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THE PHOTON BELT a.k.a. "Golden Nebula"



The real story of "cosmogenesis" is extremely controversial because it impacts geopolitics in profound ways.  I've studied this from numerous credible sources for many years and convinced that the core premise here is correct.  I've explained previously to my GeoNotes News list that that Earth orbits the galaxy in a "figure eight" pattern through the Photon Belt approx. every 10-12 thousand years, "repolarizing" the energies of Earth and "rebooting" the consciousness of mankind in profound ways. 


If this is understood, it explains why the power elite have orchestrated terror for war powers while stripping the economy of trillions of dollars tp build hundreds of underground cities -- massive preparations for themselves with equally massive cover-up of ET's and something "inbound" behind dramatic changes in the solar system and exponential increase in geophysical Earth changes.  They just don't get it -- how their love of power has blinded them to the power of love, the Higher Power that we are ALL increasingly accountable to on the 2012 timeline.

Tunnels under the USA and Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBS)

See also, Underground Facilities - Bases - Tunnels 


So the elite are keeping silent about Planet X coming but have been busy building underground cities and interconnected tunnels - hmmmmmm?  Don't believe that?    Keep reading.



This is obviously a crude map of the "underground projects".  Obviously, there are no official maps of them because this subject is in the politically incorrect "taboo" category of sensitive, covert black-operations funded secretly without public debate.



For those who want an in-depth understanding of the quantum science of the Photon Belt and Earth resonance in alignment with converging Galactic cycles through 2012, I highly recommend the recent book by Barbara Hand Clow, ALCHEMY OF NINE DIMENSIONS.


Mark my words, the dimensional shift that is about to occur is so huge that our "only human" concept of transformationis an understatement.  A new co-measurement with divine order and harmony is the only way to get it.


--------- article follows:


By Noel Huntley, Ph.D.

By means of satellite instrumentation, astronomers in 1961 discovered what appeared to be an unusual nebula. We normally understand the nebula phenomenon as a vast cloud-like mass of gas or dust. However, this one appeared to have anomalous properties and was named the Golden Nebula. The public's attention was not drawn to this unusual revelation until much later, presumably when it was realized that this nebula's location was coincident with the projected orbit of our solar system. Around the early 1980s a radio announcement in the U.S. was made (heard by the author) that our solar system was, in fact, going to collide with an "electromagnetic cloud" in the not too distant future.

However, this incredibly important statement of astronomical and historical significance was expressed in the usual casual and indifferent manner as though of little consequence -- just as was, about that time, the announcement that the FDIC (bank-depositor's insurance) was penniless! Follow-up data was then suppressed and 
another government cover-up was contrived.  

What is this electromagnetic cloud, this golden nebula, sometimes referred to as the radiant nebula by ETs?  Its more universal designation is"photon belt", consisting of many bands, and any encounter with this belt is recognized by extraterrestrials as of great import.

Let us outline the mechanics of this anticipated encounter of our solar system with the photon belt. The whole universe is held together by means of vortices within vortices of centripetal energy--with their associated electromagnetic fields--like whirlpools on water, within larger whirlpools (this is the machinery behind Einstein's spacetime topology of general relativity).

These spiralling energies give rise to natural spacetime orbits: satellites around planets, planets around stars, solar systems around other more major vortex centers, and so on. Our planet Earth orbits the Sun once a year but our solar system as a whole also traverses an orbit in this section of the galaxy with a period of about 24,000 years [26,000 years].There are many other solar (star) systems in this cyclic motion (just as there are numerous planets orbiting the Sun).

The Pleiades, about 400 light years from us is part of this system and in fact our solar system orbits the central sun of the Pleiades, Alcyone; the photon belt encircles the Pleiades system. In fact it consists of many photon bands emanating from the centre of the galaxy, associated with the spiral arms of the galaxy.

Thus our solar system, and therefore planet Earth, takes some 24,000 years to come back to its same point in this particular orbit. Picture several star systems in a massive orbit, but now envisage overall a toroid or doughnut-shaped cloud cutting across these orbiting star systems. This is the photon belt, or a photon band. This means our solar system goes through the belt twice each cycle of 24,000 years (that is, every half cycle). The thickness of the photon cloud is such that it takes about 2000 years for our solar system to pass through, and therefore about 10,000 years between each encounter with this belt (2 x 10,000 plus 2 x 2000 = 24,000 years).

