After tuning into a video a few days ago: “Alan-watt-the-reptilian-deception” -  I couldn't help but to reflect and ponder over my own existence, and all the factors that have been put into place  that have influenced my way of thinking; and ultimately my way of living.


Bare with me here as I attempt to articulate my thoughts in a somewhat orderly fashion!

We hear about how the veil is thinning, and more and more of us are experiencing life through different eyes; or rather (opened eyes). But how much of this is determined by our thoughts and what we choose to believe?


Last night, I was taken back to a period in time, which I now have connected its meaning. In 2008, after picking up a book by Carolyn Myss (I think that's the spelling); and then a few others of hers thereafter; my consciousness began to expand in areas that I could not decipher at that time.  I started to remember my dreams; and a few of them were quite profound.  Of course, I did not know this back then as much of my attention was not given to them.


I never felt so more alive.  It is during this time also that I was still attending church (once or twice a month), and what I was experiencing was nothing that was even mentioned amongst people I knew who attended this church; not even in casual conversations.  On a few occasions where we would have social gatherings, I would slip in some of my thoughts regarding spirituality, and the dreams that I was having. Sure enough, I would get these looks like if I am crazy; I was even told that I may have a vitamin deficiency.


As time went on, and my focus was taken away from anything that dealt with inner growth or experiences, I found that I was not remembering my dreams; I was not astral projecting, and fell back into being encircled by everything external - the latest music playing; what was popular on TV etc. I like to refer to this period in time as; my life as a zombie!


It was like I got a glimpse of myself, and then; just like that I disappeared again; only to live my life by what I saw and heard; just accepting everything because everybody saw it as how it is suppose to be: I basically stepped back into the line up.


I think that many people are waking up and questioning their existence, but they get to that point where they do realize that..... OMG... everything that I automatically accepted to be the way and the only way has all been made up - what now? They find themselves at the crossroad - weighing the pros and cons of living an authentic life.


Some people would rather live in denial because they think it is easier - why rock the boat. They rather be guided by the other boats ahead of them, which are also being led down the stream by current of the water. Coming to shore and taking stock of the actual conditions ahead, may very well  provide a better view of why you were being led down one path - a path you chose because everybody before you did.


Pardon my ramble... but getting back to my initial question:

How much of what you are able to see and understand is based on your ability to let go of beliefs that you know only serve to entrap you?

Temperature wise - are you hot or cold?

Are you having a lukewarm existence; and what would it take for you to jump through the fire?

... I'm posting this, in hopes of opening discussion for anyone who is finding them self stuck - sometimes we may have all the answers, and all that is needed to become 'unstuck'  is the opportunity given to be heard. No two people are alike!

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Yes, I think we all get stuck during the awakening phases. How connected you are in the material or physical is going to dictate how much you struggle. How fast you can let go of old concepts plays role too. I have never been good at letting go of things especially when they are the building blocks of my foundation. The good thing for me is that I never fully brought into religion. I simply took the GOD concept and worked it in a fashion that worked for me. So to consider all the things I'm learning now through my spiritual journey is right on target for me. That's not to say its easy. Despite everything that I discussed I still am filtering and decoding and getting better at letting go of the concepts that don't align with the truth. I am going to venture out and say; expressing your thoughts on spirituality in church or to someone that is religious may not yield the open minded discussions you are seeking. Maybe you should consider changing your audience or collaborators with open minded individuals. Also stay strong and continue to question things as you see fit. Do not become deterred by naysayers. The worse thing that can happen from you questioning your existence is that you'll get an answer! Lol! Hope this helps.

Oh it has been a few years now Tamara that I let it all go - in fact I don't think there ever was a time I even held unto any of those beliefs; but growing up as a child, I had no choice but to join the flock every Sunday. But for many years, I was living on the edge of it all; in limbo!

I think the reason why this was brought to my attention recently, was to remind others that we are living in the 'information age." There is no excuse! And even better, we have networks such as this one where members can interact - a meeting of the minds!

At the time, I had no one to bounce off my ideas off, or how I actually viewed the world. A few years back when I started to delve into information on the net; started exploring topics; theories etc;  have you ever seen the look on a kid's face after receiving a toy that they had their eyes on for the longest time?  Well, that was me! It's easy to take things for granted - and information / knowledge is the best gift one can be given!

