What's going on family? I hope all is well and this world is not convincing you that you are not where you are supposed to be. I just wanted to take a minute out to talk about how thankful I was when Sevan got into the disappearance of empathy on his latest podcast. I had started to be concerned recently about my reactions to things that I had previously been very emotional about upon learning. I was concerned that I had withdrawn from so much of the world that my compassion was disappearing. Hearing Sevan's last podcast really made me sit down and think about the difference between empathy and compassion. I had always kinda seen the two as being synonymous with each other, but upon investigating it I realized that I had been wrong in that assumption. Sevan had warned the listeners of the podcast that it might sound somewhat outlandish to think that empathy was an emotion that wasn't necessarily needed. At first I was taken aback when he first said it, as I'm sure many others were, but after my initial emotional response, I began to dissect what he had just said. Empathy is defined as the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. While understanding the feelings of others is something that I can get with at all times, sharing the feelings of others is a potentially dangerous situation for those of us who seek higher vibrations and consciousness every day. We on this spiritual path are not easily rocked by news of terrorism and war. We who understand, overstand and innerstand the consequences of divisions know why there is such pain and turmoil in this world. Sometimes we look rather crazy in the eyes of those who have not learned about the ways in which division manifests itself on the physical plane. Be mindful of the emotions of those who surround you. When you find yourself being affected by lower vibratory frequency, do not be afraid of separating yourself from the situation to regain your higher frequency. Lose empathy, retain compassion, and stay grounded in Truth. Stay beautiful y'all. Wholeness.

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Indeed it seems people equate having a lower level of empathy with being Saturnalian, I have seen people who seem to think that having a crazy emotional reaction and letting their emotions get the best of them is the most productive use of their power and energy, for instance getting angry or upset when you see something negative on the news when any adept knows this will only make your personal situation worse especially considering that most of us if we are in the US are miles away from the situation and have little to no control over what is going on there. I need to be balanced so that I can see clearly what is going on because surely, surely in my activated perfected state when I see anything negative in the reality it cannot knock me off the proverbial ladder, I am much stronger than that.

On another note I have a theory that Sevan isn't opening Secret Energy because it wouldnt be wise to do so while Mercury is retrograde ;)

Wholeness and beyond

Hey Peter, sorry for how long its taken me to respond. I absolutely agree with you and have lived as a person who believed that crazy emotional outbursts had the greatest ramifications. When I think back to that time in my life I have to smile because I was so off center, yet so convinced that I was acting in a correct manner, it's so laughable now. It reminds of the Jedi on Star Wars, fighting with their lightsabers. You don't see them fight in anger and when they do they always lose the fight. Balance is so essential to life itself. It never hurts to be more balanced haha. As for Secret Energy, that is a very plausible hypothesis haha and I'm so excited to see what more innerstanding the site will bring. I know its gonna be awesome. Wholeness my brother.



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