When will this occur? Scientists around the globe in 1992 predicted that the encounter would occur within months to a year; with significant disagreements. However, a particular source of Pleiadian extraterrestrials indicated that it would not occur until just after 2010 and that it was difficult to predict since the belt was oscillating randomly. There are in fact huge discrepancies in channeled material regarding the date of this revelatory occurrence, ranging from 1987 to 'definitely before the end of this century' to 2003 and finally about 2011-2012.


Other Pleiadians tell us that our solar system skimmed the belt for a few days in 1987, then over a week in the following year, and then the Sun went in fully in 1998. However, the information indicates that Earth does not enter fully until 2012. At the present time we are being informed that the Earth is in the belt (for the period December, 1998 and June, 1999).

What does the photon belt consist of? What will be its effects on the life on our planet, positive or negative? Also what is its purpose, if any? The radio announcement used the term "electromagnetic" to describe the phenomenon -- this is the same as photon, which is a particle of light or electromagnetic radiation.

The photon belt is an immense region of space which is radiating intense electromagnetic radiation throughout the visible spectrum and beyond, into high-frequency invisible light; even including some x-ray spectra. Reference has already been made through the media to huge increases in intensity of "dangerous" radiation entering through the holes in the ozone layer in certain regions of our planet. Nevertheless it appears that for mankind on this planet the photon belt encounter will be essentially a spiritual experience--but this really depends on man. If we are sufficiently evolved at the time, great advancements will occur in our consciousness as we attune to the high-frequency photon rays. If we are negative, that is, possess too many lower vibrations, the result of selfish actions, we are not expected to survive the radiation. In other words, there will be a natural spiritual selection.

This interaction with the photon belt has been referred to in channeling as the 
Christus. Moreover, the event is supposed to be the true nature of the ascension or rapture, well known in the prophecies of Christianity.

Other spectacular effects, some of a temporary nature, are expected as our Sun system moves into the belt. Earth is circling the Sun, thus it is alternatively ahead of the Sun and behind in its linear translation towards the belt. Consequently, either the Sun or our planet may enter first. It is impossible to predict which, since, as stated, the photon belt is expanding and contracting randomly. If the Sun reaches the photon cloud before Earth it has been channelled that darkness will ensue for about three to five days (obviously this didn't occur if we have been entering and exiting the belt since 1987). It will be expected to be pitch dark with probable cancellation of electrical power sources. However, if Earth goes in first then the darkness is avoided.

We were told by one source of ETs that as our planet enters the bands, which will be at a relatively high velocity, we will experience an immediate electric shock, lasting about one tenth of a second, but not dangerous. But of greater concern are said to be the effects of the intense photon activity on the radiation belt around Earth and the sudden compression of the atmosphere and expansion, which is expected to be such that the radiation belt could "ignite". This intense light is expected to last three days. Another spectacular feature will be the effect of the intense photon activity on matter. High excitation of atoms will occur, causing fluorescence of all objects, and as a result there will be no normal night time for 2000 years.

In 1992, many people were purchasing dark goggles; what was this all about? After the original announcement on the radio of the oncoming electromagnetic cloud collision, further information was withheld by the government, 
then disinformation took over.
 As mentioned, scientists in different parts of the world were predicting the moment of full encounter with the belt in around 1992--there were discrepancies but all were within months or about a year of one another.


According to the Phoenix Liberator (now called 'Contact')--a small but very significant newspaper protected by the Pleiadian group -- the One-World Government planned to ignite the radiation belt and blame it on the natural event, the Earth/photon-belt collision. Special weapons were developed, but all efforts to achieve this heinous act failed. The purpose? The usual one: to create sufficient havoc, introduce martial law and establish the New World Order.

