Wholeness to everyone as promised you will find here the Ancient Mudras that are associated with each Ckakra center. Do keep in mind most Adepts work with a 9 Center Chakra System. For those working with a 7 Chakra Center System don't fret, simply adjust as all work done on the Mind, Body, and Soul can never be considered a waste.

Always remember your energy must cycle, do not fall into the temptation of remaining in one Chakra or another and always keep in mind the lower Chakras await the treasures you have discovered in the Higher Chakras, do not forsake them as so many have, they need you.


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I am now including these hand positions to my daily centering and it has helped emensely to open my chakras and get the right tone one my tuning fork. thank you Sevan!!

When visualizing Chakra Vortexes...Does it Matter which direction the visualized spin of the chakra/vortex should be moving?

Thank you! These are amazing! More in depth to the connections at hand!

I listen to you all day at work and it really helps me get through the day. I was wondering which mudra's are best to use with the base chakra.

I love this one

What are the hums to be used with these?

Wholeness & Thank you for the knowledge!

I do have a question: is there a certain placement in conjunction with the body in which the hands should be placed (i,e., Heart Chakra placed above the solar plexus, etc.)?

Anyone have any info on the Rastafari Mudra? It looks like a womb. Thumb pointing up and index pointing down.

Wow some major sweet spots here, i can be in these mudras all day, love the lightness. Thanks Sevan

Woah, reminds me of the kiri used by some Ninja schools. I understand why you wouldn't want to disclose the title. They're quite powerful. If a true Master uses them with proper Chi/Ki, he can even heal himself right before everyone's eyes. He has to do the mudras over the affected area first. But all in all yeah, really powerful stuff.


Thank you, Sevan.



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