theharmonicequationofascension.pdf :


I was given the Harmonic Ascension Pdf document written by George Kavassilas as I was researching the Bruce Cathie material on the electron's 720 degree spin cycle, which has 1/2 in the antimatter region. Well, I was asking just where the heck is that??!! If an electron makes another 1/2 cycle that would be 1080 degrees of rotation which I know is harmonic to the phi spiral 108 as written about at . Anyway, readers might get some synchs from the Harmonic Ascension info at the link above.


George has lots of internet interviews available, here's one:




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Can any adepts comment on this and/or george kavassilas?

The artwork is beautiful!

I met Jain (as in Jain Mathemagics) at a workshop in Australia about a dozen years ago now.  He had actual physical models (built with chemistry set parts) of different dimensions.  I knew intuitively what he was getting at, but my left brain still has a hard time processing the mathematics of all of this.  My right brain is very comfortable but my left brain finds it overwhelming.  Thanks for posting this, and to all the others contributing to the thread.  I just wish I was better able to speak "mathematics."



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