In a continuing effort to bring knowledge in every format for all preferences and all audiences we now present....drum roll.....the Code to the Matrix video. Special thanks to MrSpiritMatter for working on this project side by side with me decoding, encoding, and uploading and to MJ for scanning through all of the voices to determine which would be the clearest. Wholeness!


Note: There appears to be a slight garbling error in the middle of video one, simply fast forward through it and the rest should be clear enough. Oh yeah thanks also to Bridget from the AT&T voices who has done millions of automated lines across the world and has decided to use her talent to assist the Resistance. Even droid is with it. Neo-Universalism :-)



























We will continue to add more recordings as they are uploaded.

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thank you!! i was too lazy to read.. lol wholeness brother! i appreciate your efforts
Wow what a masterpiece, amazing!! Many thanks to all those who worked on this project.
Is that Bridgette doing the reading? thanks...

Hahaha It sure is John bare with me as I we will be uploading the rest of the videos daily


a MAZE ing !


2 more up

Still going.


New additions added. Working around the clock to bring enlightenment.



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