The Lifestream Field Generator: Activation Accelerator?

Wholeness and balanced vibrations everyone.  So glad to be together with the resistance!  It has been around 15 years being on the quest seeking direct expression with the Supreme Being and it dawned on me a few years back that our bodies suffer from high depletion of energy; self imposed through life choices, fear, jobs, responsibilities, etc.  

I found through keywording energy enhancement devices and viewing lots of Tesla info.  The Lifestream Field Generators are of course created by John Riley from the notes of Tesla, Lakovsky and Van Tassel and also from insights he got from the walls out in KMT (see attached image) .  My question would be since this class of device(es) raise the cellular voltage of the body & has the benefits of bringing one into the NOW that is so crucial to spiritual and social advancement, would the Lifestream  be a key to the smooth and safe activation of all the chakras? I have a hunch that this may be the time where ancient tech is coming back to the fore again since there have been many activated people in ancient KMT.  

I checked his certification protocols to operate the lifestream generators and it does require time for the body to adjust to the increased energy.  Yet, when reviewing the supplements offered through the Realm Dynamics site, SheLaJit, Monatomics, Cell Salts, etc., I realized that the adjustment required is a tissue & blood chemistry adjustment that would facilitate efficient conductivity of Kundalini.  And with the balanced brain monatomic supplement Aurenol ,...WOW!  Focus and grounding! 

Reading the Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda, he speaks of a substance that his guru Sri Yukteswar would take and he could do some phenomenal things.  I thought this was a valuable part to firing up the light body that many adepts never really tap into...often to their own peril.  It speaks of adepts burning up their nervous system moving too quickly in the process of activating kundalini through Kriya Yoga.

Speaking with John Riley, he agreed with me that all technology is a outward expression of what the body does or can do.  This is what gave me goosebumps when I found the resistance and realized that this is another piece to the puzzle for lifting the planet & bodies off the grid, web, net through activation of all our chakras.

He is actually gone back to visit Egypt this week.  Have to tell him about this forum.  It is empowering and exciting at the same time to put these ideas/insights together.  

I welcome anyone to chime in on this hunch... it seems to be the next step in our quest for wholeness.  Anticipating your responses!  Wholeness & Balanced Vibrations ;D

John G

P.S., More ActivationTech discussions on the way!

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