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I was given the Harmonic Ascension Pdf document written by George Kavassilas as I was researching the Bruce Cathie material on the electron's 720 degree spin cycle, which has 1/2 in the antimatter region. Well, I was asking just where the heck is that??!! If an electron makes another 1/2 cycle that would be 1080 degrees of rotation which I know is harmonic to the phi spiral 108 as written about at . Anyway, readers might get some synchs from the Harmonic Ascension info at the link above.


George has lots of internet interviews available, here's one:




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Thank you for the informative site, and taking the time to put this together, reading now.

The URL has a miss typed S I think:

Is the right one?

Good Eyes Karrade!  Thank you!

I changed it as per your correction!


The hidden elites are building geometric structures like this large tetrahedron at Area 51:


I wonder where Area 51 is located on the Earth Grid?

There's a super visual journey into the "Spiral annd the World Tree" here:

The Magnetic Cubes and Electric Spheres of Creation:

great stuff darren. we are on the same wave length. been working with all this. thank you (-:o

As I write this at my small local, rural library, I can look out the window and watch the assembly of a cellphone tower.

I get different opinions on orgone effectiveness to cancel the harmful EMF waves from the microwave emitter.

Anyways, here's the video on Smart Murder Meters called "Targeted to Die":


Question: What is a Photon?
Answer: Under the photon theory of light, a photon is a discrete bundle (or quantum) of electromagnetic (or light) energy. Photons are always in motion and, in a vacuum, have a constant speed of light to all observers, at the vacuum speed of light (more commonly just called the speed of light) of c = 2.998 x 108 m/s. Photons are so small they are considered to have zero mass ( not true ) and are never at rest.


Quantum Metrology is a super sensitive measuring technology using entangled photons

or the measurement of magnetic fields using entangled spins.

How animals detect Earth's magnetic field has been a long standing mystery.

In the case of the European Robins, the evidence now suggests that these birds are capable

of harnessing quantum mechanics at a level that is beyond the best man-made systems.

According to recent experimental results from Frankfurt the bird's chemical compass,

thought to be located on the retina, is disrupted by extremely small levels of magnetic 'noise',

i.e. a tiny oscillating magnetic field added artificially to the static geomagnetic field.

The Earth is simply a huge magnet, a dynamo, wound with magnetic lines of force as its coils,

tenescopically counted to be 1851 to the square inch in one direction,

and 12246 to the square inch in the other direction (eddy currents).

And birds can see these!! Know wonder they can fly at top speed through the forest!!

The mass of a photon is the equivalent of 1.07×10−30 atomic mass units of an element.

The invariant mass of an electron is approximately 9.109×10−31 kilogram,[66] or 5.489×10−4 atomic mass unit.

So a photon is 10 to the minus 26 times smaller than an electron.

The radius of an electron is:

r_\mathrm{e} = \frac{1}{4\pi\varepsilon_0}\frac{e^2}{m_{\mathrm{e}} c^2} = 2.8179402894(58) \times 10^{-15} \mathrm{m}

Today's computers use the movement of electrons in-and-out of transistors to do logic.

Optical or Photonic computing is intended to use photons or light particles, produced by lasers or diodes,

in place of electrons. Compared to electrons, photons are much faster – light travels about 30 cm,

or one foot, in a nanosecond – and have a higher bandwidth.


Optical engineers at the University of Pennsylvania have created the first computer circuit

where logic is performed with light instead of electricity.

Dubbed “metatronics,” this light-based logic could enable smaller, faster, and more energy efficient computer chips.

Photons are an excellent choice for quantum technologies because they are relatively noise free; information

can be moved around quickly -- at the speed of light; and manipulating single photons is easy.

Making two photons "talk" to each other to realise the all-important controlled-NOT gate is much harder,

but Dr O'Brien and his colleagues at the University of Queensland demonstrated this back in 2003 [Nature 426, 264].

Photons must also "talk" to each other to realise the ultra-precise measurements that harness the laws of quantum mechanics -- quantum metrology,

which nature ( birds ) already use.

