Knowledge and data is endless and it is the the accelerated use of thought that allows one to span out into everything. The human body actually contains tentacles that spread out from it in every direction, like feelers with an uncountable number of DNA which act as something like small nanobots that eject themselves on anything you touch or even think leaving your imprint and a part of you there.

Thus you could access everywhere you have been by going back into your own particles still there. All one would need is enough Energy and Focus to the true extent and definition. The energy and power common man is use to is distorted. Radiation and Uranium should be classified differently and I'm most assure they classify all the energy elements separate, in specific term, atomic number etc., and the relativity of that number to others. There is no doubt that Mendeleev's Periodic Table has a Alchemical Cipher within the numbers. Meaning that the Element itself could be ingested in so type of state i.e. monotomic and thus allow the recipiant to configure to the geometric structure of the element, shapeshifters. As We see many have glided off with the knowledge and flown so high they wish not to return to Earth, those that do, rule and divulge on the energy associated with that, but many have left never to return avoiding altogether such petty things. We know now some of them are here and returning to give strength to the positive. Surprise! A wonderful element of energy.

Next year is the showcase showdown. Now to the reason of the post. :-) We continue to crawl over the information of the last 60 Million years of Earth's existence "processing speed is high, however, the information is vast" to continuously find the most effective, rapid, safe, method for "The Experience". With that We come across individuals that "KNEW". I will personally post them here as I begin to extract their memory. TYCHO BRAHE - Father of Frans Kamp lead researcher and up close affiliate of the An, their species, habits, and operations.

P.S. I don't think that's a Gucci necklace. ;-)

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Rumor has it, he died of mercury poisoning...

Uranborg is amazing.

U R An Borg. Interesting.
Many years ago i read some books on Alchemical Meta and it said that everywhere we go we leave 'Atoms' that entail our DNA and it is vitally important that you are careful where you tread as you too can pick up someone elses Atoms. By picking up someone elses you also pick up their magnetic energy field, so if they are depressed you can suddenly find yourself being dragged down. Maybe this is meant when they say we adapt to the environment that we live in, if we life in social housing we could be more inclined to be negative whereas if we living in an area where there were happy people we too then could be happy. Worth reading into i think.....



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