I've recently began to watch Sevan's videos and have become immediately attracted to the things he has to say.

But I'm confuse don something.

When he explains many things I can follow most of the time however whenever he mentions things like "Venus" "Mars" "Saturananian" etc and how you link these planets with traits or actions (usually negative). What I don't understand is what these planets mean, what are they, how come you describe them this way. I don't understand this link.

Is this some sort of astrotheology?

How can I read up more about this, please help because whenever you say someone is a Saturanarian I am completely lost or when he says things like the Mayans worshiped Venus I am lost :(

I would appreciate any insight here.


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Saturnalian means that the person worships Saturn who is not evil but has been grossly misinterpreted in order to make people subservient to them. There is a group known as Scytheans who want to cut your cords to your major sources of power.Also Saturn is represented by the material lead which is unaffected by light and is a bad conductor. All the planets corerspond to our major organs so for example Mars would be Arms because the letters are just rearragned, Earth or Heart, Mercury (Thoth) is the mind, Saturn is the bones and there are many other examples. Also Venus traces out a pentagram in the sky. A pentagram is the shape that is used to create this reality, thus showing that our lives are intimately connected to the planets, stars, and everything else in the cosmos.

How can I read more on this...

Thanks for the reply Peter -

But like Kelley said  how ca I learn more about this? So it is clear to a novice in this understanding?

Hm well all that I pretty much learned from Sevan's recordings over the years, and I've listened to a lot of his stuff. http://www.resistance2010.com/page/premium-sound. Also if you listen to any spiritual teacher and dont know what theyre talking about you can catch a few "key words" and type them in on google and get a lot of info on them. Some deep information and picture you might only be able to find on the resistance. The more research I do and the more info that comes to me I realize that this is all connected. Even the Gods of the different religions cycle back and end up being usually the same thing, just variated throughout different cultures. Keep on working on your mind, body, and soul and you will eventually find truth

Thanks Peter,

Would you be kind enough to summarize what all 9 planets mean then - in the sense of what they represent?

Also did these representations come from antiquity?


A major point here with the planets is that as humans, it was never really our task to go explore in outer space these planets and externalise them, but rather to LIVE ourselves the experience and the lessons that these planetary bodies teach us, and in a sense bring the planets down to us. It was just explorers and pioneers in the past who sought to externalize concepts and ideas that are internal all along. If you want to talk more feel free to inbox me





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