Our ranks are growing and strong souls are assembling. We will defend Earth until those that remain care not to go to higher planes. I want to welcome all new members, Adepts to Neophytes, Brothas and Sistas, and I even saw a Mermaid log on :-) Internet under water, a fabulous world.

The Culprites


This is the bloodline of the Grail, We are currently in Ilus version of Sion or more simply Illusion. "Watch what We do next". I think that should be our new Motto for awhile, since they are utterly shocked every time We do something. Soon 40,000 Members. Money is not the only way to contribute pass the book to others, email a link, or Invite them to the site lets push it.

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Hi Sevan. you know, all my life i heard people saying in movies " I ll Dye for my country" not knowing what kind of feeling can take someone to say that.... now i know and i say proudly that what i found in here is the one feeling that can take me to say the same. now a question . is there a time during the night, were you get to plug yourself to the energy of tiamat? couse i do and in return the energy that comes from her can only be translated as plesure and love, but i feel lonly right after. Can we as a group ( for me 2 is power enough and it seems not to care for distance) have a time to plug to that energy? or am i mad? anyway thanks brother, i am in power of my life now, and the power is increasing... light :)
I'm always floating around various planes between 3 and 4 a.m. just observing. At this point I don't tune into the energy of the Planet because it is infected. The first rule a doctor learns is to never identify with the patients sickness or you will become sick, you must focus only on treating it. I send energy into its water supply which spreads very rapidly across the globe as water is connected everywhere. I do this in the shower as it washes over me I send unlocked DNA strings down the drain to eventually be drunk by someone. Deep within the coccyx there is a hole that allows you to receive energy from higher dimensions. There is also one in the Plexus. Remember Planets are not being powered by this Sun, it is too small, this was figured out in simple mathematics.
we are growing...! viva la resistance...



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