Are there any special or certain clear face techniques which might aid me in advancement of degrees? I have seen through the illusion and I have walked thru the darkness in and beyond the reflection does anyone have any activities to recommend when before the clear face?

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I believe past that phase things get more personal than ever. Imo, it's up to the person to decide for him/herself what works or not and from what to create his own benchmarks. What is it that activates and propels the person with feelings of resonance by his own methods... It becomes ever more useful for a person to go by his own creations so that manifestations can be pure. So for another person to tell you "do this and do that"... hmm well, maybe what I'm writing here can be just that "technique"! :)

Probably it helps to see other's perspectives or suggestions but to feel it working is a whole another story. The person needs to look deeper within himself, is what I'm saying because this is the time to create worlds.

Wholeness and baalance. All of my experience up until now has been personal.
Would it cost me much to give a worthy patron secret informationprobably not as much as it would cost me if I was to give an unworthy patron secret information. if you have drink of water you can try to give me your best description of what the water tastes like or what it does for you but I will never know what it does for me until I drink for myself, as you have stated. Yet your measurements and mannerisms might add to my preparation to drink.for we are at the same stream of water.even Judas was not denied to sup with the Christ.yet Christ whispered in to the inbox of one of the disciples to in form him of Judas. Lol.

I like to see these kind of answers and the things they show... And it's good to take into consideration another person's replies as not personal only, as it may serve to others reading the whole discussion too... So, with that said it can be seen what you mean with "All of my experience up until now has been personal."... Hmm...It's ok, doesn't render the rest of your text redundant as it may serve again to someone. It seems these days people tend to adopt things from one another anyway, including some salutations too wich in turn takes the personal out of business again! :D

Stopping with the lame jokes and "preachings"... My honest opinion is really what I wrote earlier, that in this case, there are no "clear face techniques" that someone can give to another. Probably I should've said it like this before. Lol. Of course if there are any other opinions, I also would like to get informed about.

Hataap! This my tribal salutation.but Wholeness and balance is a common salutation for this site which is why I used it. that and I rather a wholeness than a I will add a piece.
Here are a couple of clear face techniques:
The reflection you see in the lucid state is not really you it is only pretending. It can actually change face and communicate with you.
Another technique which I've learned was the ability to walk through the mirror . but the latter is not always applicable, I don't know why.but beware there is darkness beyond the surface. Stand tall and walk strong or you will fall.
I hope this helps.

What is the clear face? I think already seen somewhere in some video here but don't quite remember where

Clear face is light that has left you and travelled through infinite space and returned to you with the knowledge and experience of that the apparent form of your reflection. Clear face is internal reflection.coming face to face with a degree of yourself. Sevan goes in on this on the podcast called "outside the box time breaker"

I'm guessing that's the metaphysical or poetic side of it? Hahah :D I wanna know how to recognize that clear face state in me either physically or at mind level if possible so I guess I'm gonna see that podcast thank you!

Simply put. Clear face is looking in a mirror in a lucid state. What can be more recognizable than you? Lol
I also have a meditation that can help one achieve a state of clear face Its called the black mirror meditation. This would require a black mirror, or you can just use your smart phone in an off state
Sit in a dimmly lit space or one lit by candle light. Observe and study your reflection on the reflective surface of the smartphone for at least 4 minutes after observing close your eyes and try to see the same image in the darkness of your mind your physical eyes closed.repeat several times . It takes much practice but eventually you will be able to envision your self perfectly in minds eye.practice daily before going to bed.
I hope this helps
Wholeness and balance



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