The Earth Legends.
A comic book I'm going to create. I welcome all to join me in collaboration and share freely if the entire story is shared without editing. Sorry for the type Os but you catch my drift, right?

I first heard of Herbobalus from an Aztec elder from 1999 to 2002. It travels through our system like clockwork and it is due here soon. The Earth will continue to get hotter. I would put my money on them as they are the astronomical authorities, not psudo-scientists of today who are controlled by Rome and recently said the world was flat.

Now i feel the common people will see signs of this planetary system in November. I saw in answer to my query a large and medium sized planet visible in November. They never know what will happen. They may miss us entirely. No one knows but they do know they exist. Elenin is a made up propaganda tool for the scientists agenda.

I don't know what will happen but I sense that some of the information is accurate on the net and it is just my take on what I have researched, making the best educated guess i can make. We are hologram generators who have the greatest capacity in the universe of creating physical reality and maintaining it. We have 22 universal species in our genetics with animal genetics too. Animals have no choice but to express divine life force. This gives us our over abundant emotions. In creating physicality, focus, will and emotions are the key elements. Governments use emotional triggers to harness our creative potential and the last 5725 years the power mongers have created our socio-economic systems with the use of religion to hide our powers from us in order to use it for their selfish gains.

Many colonies of beings are watching Earth and some have their designs on Earth. Others have collaborated to protect Earth and some have determined that there will be a war that takes place in 400 years in the Universe and we humans are part of it's origin. Thus they are using this event to balance the scales in order to take a stand now to effect that highly potential event in the favor or human life.

The andromedans plan is to play a key role in the reconstuction of the humans on Earth after the planets move out of our area. They would be available to help in a small capacity to teach us to do it ourselves. One thing they would do is help us set up desalination centers all over the planet to direct fresh water to all the inland areas eliminating the problem of draught for example. They can't do it for us or we would not evovle and take our rightful place as creative beings.

There will be governmental/malevolent ets who upon first signs of the planetary threat who will promise those that survive to get on ships and flea rather than holding our ground and collaborate with each other to create a harmonious world. This will happen first. The ets that the govt contracted with are reptilian and see humans as food. The govts I'm sure are sorry they hooked up with them but they are afraid of them.

There is going to be some interaction with a planetary system that carries with it a lot of debre. This has gone on for four ages.
We are in the midst of the emergence of the fifth age of the sun.
The Mayans say it is the blossoming of our consciousness when we realize we are creators and learn to wield our power expressed in the Human Calendar. I learned this from Don Alejandro, the head Mayan Elder over seven nations in 2002. I suggest you send him $50 and get your mayan astrology chart. It is telling about your growth years that prepare you to give your gift to your community when you become an adult and much more.

One story is that the asteroid belt was created when a moon of one of the planets hit one of our planets as they moved through. Another story is that debree hit Earth and sunk Atlantis. The reptilians chose this time to attack Earth and many nuclear weapons caused genetic damage to the humans. The skin colors were caused by this event. The red people were the strongest and the whites were the weakest. Intentional environments were set up like eden to help humans survive.

Sin meant genetically damaged. The whites were persecuted and fled under the Himalayas only to emerge 5725 years ago. I think they used that time to lay a plan to take over the world. Satan is a personification of the reptilians who saught to get the humans to help them enslave the planet. They promissed to help the whites if they would accept them as their lords. A prime example to what humans can do when they really get depressed. They can create hell better than anyone. The ultimate lucifer concept of doing it themselves as they lost faith in the creative life force to protect them and became neurotic from their tramatic experience. The bible is a rampently dysfunctional book.

From the best information I can find the southern hemisphere will incur the majority of the damage as it is moving up from the south of our planet. Kansas and Russia are probably the safest places to be as it is far inland. Some of the debre will cause the oceans to produce high waves effecting the coastal areas. Since most of the population inhabits the coastal areas, many lives will be lost. It is not the end of the world. We will have many refugees flooding into Kansas. The Andromedans have moved in ships, some larger than many planets we have in our solar system to help deflect most of the incoming debree but some will cause sunamies. From the remote viewing, they determined that those connected with the military will drop what they are doing and fly home to their families as it will cause widespread panic.

The remote viewers did not see any military. They saw refugess moving into the interior of the continents and collaborating to set up communities. So many will survive.

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 Two words DAN WINTER but yes Maldak was destroyed or the 12th planet whatever and that created the ocean actually all the frozen water from maldak created the ocean(tsarion and swerdlow). Also we need to make our cities and environment centripedal so as to asborb the solar flares and evolve its get bliss or get burned its that simple(Dan winter all the way) anyways you are right on i think about eh edens they were biological capacitors to create immortality for those that lived inside. However we were prisoners in those camps, which ironically we could now used that capacitor tech for the good but at that time they were basically concentration camps for humans by dracos or annunaki most likely uru-an=roman. Anways its not gonna be tsunamis man its gonna be a seamless transition so long as we keep the vibrations UP UP UP. the present is the only thing that exists, the vision was for the purpose of getting you to act accordingly to the emotional reaction you GET from the vision. Revolutions in architecture, and free- energy and all this stuff is right around the corner. how best to navigate the collapse. You think the americas are screwed? Australia is where its at I think I wanna move there, Byron Bay baby