I hold much respect and appreciation for individuals like Sevan Bomar, who have stepped into this matrix with one goal in mind - to aid us in 'stepping out of it."

It is like peeling off the layers of onion to get to the truth, except it is not an onion but layers of deception surrounding our soul, the absolute truth very few have real-eyesd and once you do you most likely do not return having seen how difficult it was to figure out and escape..... 

UPDATE - as of approximately 10pm CST (Sat, Oct 20th) the interval of a second has been shortened even more. If anyone has a recording of music on video you can validate this yourself by playing the 2 in sync while comparing the tempo. I’d say it’s roughly 5% faster. How did I pick up on this? Again it was first by tuning into the fact the vocals of music I have been listening to my entire life are now at an even higher pitch. In conjunction the musical notes are at a slightly higher key along with increased tempo/beat.

Why has this been accelerated even further? Considering the last acceleration took place upon the release of my latest material (see YouTube channel I’d say it’s directly linked to the massive amount of information I’ve been pouring out the past 2 days. Early on in my experience in the most ironic of ways a substantiating indicator I had hit the “nail on the head” on conclusions and/or linking together the intricate web of this “game” was the magnitude of “response” elicited from this inter-dimensional dark influence. The fact time this second increase in time, taking place twice now in the same week, directly coincides with the latest material I have shared should speak volumes towards: (a) the extent of the legitimacy of truth, light & love I am sharing spanning vast information on this entire “web” of deceit down to precise detail on the methods; (b) the fact that as intimidating of a force as this is, in a “5-sense” level seeming to have extremely advanced capability, resources, & oversight on most all institutions of control & influence, despite all of this they are massively concerned about how this all is transpiring – all due to the third & most important indication, that (c) all I have brought forward in the past couple of days regarding the key to all of this, tapping into the real potential within all of us which has absolutely nothing to do with the “physical”, but the power of BELIEF which has clearly been shown via research & study to influence & control every single aspect of our reality –biology, genetics, physics, quantum mechanics, chemistry, medicine, health, & now in the extraordinary experience I have been sharing over the past 18 months. 

The state of our world, ourselves, our destiny entirely revolves around our beliefs. I can’t tell you the specifics of how this works, but it’s been demonstrated over & over again, & it absolutely has to do with the true make-up of our reality – one which at its foundation is wave-vibrational crystalline structures woven together in the sacred-geometric pattern of the flower of life. Considering we too are energetic beings residing within a crystalline bodily structure, & considering science has shown it is our hearts, not our minds, which resonate extraordinary energy - an electromagnetic field 2,000x more powerful than that generated by the brain; & considering the resonance when in a state of peace, harmony, love, & light is 1,000’s of times more powerful than states of negative; & considering our entire world has been constructed to lock us out of this incredible aspect of our nature, furthermore designed to invoke negative states of emotion; & considering one of the most extraordinary aspects of my experience has been to demonstrate firsthand just how powerful this electromagnetic field can be when “rev’d” up appropriately – providing footage with unquestionably shows the bending of space/light resulting in what appears to be the moving of the sun & moon all over the sky – it should be very apparent this power within us to literally invoke change to our external world via belief is fully dependent upon our hearts speaking the language of love & light, subsequently turning them into the massive energetic vortices that they are, or in other words returning back to our true selves, our true nature, & our true potential.

I can’t tell you the specific “inner mechanics” around the power we have to create via our beliefs, but I can tell you 100% with certainty this is something we absolutely have been blessed with, tricked into using our very own extraordinary gift to construct an Archon world, suited for these invisible electromagnetic parasites who literally feed off of our collective low-vibrational resonance.

