Hey everyone, I wanted to share with you some information I have learned about the importance of grounding. What is grounding? Grounding is having any part of your body touching directly to the Earth, your feet would be most common, but any part of your body can get you grounded.

So what's perhaps the most dangerous invention in the history of human kind you ask??? The common shoe!  This is because the "rubber sole = rubber soul " literally makes us have a rubber soul in a sense..this is because the shoes block off all the free electrons that shield and nourish the entire Earth which are available at all times. This directly relates to many different dis-eases, as explained in one of the videos below, and this is being discovered by 'modern science' even.

What happens when your grounded?...your left, more analytical side of your brain starts quiteing which perhaps allows your more creative right side to open up some more, you go into a deeper state of relaxation, you get free negatively charged electrons which translates to free antioxidants which translates to no inflammation, which can literally end chronic pains! Another thing, the actual free electrons being emitted from the Earth  actually shields  you from Electromagnetic frequencies, because they will go around you as opposed to going in you if you are at the same hum as the Earth which is what happens when you are touching the Earth..even when you are holding and talking on a cell phone, as long as you are touching the Earth you will be shielding yourself from the EMF!


So my recommendation, go outside as much as possible in your bare feet and start being grounded!


A couple other interesting ideas you can do..if you must wear your shoes outdoors you can wrap a piece of metal wire that wraps around the bottom of your shoe to the bottom of your feet. The connection from the wire between the Earth and your feet will ground you. Another thing you can do for inside being on your computer or even sleeping, you can stay grounded. I did this to my shoes with some copper wire I had around. I haven't found a site to order it from yet but I heard they sell these mats that you can plug into your house/building that well keep you grounded if you are touching the mat.. Why's that? Because 1 of the 3 prongs in almost all modern electrical outlets is the ground connection to the Earth as a safety precaution in order to discharge static charges/shocks when your plugging in various electronics into it. Ever notice how when you plug something in sometimes you see a little shock/spark being discharged into one of the holes? While this prong is actually connected directly to the Earth so it has the same grounding effect on the mat as if you were on the Earth! At least thats what I have heard..

Here are a couple different people talking about it.






A video about the mats..



Take care everybody



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For many the idea of grounding is repulsive as they can think of only flying and are a little unclear of the exact dynamics necessary to bring that about. Proper grounding allows you to amplify and project further while remaining cohesive to what you are experiencing. A gentleman once told me it was the most important thing for him as he had progressed very far on the Path due to such principles. He further reflected that ones ground should be so strong that even if they were on a plane they should still feel their personal connection or roots with the Earth. I guess that could be looked at also that if you are on a foreign plane/dimension and you are not grounded properly than you forget where you are from like your tree has been uprooted. 


P.S. I'm choosing to use my moon time constructively, I suggest many adapt this principle, let me see your wisdom in full bloom of expression. 



I needed to see this.


Man I just got rid of a headache and tension in my neck, going outside in my backyard for 20 minutes barefooted. Thanx



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