Published in the Phoenix Liberator was an article sent in by a teenager unknown to his parents who worked for the secret government on these weapons (and who subscribed to the newspaper). The youngster knew about the photon belt and the threat of blindness, and his parents made him carry at all times the protective goggles and keep them by his bedside when asleep.

The photon-belt encounter will play a significant role in the (biblical) Transformation of man. The term 
"Christus" apparently expresses the Second Coming of Christ. (Christ is a state of being/consciousness--some ETs refer to it as the "Christ office". Jesus was the Christ in that he could attune to this state.) There will be a rebirthing of planet Earth. We are told it will divide; each part retaining wholeness though, producing a 3rd density (frequency density) Earth and a 4th density Earth. This will not be perceived physically; the planets will be in different dimensions. One will be in a parallel universe relative to the other.

(Note that serious books on physics cover parallel-universe theories -- there is nothing particular weird or new about this. It has been channelled that we sometimes move into parallel-universe planes and back, which are usually virtually identical. A further example is that an advanced civilization exists in the center of the Earth but this particular civilization is in a parallel plane which is reached by entering "electromagnetic" corridors near the openings at the poles and certain other regions.) Possibly the only sad event will be that some families will be split up by 
the natural spiritual selection of the photon-belt encounterSome individuals will go with the more evolved Earth, referred to as 4th density, and others with the 3rd density Earth, which could permanently separate their evolution by several thousands of years (in rare instances one person taking the more evolved path may suspend progress to wait for the other).

Now the photon-belt cycle is synchronised with the end of a number of greater cycles, for example, 225 million year Great Cycle of our galaxy through the universe, the 26,000 year cycle of our solar system through the galaxy, and 104,000 years (a prominent evolutionary peak of four cycles of 26,000 years), culminating in a harmonic convergence at about the time of the encounter, 2012. It is also recognized that this point in time coincides with the universe reaching its maximum point of expansion. Synchronization of such nodes would be expected to open up the dimensional strata for the influx of new energy and the subsequent changes. [See "2010-2012 Big Shift Unveiled" - CR]

The photon cloud has a high density of electrons and positrons (positive, anti-electrons). When an electron and a positron collide they are annihilated and the mass is converted into energy radiation--photons. However, the presence of these positrons have been predicted to interfere with electricity, which is due to the flow of electrons. It has been indicated that before this event occurs it would be possible to redesign the present polarity system, giving a reversal of our polarity to compensate for this problem (we haven't noticed any effect yet!). 

However, the photon energy as a result of the collision of electrons and positrons will become a major source of free energy (and at this time the NWO will be unable to suppress its use). 
Psychological characteristics of entering the belt are the effect of uprooting hidden, secret, or withheld material, bringing it to the surface for transmutation. This means psychological and physical disease patterns will be forced to the surface, that is, the conscious mind. This will give tremendous opportunity to make advancements but also where there is too much to handle will cause illness, depressions, disease and death.

According to channelled information, the Galactic Federation will be aiding our transition during this photon-belt event. It is stated that they altered (years ago) the basic polarity of the Sun to allow it to maintain the integrity of the Sun's planetary system. However, at a later time NASA's space probe Ulysses detected that the magnetic field of the Sun now no longer has a north and south pole! The Sun's magnetic field was found to have changed dramatically into a homogeneous field. No scientific explanation was given, and of course it has been withheld from the public.Furthermore, the SOHO satellite more recently revealed that the Sun responded abnormally to the impact of cosmic bodies causing an eruption of some 30 to 35 solar flares, which is unprecedented.

The photon-belt encounter is intended to be a positive experience, but only man with sufficient discipline to improve and elevate his consciousness can ensure that the anticipated Golden Age will manifest.



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NASA has recently presented its “Solar Probe Plus” mission, which aims to send a spaceship to the Sun. At this stage a heat-resistant spacecraft is being designed; its goal will be to plunge deep into the Sun's atmosphere in order to sample solar wind and magnetism. Launch could happen as early as 2015 and scientists hope that 7 years later, at the mission’s end, the Solar Probe PLUS will help solve two great mysteries in astrophysics as well as make many new discoveries.
The mystery of the photon belt

Abnormal weather and the environmental violent change adding to the horror in mystery world each place of the photon belt do not seem to be only influence by the natural destruction and environmental disruption. The accident of the universal scale seems to become the big factor somehow or other, too.

