Wholeness to everyone as promised you will find here the Ancient Mudras that are associated with each Ckakra center. Do keep in mind most Adepts work with a 9 Center Chakra System. For those working with a 7 Chakra Center System don't fret, simply adjust as all work done on the Mind, Body, and Soul can never be considered a waste.

Always remember your energy must cycle, do not fall into the temptation of remaining in one Chakra or another and always keep in mind the lower Chakras await the treasures you have discovered in the Higher Chakras, do not forsake them as so many have, they need you.


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Thank you!

  Here are a couple of links for anyone interested in downloading PDF's on Mudra's:

"This presentation deals with 10 important mudras that can result in amazing health benefits. Your health is quite literally in your hands...  108 mudras are used in regular tantric rituals...


Mudras Yoga in Your Hands by Gertrud Hirschi http://www.scribd.com/doc/11430793/Mudras

Hi Sevan thx for your post, but dont you think that this are the origanal mudra's (the nine levels of power)


And a great new year!

In kundalini yoga I was only taught to use the heart and crown chakra even thought I focus on the third eye at some point. I wanted to intensify the vibrations I was feeling so I applied breath of fire and ocean breath to generate prana within. Then when I advance I started using my favorite crystals and meditated on them during stretches. Today I practiced each mundras from bottom to top ( I started by squeezing my sphincter muscle to generate the flow of energy to my root chakra which I find helps) and I could feel the energy pulsating faster and my third eye was on fire :) thanks Sevan for your work. You have come through again with even better hand position, however, the previous info on hands positions gave me a better understanding of mudras and their ability ( negative and positive charges on each finger).

very nice, definitely worth a re-up

How long are u to sustain each pose

WHen your kundalini is awakened, your body will naturally and spontaneously assume these mudras .. THere really is no need to learn them. HOwever, playing with Kundalini is dangerous, its not a joke. 

Who said we were playing? Playing with anything that is serious will prove to be disastrous, this is a platform created for those who seek the most expansive parts of the innerverse. Kundalini has its own guard, few activate and remain activated if they are not serious. The greatest dangers are the same as tapping in to any spiritual force with negative intentions and uncertainty. This is the danger of losing the weak mind to far more greater forces which causes an extreme state of imbalance and/or slight insanity.

So for the record innerstand the Resistance is here walking Neophytes to Adept, not playing games. It should also be obvious that with no Pranic Cultivation one will experience little if anything of true self, likewise they remain subservient to the myriad of forces who have mastered their energies and technologies while preying on others who have not. Fear is not the way in my friend, its actually the way one never enters so thus it is not taught here.


It seems that you haven't experienced an awakened kundalini with spontaneous body gestures, but are familiar with movement of prana within the body structure. There are some cases where an awakened kundalini can cause the body to spontaneously cause movements. The body may assume spontaneous yoga positions, spontaneous tai-chi movements, and in some cases spontaneous mudras. And it would appear that Kundalini is then a universal energy with an inherent intelligence of prana that can cause the spontaneous body movements on its own, without our own effort. For such a person, there isn't any need for 

I also wish to ascertain the difference that popped out for me from what you meant by activation, and what I meant by an awakened kundalini. With an awakened kundalini, there is no "unawakening". It's like being pregnant. You can never be "unpregnant" once your pregnant or not remaining activated as you say. The idea of not remaining activated doesn't apply with kundalini. You are always activated. A person with an awakened kundalini, will experience all kinds of consciousness shifts, bliss, pranic movements, spontaneous body gestures etc on a regular basis, may I say daily. You can leave being "spiritually" activated once your off an internal path. But this activation and not being activated thing doesn't apply to full blown kundalini awakening.

Kundalini appears to be of actinic origin. A spiritual force that has its own intelligence. { Read this page to know what is actinic and odic forces https://www.himalayanacademy.com/resources/books/mws/mws_ch-43.html } And it can thus change prana which appears to be an odic force because it has a higher intelligence. And thus it is able to result in spontaneous body movements by manipulating the prana intelligently. Spontaneous rocking motion when your meditating? Guess what was the cause? Kundalini.

It's good that both of us agree on the disasters of playing with spiritual forces with uncertainity or negative intentions. Kundalini leaves a lot of room for uncertainity to happen. Having a fit body and trying to have the pranas in balance definitely helps. being grounded helps a lot. However that should never be the sole focus alone. If one forgets the higher self part, then we may get stuck at the level of pranic body. The higher self is beyond prana. Well am sure you know that, hopefully others out there don't fall into the trap of putting full focus into prana. The adept has the focus on the higher self within (the innerverse even beyond the pranic level) all the time. If so then great. If not, time for revaluation. That's all. 

Laws in the innerverse care not for the one traversing it. Weak mind is the first thing one has to let go of.  Knowing consequences for a particular action or area of awareness isn't equivalent to fear. Fear is being afraid to surrender to the higher self or the higher truth of knowledge, even the realms beyond knowledge. Surrender to truth/spiritual discipline is ultimately the key that helps one in discovering the self one has always been.

Resistance is a great site. Lot of knowledge hidden in symbolism and other knowledge coming to the fore. I like it about that. Adepts taking neophytes under their guise is also good. As long as one feels one is making progress then its great. If one feels stuck, again, time to revaluate.

