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I have heard many things about even the negative externalization that occurs when one is taking white powdered gold. Keeping in mind this form only contains 3% of the correct substance ORMES, they are not one in the same, one is pure while the other is a chemical derivative. In addition there are purer elements than gold especially when it comes to energy. There is now monatomic platinum and titanium, in fact they are a little silly thinking the ANU are using white gold, the Gold the ANU or simply A uses is actually human souls. In conclusion there is always a proper use and misuse of the elements of Earth and many imagining that it was a recreational experience have burned more sometimes than the 3 strands of their DNA Temple. Even Kundalini will catch a persons hair on fire if they activate it in the crown but have too much high fructose corn syrup in their body. Such is the way with the chemistry and Ph of the body and that is why the ultimate fail safe to higher attainments is true balanced intelligence. Which is accompanied by intuition and raw data.



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