By the way, will there be the thing that you heard words called "the photon belt?"

The shocking contents which the human will meet with in near future are included in information about "the photon belt" to describe from now on. However, the information is restrictive, and there is it in the situation that cannot confirm that I am reliable because I yet take it up formally in the government and the mass media in country of any place including U.S.A.

However, among the people who are interested in the world of the high-dimensional wave motion, much information already flies and assume the situation of the crisis to extremely meet with in the near future and I feel various and seem to think about correspondence.

Then, based on the knowledge that people studying a photon belt were able to know so far, I decide to introduce the influence that substance and it of the photon belt bring. (main references): Of "the photon belt mystery" (三五館刊), "RESET" (Gaia 出版刊) 渡邊延朗著)

What is "the photon?"

I have a property as the wave (an electromagnetic wave) with "the photon" about light energy at the same time to be a particle, and it is translated with "a photon" in the Japanese.

The elements such as oxygen or the hydrogen being made of atoms, as you know. There is the atomic nucleus which there was in the center of this atom from a proton and a neutron, and an electron goes around the circumference. When "the positron" that is this "electron" and the antiparticle collides, I become extinct with the both sides, and it is known that 2 or three photons are born.

There is the photon that came flying from the sun other than a generated photon in this way on the earth. The photon of the enormous quantity that was generated by the fusion reaction of the sun inside is emitted toward the earth, and the part reaches the surface of the earth in the state of the particle while receiving absorption or dispersion of the earth atmosphere.

However, quantity of such a photon is not quantity as I give particularly big influence when a human being lives a life at present on ground.

However, there seems to be space full of a far superior photon in the space with the such small amount of quantity. The obi of the lump of this photon is called "a photon belt".

It was about 1961 in scientist pole オット・ヘッセ that British astronomer Edmond Halle that was famous for the discovery of Halley's comet discovered existence with "the photon belt" which made prophecy at the beginning of the 18th century first.

Above Pleiades of the Taurus

Distance of 410 light-year has it from the earth

I can watch that the group of east stars pale in the sky rises at dusk of the autumn beginning

I am called Subaru in our country, and it is got close for a long time.

(Than "space University map" publication by 同朋社)

When it investigated Pleiades with a man-made satellite, it was an opportunity that I found the nebula which glistened with golden light in a neighborhood of a star cluster. Most of the mass is not usually accepted because the nebula is made of gas and cosmic dust. However, mass was accepted in this nebula by being surprised. This was the discovery of the beginning of "the photon belt".

Because "a photon" is not visible light, I cannot observe it by the naked eye. I can begin it after having photographed it with strong many aspects color spectroscope by working to be optic. It is about December, 1996 that the figure which was light blue was photographed by Hubble space telescope.

Above "A photon belt"

On December 20, 1996, Hubble space telescope succeeded in the photography of "the photon belt".

A net seems to have hung over Pegasus seat, the men Cali naan star direction slightly.

Engineering processing is given to make it easy to see it by the naked eye.

(I copy it than "RESET")This "photon belt" becomes it in the shape of a doughnut somehow or other in Milky Way galaxy, and there is it. It is written for the work work of Watanabe that the solar system going around the Milky Way by a period of 26,000 years will pass there in a belt full of the photon every 11,000 years whether it is entering, 2000 years.

That means, naturally I will go in and out of the earth in "a photon belt" by the same period.

(in the range that I examine, I become about 200,000,000 years in time when the sun goes around a galaxy, and there is only (reference "space" writen by 加古里子 fukuinkansyoten), the point where I am not equal to that Watanabe speaks it.)
I will add a revision later now in this connection because I am investigating it)


Above is The solar system Milky Way

(In the left ) :  Records of wins and losses and nebulas can try to gather in the shape of a flat disk when they look from the Milky Way diagonal top where the solar system belongs to.
        Width makes 100,000 light-year, and width is 15,000 light-year. The solar system from a heart out of a thing of the Milky Way of 30,000 light-year
          I am located in distance.   
(Top right corner ) :  The figure where the upper section looked at a galaxy from the top. The figure where I looked at the lower berth from the side. (Than "space University map" 同朋社刊)Influence of "a troland belt"

Then on earth what kind of change will happen when the earth enters in " Photon belt?"

