always watch content for what you can gain and leave the rest.

We need to start bringing people all under one roof so they may truly have a chance, We are too divided. If you can start contacting these people and telling them to join the site, likewise contact friends and family members that you know are on the level and invite them to the site. Don't hold others back because you are still deciding, give them the opportunity also to begin the everquest. Don't be afraid of how you may be judged or your Judgment shall be that you were too afraid.

Not to mention when the lineup happens which I constantly keep fresh on my readers mind, there will be things appearing "instantly" that many have never seen before and have no clue of, they are the dis-bee-leavers. We will leave them to their folly when time draws nigh, this will not be the moment for preparation that time is now.

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"Don't be afraid of how you will be judged or your judgement shall be that you were too afraid." That is one of the most true, profound things i have ever heard. Thank you I needed to hear that 2day from an outside source. I have so many questions and what seems like so little time. I feel like you have said, that I have awoken only to now be sleep walking. I sure would like to wake up all the way b4 it is too late.
Those who have that desire strongly will see it fulfilled, it is only those who imagine they are already awake that will soon see that the climax of a dream is its good part and what comes after is the nightmare. Like I said in the book they move about the chess board as if they are Knights or even Queens never realizing they have just began as pawns at dawn, thus they make illegal moves and because of this, the game has yet to begin.
I will post this so it can surface at the top of the forum and set it self in front for those members who havent reach the depts ofknowledge in the archives.. Important to know...

More people have to take a look at this ...

You are slowly awakening me from my sleep walk day by day, It is not as easy as people think it is .. To truly reach our Apex we have to become ' fully ' aware that the only optimal time is NOW and you will need LOTS of time in the NOW ( KNOW ) to achieve that potential. When developed we can manifest 'ANY' thing at 'ANY' instant and trust me I know that it can be done.. Quite a concept to grasp but basically WE cannot be scared of Time ! ! ! .. The caliber of information you introduce to us all is highly appreciated Sevan and this in particular should not be taken lightly .. Thank you .

Speaking of numbers i had an idea to write the resistance website on all my bank notes, now thats what i call some good free advertising :)  What a beautiful irony to have the key to peoples freedom posted on the ultimate symbol of illusion and entrapment.



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