All of Our work is based upon a comprehensive model of 15-dimensional physics (sets of 15 dimensions, not just 15 dimensions total) and Keylontic Morphogenetic Science. The information is supplied by an interdimensional group of human, Et, Meta-terrestrial and Ultra-terrestrial contacts (who I have encountered physically on 2 occasions), based in the year 6520 AD on Tara (time is simultaneous, linear time is a holographic construction).

Many people think the Hall of Records is a room filled with ancient books or records, that is located in the Sphinx. It is not a room, it is an electro-magnetic phenomenon of digital information download from the higher dimensional fields that “opens” to release the data download into the electro-magnetic fields of earth. Once opened, humans with sufficient Silicate Matrix DNA activation can transduce the data through their bio-energetic fields for conscious translation. The access point for releasing the electro-magnetic seals (seals work like a computer pass word) is under the Sphinx and is easily accessed via projection from the King's Chamber in the Great Pyramid. The ancients knew all of this, and used it well.

Please do not ask me how to do this, this is not something you train for but rather a gift bestowed upon those who can handle such interfacing with maximum truth.

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Really how does it handle all that knowledge? I always wonder how the physical world looks in his eyes.
Things have been so busy I have been a little behind in answering questions and posting new things since a whole new site is being designed. As far as what I see out of my eyes it all depends on what day it is. Amazingly the cosmos has a lot to do with what chakra works one day to the next. Yesterday I woke up and a huge man the size of the door was standing at the door of my room. I must admit I was a little startled but adjusted. This prompted me to wake up and do a little cleaning, it was about 2:30 a.m. When I went back to sleep it was about 3:30a.m. and I had a complete totally conscious out of body experience. I have discovered something that will help with stimulating the pineal gland. I'm in the process of getting many things available so it can be acquired by those who have interest in such things.
To further elaborate about a key point that allowed this particular OBE to be achieved was 1. I made a conscious cut of anything I felt responsible for especially people. There where only two things, which is why it will always pay off to meditate everyday practicing the cutting procedure and avoid a ssociating especially with agents right now and people who are not discussing the Point. H1N1 is now mandatory and many places with the penalty's of fine, quarantine, and gun point accompanied by force injection, thus one should know from here We have been engage, We did not bring this war We were attacked unprovoked thus they will see what happens when you do such things to the wrong Generation and Mankind, kind of like man, but not completely. The mystery is of the Rainbow Warrior, this is what they have been trying to prevent when they hoard the Crystal and Pyramid children into GATE classes for heavy testing and embedding. There are many that carry programming that will be activated by triggers. This will work on both sides, times, letters, shapes, and colors be aware of them, tell me what you see and I will tell you what it means. From a scientific perspective I would say that apparently there are cords, webs, shadows, that link people together, cutting these consciously frees you up so your ship can take off. Some will need to be a little closer to the line-up to accomplish this however some that are more calibrated, meaning what you eat and the elements in your body, will find this technique as the key to rise out the body. I would say "RE"LEASE but it is obvious that particular word means to come around again for another stay on the 1 Star Accommodations of Earth across the Milkyway. Keep in mind the times mentioned above, they are the times in many holy works to be the point when the Earth is most still and many Beings are in communion. When We see the word "record" which is also the name of an album it simply says "re" "cord" defiantly looks like one of RA/INDRAS/MARDUK tools to keeping things "willingly" strapped to the Matrix. Be aware of your music and old songs that put you back into old moods. Remember the easiest way to release is to acknowledge that you have had a complete Earth experience. This means you are PRESENT and handling things at the moment, not off in the future or past wondering if you are going to be able to pay a bill, get along with a person at an event that is coming, what went on with someone last week, thinking of tomorrow is a waste of today. One should look into homeopathic Gold and Bismuth which are both very inexpensive. On the new site We will make such things available directly from Us so We can keep it all in the family, however, as I always say there is no time to waste outside of time. 7

Do keep in mind the donation button, We tire in mentioning it but the ship needs as much fuel as it can get, when you see the new site you will know what We have been up to. To gain anything new and refreshing you must give what is the base creation for such things.
I'm sorry Sevan I would donate some money, but unfortunately I am still in school (I have no choice but to go to school to learn BS) and I don't have a job yet. I do have a little money saved up, but I can't donate It yet because I need a credit card.
The comments about the donations are only for those who can spare it as We put all of Our time into this everyday in order to keep the content and the enlightening going , however, We would like everything to be available to everyone for free and thus it has been.
The first time that you link/sync with your pineal gland you will be extremely exhausted you become completely drained of all energy. The pineal gland is very powerful, and to those who have not gotten there yet, You should first have worked on your chakras, consistancy in meditation, Atleast had an OBE, astral projection. These will help to prepare you for your pineal experience. It just does not happen you have to work on it with baby steps.



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