Troland is a particle of light born by physical collapse of an electron and an anti-electron (a positron) as had mentioned before, but I am different from the light that we generally know, and it is electromagnetic wave energy to have number of vibrations of many dimensions.

Therefore, it is said to what will come under serious at the very beginning influence when it was exposed to a large quantity of photons that the influence that is the most serious in geomagnetism and the magnetosphere of the earth is decrease of a geomagnetic field.

Since 1829, an exact measurement value of geomagnetism (a magnetic field) that has been performed on a scale of all earth clarifies that geomagnetism decreases year by year, but in late years the rate of decline extremely rises, and it is said to it whether it is a factor that the earth approached a troland belt.

しているほどだ which announces a prediction to be very likely to be it why geomagnetism becomes a zero as for the Dr. American geophysicist J M Harwood and S Malin doctors investigating the decrease situation of geomagnetism in about 2030.

It is nothing but that a magnetic field of the earth becomes extinct that geomagnetism becomes beginning. Therefore, it must be life activity of the animals and plants living on ground that a big hindrance occurs.

I will know the one that looked at a shown movie "core" recently what kind of thing it is. When magnetism begins decrease by a movie, a patient of an artificial heart dies in sequence, and a dove concerned with in a magnetic compass in a direction loses a sense of place, and a collision dying scene appears to a building and a car in large quantities.

Furthermore, as extinction of a magnetic field advances, Van Allen belt surrounding the earth begins to become extinct, and a state of nakedness appears from pouring harmful solar wind and cosmic rays on ground. It is right the arrival of the critical situation to threaten survival of the animals and plants which were able to include the human.

The influence is not a limited thing only to the animals and plants. I will give big influence to the earth itself. As a result, volcanic activity and an earthquake become active, and it is thought that the dissolution of an iceberg and a violent change of an ocean current occur, but in fact such changes begin to be frequent in many parts of the world.

As for the accidents such as abnormal weather occurring in the face of the Earth in these days, that an encounter with "a troland belt" is the greatest factor is thought to be think about a point said to that it is the front and back time for spring, 1987 that the solar system including the earth has begun to enter in this huge doughnut-shaped belt.

There seems to be a thing getting away in several days and several months after having entered at the first encounter stage once even if "the photon belt" says form of belt because the circumference becomes notched, and the state that I appear for a while and perform seems to continue.

It is said that I do not need to get away for 2000 years after the solar system gradually advances to the center of "the photon belt" according to Watanabe deferred Akira who introduced the substance of "the photon belt" to Japan by "the mystery of the photon belt" for the first time after this, and having completely entered into "a photon belt" in a solstice in winter, 2012.

That means, the ground animals and plants will seem to undergo a global violent change now after the back in about 8.

It is end of "the fourth world" that a calendar shows for a long term of the Maya whom I spoke on previous work "mystery many planet earth" and done December 23, 2012 that I remember at winter solstice of December, 2012.

The Maya knew the encounter time with "the photon belt" well

If it is the reader who had my book "mystery many planet earth" read, it is already known like comprehension that the Maya maintained wonderful knowledge about astronomy and a calendar.

At first it is minute knowledge about the revolution speed of the earth that I am surprised.

With the Maya calendar, revolution speed of the earth that is the length of one year is as 365.2420 days, and there is the error with the latest correct numerical value only for 0.0002 day, and this numerical value is than the Gregorian calendar that we use now smaller.

I had surprisingly minute numerical value about not only it but also time when the moon went around the earth and the synodic period with the Venus.

In addition, I was able to expect a former solar eclipse in the astronomy of Maya precisely for 33 years, and 400 light-year were familiar with remote Pleiades and movement of far-off stars such as Gemini as well as familiar planets such as Mars or the Venus.

