These are exact recordings of the sounds of the Planets. I'm not going to leave any instructions here simply play and meditate. That sounds funny together.

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i am interested can you send them to me
Miles is da man:D
This frequency will come in use tomorrow. 3-20-2010
Thanks, I needed that. : ) I could feel my heart rumble. It was wonderful.
Tinnitus is often misdiagnosed. Etheric beings have no vocal cords and generally make the sound of their energy, this manifests as a ringing in the ear. Some people are more in tune to receive these frequencies and can often discern what force is present by tuning into the tone.
Ahhh, that explains my mother and her ringing ears. She told me recently that she can tell the different tones apart, she called them "languages". She began speaking in what they called "tongues" at a very young age, too.

You never cease to amaze me, 7, at the things that you innerstand.
I often hear this ringing there are actualy two one is some times in My ears but the other is inside i have found that i can alter the Vibration by slowing it down or speeding it Up as i am typing now i hear the ringing and it seem to be in the region of my Third Eye associated with movement could you offer some elabration on this
Well now, this explains a few things. Thought something was wrong with my ears.
Thanks Sevan,according to Alex Collier,the Andromadan music consists of the Sounds of the Spheres.They blend and tweek it etc.Saved that one.
I am aware that various souls came from Different regions within the Omniverse with each soul they aquire a certain tone of vibrational energy matrix which is there signature like a finger print so to speak according to their zero reference point of origin could you point out whether or not that this sounds will or will not alter their natural frequency and also beings also vibrate on certain tones how does one assure that a being is not oscillating on that tone and may influence you
Realistically every tone of each Planet is the Tone of each of Our organs so this is a tuner that allows the organ to remember its original tone since there are so many constant frequencies the body has been bombarded with through life. So any alteration will not be a negative one as there is enough coming from a police siren to remove any "signature" that a person may have if that signature could even be altered by sound.
In The last year I have had a few visits by very strong was so loud and strange I thought my eardrum was gonna explode.another time I had a very strong pulsating on my third eye.



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