The Music Industry Exposed with PUBLIC ENEMY Professor Griff - Isis - 7evan

THE DATE 12-22-2009

THE LOCATION Blog Talk Radio Direct Link:

Whoa this is already heavy. Do call your friends for this, that is if they would like to make history to.

Call In: 1(347) 884-8787

Live Chat Available

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Love Griff!
I think you mean 12-22-2009 and I can't wait for this. Also, will you Co-Host for this show?
Wow, yeah thanks Margens sometimes I get stuck in 2010, time lag, a byproduct of playing around in the future.
Okay. I am on board. Can't wait for this one. I am going back home to Arkansas on the 24 of Dec. I get a chance to get this show in full detail. I am excited.
What time Sevan, my man?
For obvious reasons I will not be able to participate in the show today. Do be sure to tune in however because knowledge is power and as Professor Griff is one of the Elders, I'm sure you will gain much of it. 7



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