The Maya may have known the existence of "the photon belt" and the time of the encounter with it well when I thought about these. It is the existence of the wonderful long-term calendar which they had and recognition of the big switch day (December 23, 2012) of the history to support it.

Maya had a solar calendar of 365 days and two calendars of the ツォルキン calendar of 260 days, and they had a calendar for a long term to assume the 25,640 years when I put 2 together a cycle of the history.

There will be it now for the cycle of the last of the 5128 unit that divided 5 equally for 25,640 years, and, according to it, as for beginning for this the fifth cycle, as for being over, it is it with December 23, 2012 on August 11, B.C. 3114.

Will not the reason be at all because it took maintenance してのは, the arrival on "December 23, 2012" when it is nothing but it into consideration with the calendar of the period when it is tall and stout when there is not it when it should be needed in the sense of the times that they lived for? I cannot help so but think, but how will the reader seem?

 "The accident of the solar system" that has already begun

By the way, as for the encounter with "the photon belt" which Watanabe insists on and the influence, it is reliable his simple guess and I take it, and not to appear. Because the reason is because it is confirmed that the influence that is remarkable in the planet has already occurred including the sun.

It is Pluto to go around the outside most among nine planets of the solar system, but I am big and change because the track is a long oval where of the oval circle distance with the sun is located in.

For about 100 years of these days, the Pluto went away from the sun, and it has been thought that chilliness advanced. However, curiously, according to the study of James Eliot of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a warming phenomenon same as the earth is taking place somehow or other in the Pluto.

Furthermore, it is confirmed that atmospheric pressure increases 300% in these 13 years.

In Neptune over the one inside, it is confirmed that temperature of satellite Triton rose 5%. In addition, it is thought that a pole shift (earth's axis movement) may have happened because a spot called eyes of the Uranus moved.

About the pole shift, the possibility that the same phenomenon occurred in not only Neptune but also the Uranus is whispered.

In addition, the change that, in addition, is dramatic on Saturn and Jupiter of the closeness, Mars seems to be taking place.

At first the strength of the magnetic field compares it in 1960 and increases twice as much at the same time as brightness and temperature become higher on the Saturn and the Venus, and a red irregularity is shrinking on the Jupiter. In addition, I understood that a layer of the atmosphere of the satellite Titan rocket of the Saturn thickened 10-15% than the result that I observed in space probe Voyager 1 of NASA in 1980 by recent observation.

Furthermore, on Mars, the North Pole and the ice of the South Pole begin to melt rapidly, and a magnetic field becomes strong, and the atmosphere seems to be returning. (I am mystery why a magnetic field becomes strong for objection on the other planets with the earth)

The influence that the change of these planets gives to the earth does not seem to be yet remarkable, but a problem is a solar change. A big accident is taking place in the sun where it seems that I entered into "a photon belt" a little early.

The solar sunspot repeats the greatest period and the minimum period by a period of about 11, but in late years the sunspot activity that I put a period in 11 away and should calm tends to activate it more without declining at all and can surprise an astronomer.

In addition, in addition, various accidents seem to be taking place in the sun, but the changes of the strength and weakness of the magnetic field begin to give a human being and the animals and plants that these accidents inhabit earth and there big influence.

The researcher of "the photon belt" thinks that it is an appearance などはそ example of aurora such as large blackout or Hokkaido of U.S.A. / Canada by the recent solar flare explosion.

Watanabe introduces some latest data to show the earth size accident which U.S.A. and a Russian scientist and expert report in "RESET ーリセットー" (Gaia publication) in.

 ☆ As for the volcanic activity, 500% increase at the earth whole since 1975, too.

 ☆ As for the seismic activity, 400% increase at the earth whole since 1973, too.

 ☆ From 1963 between 1993 every disaster (a typhoon and a hurricane, a flood, a tsunami) on the earth     As for 410%, など) increases.

 The human who does ascension

By the way, what kind of form will the influence on human being with "the photon belt" appear in?

In other words I am not sick, but it is said that it is to be in condition that it seems to be an instability syndrome the symptom that lassitude があるとか, a back said ache むとか, chest がつかえるとかと to strangely at the very beginning though mind and body are healthy as for the symptom to appear together.