Kevin, peace

Yes i will do the art and I am also a musician so i would love to do music for it too. What do you want the very first issue to be? Do we want to do a radical new medium like moving comics? Have you seen these? They are like audiobooks combined with pics its interesting check it out. Def a sort of human origins, covers the prison of Lyra the orion wars the atlantis lemuria stuff everything andrew bartzis covers and more I want to combine a bunch of diff cosmologies into say you have past lives? intersting tell me more...ultimately it should be about how we CAN and WILL achieve our destiny as the 'vaccine' species to all these conflicts by becoming the true HU-monz as you put it. Shamanic, artistic warrior healer race to the rescue! We are i believe meant to be an amalgom of all the races because our 'skin suits' can travel through all the known wormholes because we have the soul codes to all the star systems therefore we can engage in commerce with any race, inhabit almost any ecosystem, AND(i know it sounds strange) MATE with almost every knwn race in our galaxy!(excluding apparently the insectoids and grays cuz they got no willy). Hit me back with a rough intro or bluerint outline for how you want this done from a storyboard erspective and Ill start working on art and music for it-this could be a great project for us to do! from a illustration perspective do u want a fantastic planet type style? A more photorealistic style or something more cartoony, I was thinking a mix of everything like each segment would be done in a different style to switch things up like alan moore does. BTW-I have a 'truth booth' of sorts I do at local fares and festivals in oakland california where I live called peoplepropaganda or DIY witchcraft productions-its newbie status at the moment but its all about bringing the positive constructive practical info to people with a lil of this type of stuff sprinkled in(you cant overload people with ET history they just shun it and think ur nutzz)-my next showing is in a week-wish me luck! ANY BOOK recs u have for me would be massively appreciated! BTW how old are you? just curious


K from oakland

Tut ankh Amen? You mea Jesus? You are saying that you were jesus? Ive heard by many people that they were the same bieng. anyways, sure keep sending info its entertaining and informative, why not. How do you communicate with these entities? What is your procedure? Anyways is Enki Lucifer? And why is it that the freemasons felt the need to plan the 3 world wars? Why is Albert Pike such a douchebag? These are questions Ive had for a while.


WOw yeah ur awesome man I wanna learn to remote view and astral travel. Art is how I transmute my pain and lonliness and I find that alot of what I do in life is in some sense a means to an end in or achieve a further enrichment of my creative process. Sun rituals, know any positive ones? I mean other than sunbathing...anyways, wanted to get a sundail I feel like mirrors, clocks and money are magical rituals conducted on humanity as soon as we realize what these things REALLY are we will be that much closer. Money=paper with faces on it, mirrors=reversed, literally, outwards projection of your consciousness, and clocks are a means by which to grid and make linear a phenomenon that is anything but because as andrew bartzis says, and im inclined to agree, Time=social agreement-i think thats right on its all SO relative the only currency in the galaxy is DNA and conscious experience, thats it. Anyways, thanks so are albert pike and John Dee in the same category then? What do you think of vincent bridges and Dan winters calling all angels projects? They want to use enochian magick to help steer any environment disasters away or perhaps perturb them in order to smooth the transition much the same way that the 15th century alchemists deefeated the spanish armada with a hurricane using the same magical system...thoughts? Also, ive learned that having some EGO is a good thing, cuz then otherwise we would be just source again and thats not what prim creator wants, it wants us to mature enough to get what we NEED out of ego and come back home with our treasures of wisdom...Transmission over-PEACe

Yeah I like it good advice I love this site so dope anyways you have alot of insight and i appreciate it. Ill get back to you with music and ideas asap. Also, I want to submit to you another idea. This is a different realm entirely but Ive been building slowly a basically U-house solar homestead in the Forest of the Oakland Hills in california in a secret undisclosed location with some friends, its amazing and I cant wait till weve finished the digging process and we can start to get to insulating and boarding and all that fun stuff done. Its essentially illegal ok? What is your thoughts on this? It feels so right I(i project I finish it by the end of the year) will be living in this underground cabin that is virtually undetetable, integrated into the environment and is comfortable as hell. but is close enough to the city with bus stops right by it(its the most pefect spot). Squatting the planet in other words. Okay, so I want to do this right and then post it on the internet to people that they can see that THEY TOO can build comfortable houses that are truly integrated with the environment for less than 500 dollars and some determination and they DONT have to wait for the law to change so they can do it. Is it wrong to push back in this way? It feels right to me...I feel the law regarding this is evil, they cram us in cities, which make us sick and expect us to just put up with it like pigs in a pen but im done so done in fact that im soon going to move into the woods lol and live in comfort and peace and make music with solar powered stuff and water(will still need a food connect but I eat really natural and healthy anyways).... Thoughts?

Yeah totally I feel ur essance bro. Aight, so a few important distinction you arent supposed to have chakras? If anyone else is reading this too btw please fill me in...that seems huge...WE ARENT SUPPOSED TO HAVE CHAKRAS? HELLO? Why does no one talk about this? They seem natural to me though, you know the electromagnetic light spectrum manifested in toirodal form around our essance seems natural to me but explain that interests me. Next, yes of course i understand duality what you think im retarded? Next, I like that your about quality over quantity in regards to the DNA strands, stewart swerdlow says actually that everyone has 2 because only 2 can coil properly....makes sense to me...moving on. NEXT-freemason are what exactly? Are they just pawns? Clearly they are very intelligent and have alot to teach so I cant just discredit them so easily as you seem too, im reading morals and dogma right now and while Albert Pike is a tremendous douche bag he is VERY VERY intelligent. Also Yes I pray to the Sun every morning and thank it for its light, sounds corny but its true I do this everyday. WHITE PEOPLE DONT FEAR THE SUN EARN YOUR MELANIN! lol anyways any book recommendations or yoga exersise or cool foods/herbs u know about that you wanna share? Im exploring alot right now...peace. Oh please, your thoughts on this 'death star merkaba' Ashayan Deane talks about...know about this? She essentially makes the very BOLD claim that somehow our tree of life diagram is Wrong and its designed to handicap our ability to bring things into manifestation and that there is a 'correct' tree of life and a 'correct' merkaba...interesting claim she makes, ur thoughts?



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