Well said Santhip there can never be enough "disclaimers" as to the dangers of attempting to wield full on Kundalini with an ego. In addition these "forced" moves can be witnessed during DMT as the body assumes various gestures even those that closely resemble Tai Chi and other physical techniques that configure the passage ways of energies.

Cultivating Prana is one of the first necessary stages of life, learning how to do as such can be a major key to raising normal energy levels, progressing through sickness, raising the energy of the immediate environment and even light levels of the healing of others so it definitely has its uses for the Neophyte and does not always lead to full blown Kundalini awakening, in fact there are many people who naturally build a great deal of Prana but appear not to have a very sound spiritual innerstanding and connection.

All in all  when you see the millions of lost and/or starving children but yet watch the Oligarchy tread over them with machines one should soon come to the conclusion that only full blown activation can counterbalance and put an end to such forces. This is not to say that everyone can manage a dance with the destroyer of all falsehoods. It is a fact that anyone who could became seen by others as a Krishna, Messiah, or Buddah of some sort but to me it is just as simple as the dream I had this morning. 

In the dream many were infected with a zombie like situation which caused them to act as if under possession. This is something that is happening in the world now, Kundalini or no Kundalini. I saw roots and many creeping things coming up from the ground interacting with people. This caused a state of excessive externalism as the people began to quarrel amongst each other without ceasing.

I found myself constantly assisting those who had not yet been fully infected by attempting to shield them from the infected by direction. While all this was going on it was brought to my attention briefly that I was not infected hence my not acting the same way but I had still been exposed to the same elements just like now.

What I can gather from this is; I believe that the world has gone through its weakest phase, the time in which the womb is tired and brings forth children suffering a great imbalance, so when attempting to connect with the Universal Energies the shear conductivity of those forces cause a short circuit inside of a system that is already faltering. What I'm saying is these forces are what we are however are we still in our original state? Of course not, so when coming at something that is the true image of self while remaining in the state of illusion could indeed cause what would appear to others as jarring effects.

But I will tell you, there are those here now who are to inherit once again their true self and through direction of multiple incarnations and lessons will be able to finally return to that position. The greatest in the East choose to reincarnate in the West for their final lesson. While we debate there is still a world to assist. Forget about doing it for yourself, with this idea one cannot contain the energy, but when you do it for others, even all, the energy flows freely and without the hindrance of the stagnamt mind plunged in the fear of self.

Failing to innerstand our energies will still lead us back to an existence in which we must make that attempt again. We often look at gurus and heed their warnings with just cause, however, the segments in time has changed and it is now up to each person to determine whether they are ready or not. Our purpose is if they are ready to make the information and knowledge of its application available and clear. These messages of warning but encouragement of pursuit that we have shared even at this moment is indeed part of it.

o me

Praises! to the responses activated by the question. I recognize that I am in a realm that requires specific innerstanding. I certainly can view any new endeavor with advisory. The seriousness of the situation is very apparent and is very important to me.  I feel I must be guarded in respect to anything that may cause or render me to react uncontrollably. The Matrix has used its forces to control.
Kundalini, I will call the mystic force,  mysterious faculty,  I know that it interacts within and around me, which I can not actually define; but I do respect wholeheartedly.  I equate fear with instinct at this level of my innerstanding, a raised flag, if fear is surpassed leads to growth/reward, and consequently spiritual growth.
I have learned so much, and I am willing, I have played videos/audios non-stop through this website.
I can appreciate the value of Prana(yoga) and I can smile, for I know that it facilitates more than inhalation/exhalation,  that it is life force; and I know that it is fundamental to work on myself, be assured that this is my purpose.
It is written: “Give blessings unto the labor of thy hands, and place thy heart into thy thoughts.” I am a dancer  and I appreciate motion on sooo  many levels, intuitive and spiritual. I intellectually sense the dynamism of space, thought, sound in vibration, and that it can be enviable, miraculous and constant. I have yet to relate to kundalini through dance, if I have ever activated, or awaken kundalini  spontaneously, I know not for sure, I will make every effort not to ignore,  or compromise what is gifted to me.
I know that my mind is influenced and manipulated in more ways than I want to imagine, but I will admit and acknowledge weakness of mind.
I have read several books by Samuel Aun Weor, and with gratitude benefited from the, Treatise of  Revolutionary Psychology, "Level of Being”, It is because of the seriousness and urgency the Resistance has conveyed its concern for all, that has engendered the respect that I have for this movement.
I did briefly scan the link to the page on actinic/Odic, I hope to comment further when the opportunity permits me to ascertain the meaning from my perspective.  Obviously a comment such as “the Laws of the innerverse care not for the one traversing…., needs innerstanding  from an initiate, (neophyte). 
wholeness, Balance and vibration
Frankie felice

Dear Sevan, I think i am ready again :) i do have a question that is important for me in terms of "how i start" ..I remember that you mentioned (video intro) one should allways start with the root chakra. I received once guidance to start with the crown chakra or the heart chakra as each of those 2 would give you the right suite of ,tools, to transform and clear the other especially the lower energy centers: with knowlegde from the supermind through the activated crown chakra or with honest aspiration and love for the most high through an activated heart chakra. Is there a specific reason why you emphasis the root chakra as a starting point?



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