Furthermore, it is said that the symptoms such as a muscular pain and arthralgia, convulsions (convulsions) are easy to come to get up in symptom and dizziness, heart heartbeat, dyspnea, headache, it which resembled influenza when a situation progresses.

However, the greatest change is influence on arrangement of the DNA in the cell. But the change at such a gene level to occur brings a big plus for the human because a photon is high-dimensional electromagnetic wave energy.

Double helix structure of the DNA

The human gene should originally consist of 12 spirals.

However, actually only a gene of the double helix structure was discovered.

In U.S.A., a genetic child of three spiral structure was discovered. Will they be people becoming a pioneer of "the new human?" !

The DNA of the H*** sapiens originally consists of 12 spirals, but DAN which we know becomes a double helix without actually only two of them of those being used.

Therefore what the many organs of the internal organs cannot use 10% of the original ability as including a brain is said to the human on the earth.

However, gene one of them many children are usually discovered more recently in U.S.A., and, according to the report of Watanabe, it is said that I understood that these children have immunity for every disease by nature.

Thereafter the scholar of American gene seems to devote to search for child having 12 spirals. They seem to think about the change of the gene structure by the encounter with "the photon belt" seriously somehow or other.

It is reason same as cooking in the microwave oven changing a form into the figure by the irradiation of the microwave without changing it that the conversion of the gene level happens to every living entity including a human being by entering the space full of a photon.

A DNA molecule is programed again by high energy, and the high spirituality which the body and a soul body half did is a person, and the human being who exposed the body in a photon range wrapped in a high-dimensional photon transforms it.

When it is after 2012 when the earth completely enters into "a photon belt" somehow or other, I will seem to accomplish a change to the existence that there is not it with H*** sapiens because a dimension rises from the three dimensions to the world of 4 dimensions or 5 dimensions while H*** sapiens is H*** sapiens.

From ancient times, many exercisers do much severe asceticism / penance for ァセッション including Buddha, but there is not such a story that I am thankful for if I can have a glimpse of the high-dimensional world by a dimension rise when I do the serious ascetic practices that I did so by being in "the photon belt".

But the problem gets over the large violent changes such as environment change or the abnormal weather which occur before the change of the field of such plus is brought by the human, and how much people are points whether can live long enough.

I speak coming 艱難 by the various prophecy including Holy Mother prophecy as follows.

It is 艱難 since today's civilization began, and the crimson cloud which is ablaze like blood crosses the sky, and a roar of the thunder lets the ground vibrate. If fire of the sulfur poured if I climbed the high place and would jump into the sea, in there, the boiling water which boiled bubbled. ・・ ... ...   

While I continue watching this "fear and scene of the shiver" unfolding before eyes, it is said that exclamation did not need to break off from a mouth of people of visual hallucination.

It is said to be only a one-third, あるは of the human, a one-tenth that people of visual hallucination survive "艱難 as living things envy a dead person" and this 大艱難 to express. If とすると, an encounter with "the photon belt" will happen in the near future so that Watanabe insists, the situation that many kinds pass away from the world of the animals and plants may not be avoided including the human.

An encounter with "the photon belt" seems to be "大艱難" and a duet of "a great commanding officer during the time of the ritsuryo legal codes", "hardship" and "the joy" for the human somehow or other.

Great カタスロフィー outbreak and the later ァセッション. I accomplish the transformation of the gene level and become the new human, and will there be you in people confronting earth reproduction then?  Or, with a divine figure of the new life "earth", will you look on from Takami on the sky? !
According to Jose Arguelles, who wrote the 'Mayan Factor', we will actually be exiting the photon belt, called 'the galactic beam' and not entering it as this article says. The time it takes to traverse the galactic tuning beam is around 2000 years and causes significant change in planet earth. Once the earth has exited the beam, there will be a period of 10000 years of peace on the earth.

So there is a conflict of theories all around as to whether our solar system or planet will be entering a 2000 year wide photon belt or leaving it after a 2000 year period....
wow...aura thank you for posting this,awsome.....
thank you for mentioning it to us.....



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