The oceans held the next stage of his global-grid formula. He had noticed that many reports of UFO’s entering the sea at certain locations. He put these locations onto his grid-map and found them to be crossing points on the grid. But it was a photograph of an unknown structure 13,500 feet deep off the coast of Cape Horn in South America that really caught his attention. It appeared to be a large metal ariel of some sort with geometrically placed bars protruding out from it at certain angles. He checked his grid-map and found that this was also a major crossing point and that the direction bars corresponded with the direction of the grid lines. This piece of information and his research up to that point allowed him to form a detailed version of the grid he had discovered. David Wilcock was the first to point out that Cathie had unknowingly discovered the cube and octahedron inside a sphere – the first stage of the platonic solids within the Grid.

Cathie’s Grid showing Cube and
Octahedron points inside a sphere

The underwater structure and UFO’s entering the ocean links with the research of Joan Ocean. She says that the Government’s sonar experiments disrupted these electro-magnetic lines of the Earth so that the UFO’s could no longer navigate our oceans. It also suggests that there are indeed underwater bases set up by ET’s. Cathie also once saw a fast-horizontal moving UFO ‘fire’ a glowing rod into the sea at a precise vertical angle that defied the laws of physics. He concluded that the UFO had aimed the rod at a particular point on the ocean floor, which could have been linked to the ‘aerial’ found at Cape Horn.


That grid looks a lot like the Venus Transit, schedule for June 5, 2012:

Five alignments Transit of Venus pentagon

Bruce Cathie's Earthgrid material, which connects light to gravity via inversion uses the 3,4,5 triangle as the base shape for the following 72 harmonic:

The harmonic of the speed of light in free space is 144.

One half of this cycle is 72.

Applied to the 3,4,5 triangle equating 72 = 4 unit side of the triangle ( 4 x 72 = 288 )

 3 side = 3 x 72 = 216  ( 21600 minutes of arc in a circle , zeros do not count in harmonics, ALWAYS round down )

5 side = 5 x 72 = 360

so 3,4,5 becomes  216, 288, 360   ( lots of 9's in that series! )

If a 9 is a counterclockwise loop, then this toroid made with 3 loops is very pertinent:

Perfect Right Triangles

The 3/4/5, 5/12/13 and 7/24/25 triangles are examples of right triangles whose sides are whole numbers. The graphic above contains several of each of these triangles. The 3/4/5 triangle is contained within the so-called “King’s Chamber” of the Great Pyramid, along with the 2/3/root5 and 5/root5/2root5 triangles, utilizing the various diagonals and sides.


The 3,4,5 triangle in the Giza pyramid King's Chamber.

It sure looks like the pyramid cross section is 2 - 3,4,5 triangles!

I see 3,4,5 interesting as 3+4+5 = 12  3x4x5 = 60   and 12 + 60 = 72

and we can reduce that trinity down to 12 = 1+2=3, 60=6, 72 = 7+2=9  so 3,6,9

I also like the 3,4,5 synch to the prism that Newton shone light through to make 7 colors.

The prism had 5 sides, two triangle ends and three rectangular four sided geometry together 3,4,5 .

It is the photons of light that are moving and toroidal, the prism is only slightly moving!

This is what Newton would see if he had the equipment to look into the really, really small:

If anyone else has some 3,4,5 synchs please put em up!



If you study the Platonic Solids the 3,4,5 sequence is the number of edges that interface via the
octahedron, cube, dodecahedron sequence
Do you think these UFO designs are using sacred geometry in their cyclotron designs:

Thanks for pointing out the 3 vortexs within the hexagon in the merkaba, i never saw it in that perspective

  • Atoms are actually counter-rotating energy forms in a hierarchy of matrix patterns. These patterns can be seen in the vertex structure of the Platonic Solids. They are specifically rooted in a counter-pulse-rotation of the octahedron and tetrahedron, each vibrational / pulsational shape corresponding to a different major density of aether.



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