Basic level - They do as they are told. They believe what they're told. They follow orders. This level is very controlled, and it is the most basic level of innerstanding for humans.

Advanced level - These homosapians believe it is a necessity to be an authoritarian to others that are less dominant than they are. They generally have a constant need to be in control. Others follow their orders. They feel as though it is necessary to be superior to others. When this level gets out of control, they are usually persuaded by those in the expert level to either maintain control or to create absolute chaos --whichever those in the expert level decide.

Expert level - Idea creator. Their work is so inspirational that others follow in their footsteps everywhere they go. Their advice is considered near-perfect and unflawed thus making this level extremely dangerous to a society that is based on ideas or founding principles. Managers and leaders take their advice without their knowledge thus making this level extremely dangerous as the people around them follow in their footsteps, and one wrong decision could have severe implications, and one wrong decision could make or break entire economies around the universe.

The One level - The level of full awareness of the multidimensional self; the level where space-time becomes time-space where one can freely travel to any dimension at any time anywhere in the universe. --A true creator. --A creator that loves everyone in the universe because humansand all living things are simply just creations of it. --The true source off all electromagnetic frequencies. --The source of all energies. --The source of all love in the universe, which is created from love. --The good and the bad. --The true essence that binds all.

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