For many who have questions on the Universal Laws and what are they I will tell you they are set up like a pyramid, and there is one on top. That law is that you cannot take another Beings soul without their consent. This is the master key.

Pledging allegiance to a flag is consent.

Praying in some other Beings name is consent.

Doing rituals involving the Beings is obviously giving the consent.

As I don't move on my own will this was the most important thing to post today, I was told. We are so close to Zero Point, the time were some go up and some go down depending upon what they have agreed. Remember when the new ager said "you have agreed to be a part of this experience" well they are actually right, for many last life they agreed to go to a material heaven, just like they are imagining now. They were fascinated with a false concept of when they got there they where able to "fellowship" with the god, just like they are doing now, but none of this means this is what you wanted to do. This was what you where coned into thinking you wanted to do. Go Higher.

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Just know this you are either going up the latter or down the latter.

Most High

Pure Reflection

Light Being


Human (These two will argue forever about who came first so I better put them side by side. ;-) Reptile




Micro - Organism


Most High
I will post this so it can surface at the top of the forum and set it self in front for those members who havent reach the depts ofknowledge in the archives.. Important to know...
good point to bring light to in relation to the archons and gaia ive been reading.Taking control of our lives,our thoughts,emotions is a very important step in moving monroe levels for me thanks im sure ive had enough.

You don't move on your own will?

id will, subconscious will, ego will, super-ego will, collective subconscious & conscious will... it goes on (:

till you get to... "the most high", that's the way i theorize it. 

let's just say, your soul's true will is the most high's will, and it gives you signs. cues, clues. 

I have never been more honored to be part of any community as much as I am right now. This is the culmination of all knowledge and understanding I have encountered/received, therefore this is The Highest Universal Law.
(Just my op.)

Excellent. Feel Th@  :)

The beauty of this is in its easy to understand truths.....thankyou for sharing.

It is good to be aware of what we give our consent to.........or not.



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