Get a set of "Mack's" earplugs the good gooey ones that don't bother the ear because they are uncomfortable which some earplugs do. When you go to sleep put these in, be sure to oxygenate the body before you fall to sleep every night, this is fuel for the astral body. 15 minutes worth of breathing air through the mouth and forcing it into the stomach. Put your hand on your stomach to be sure you are putting air into you stomach and not into you chess. Concntrate on your breath doing this, this will also still/steal you mind. Lastly use something like a black t-shirt, sock, whatever to cover the eyes. The whole body is light sensative, a dark room with as few LED's as possible. This means T.V. lights, DVD player lights, cell phone charger, especially blinking lights. Turn all these off before you go to sleep or put them in another room. The cosmic energy is much more different than if used to be, however there are certain things that must be done to recieve it clear. Your life depends on whether you can receive the correct signals in time.
When you follow these directions to the T for five days tell me what happens, or whenever you experience something. I am very interested in you input. See you on the otherside.

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Perfect. When one of the senses are impaired it hightens all other senses.
A tachyon or diode device to block out elf's would help as well.
what ringing in the ear ?
The aim of any meditation, including this one is to still one's mind. To direct one's attention to awareness. In the beginning less noise is good. But later on even when there is a lot of noise, you fall back into that silence within. The silence within will eventually become louder than the noise outside.

ringing in the ear will eventually drown out with more practice and dedication towards meditation. Do not be worried about that. If you still find it to be difficult, a simple meditation practice would be to internally say OM THAT I AM to the noise which you hear ( can also be done with open eyes to all kind of sensory inputs as well). Then one begins to perceive the silence within even amidst noise.
welcome new resistance



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