I can tell you however why we have been blessed with this power, & what these entities have not. In the words of Uncle Ben to Spiderman – “great power comes with great responsibility.” This isn’t about “power”; it’s about the power that comes with LOVE. David Icke will tell you these entities simply feel no empathy, & as much indication provided around this being the case, I am not in agreement as all beings, dark, light, or in-between, have “all possibility” available to them. It’s a matter of you got it, belief. But as these entities are locked into their obsessive selfish-intent they have in-turn locked themselves out of the capacity to feel empathy. You see it is empathy which not only results in having “great power”, but also brings about “great responsibility”. We are beings of love & light, tricked into thinking otherwise; tricked into forgetting about just how powerful empathy is – that is the ability to not only recognize the feelings of another, but to literally feel it. And it is in this gift where one understands the power to create is meant for just that – to create; to create new experiences & new opportunities; to create not just for ourselves but for others; to create things to be better than it was before. To create ourselves to be better than we were before. Without empathy the power to create is a complete waste, seen regularly on the movie screens in our homes to be used to destroy as opposed to create – misused, abused, & squandered. We have a chance, here & now, to demonstrate we are better than what we have been manipulated into “thinking” we are. We have the opportunity to “create” exactly who we want to be.

Of course I, just like all of you, have felt empathy my entire life - but you know what? Up until a few years ago my circle of empathy was limited to the 5-senses – that is limited to what I could see around me; what I possibly heard on the news, read on the internet; what was taking place in my own personal life & the lives of loved ones. But I called out to the force of light – recognizing I was not living up to my true potential & asking for help in achieving a single thing – to allow me to be all that I am; all that I ever will be. In other words deep-down I knew what it was I represented at the very core, recognizing not only was there some sort of influence being placed upon me –inducing “automated” behaviors, & limiting potential, but this influence was somehow at the very core of why a beautiful world, a home to equally beautiful beings of love, had turned into a world reflecting of the very opposite. I called out, I imagined it, believed it, I created it. 

One’s level of faith can be demonstrated in a variety of ways – the important thing is to believe with all of your heart & soul in that which is closest to you – to believe in yourself. It is this very belief which has vaulted me into an 18-month journey of pure wonder matched with the horrid; pinnacle self-awareness with sobering truths. It has also led to a rediscovery of the very empathy which drives the light within us. A rediscovery of heart which has connected me so deeply with the world in which we live, the divine presence & its extraordinary & unique manifestations of its creations; a connection to all of you. No longer do I go a single day where I don’t think about the magnitude of division, pain, & suffering which has been foisted upon this world; a day when I don’t put myself in the shoes of the less-fortunate; the shoes of the entire world who in unaware of the hidden & dark influence which has dominated this world; the shoes of individuals who have lost their true sense of self, all but eliminating true potential in the process. But I also think about just how meaningful it is to be a part of something truly sacred & wonderful, having the privilege to be present here & now when the world is needed the most. I think about the fact there will be a day soon where this game will be exposed for what it is, leading to a remembering of who we truly are – eternal beings of light & love, blessed with the power to create, founded upon our capacity to feel empathy & to love, broadening this to extend to all of humanity leading to the abolishment of the pain & suffering felt around the world; leading to experiencing life on this world the way we are meant to embracing our genuine sense of connection & unity. I think of this, I imagine it, I dream of it, I believe it, & subsequently I create it.

Please everyone – I’m asking for your help here. We all are asking for your help to change this world. We just need to believe. 

Take care, Tom

P.S. again this is a mind-game & this "acceleration" of time is simply designed to invoke "thought" or worry that "time may be running out". It's an ILLUSION, & indeed time is running out but it's running out for them. Think about it - earlier this week the game was fully exposed for what it was - a mind-game designed 100% to manipulate our beliefs which subsequently manifests in our reality, executed by electromagnetic "mind-parasites" matching historical accounts of the spiritual teachings of the Gnostics in which they dubbed, THE ARCHONS. The past few days I have been pouring out information with regard to how this mind-game is being played along with how to end it by using our gift of faith - the power of belief, which in turn invokes our power to create; again responded to by acclerating time even further. 

This is their last-ditch effort to attempt to generate a sense of "worry". Keep the visualization & belief going - their time is limited. Cheers.

THE ANUNNAKI REPTILIAN AGENDA 2011 to 2012 – significant information of an ATTACK being executed today via SOUND vibrational patterns & frequencies resulting in what Jordan Maxwell has been claiming is a deliberate “Scientific Mutation of the Human Race”; real factual accounts of 1000’s of personal experiences with these “beings”, information about their capabilities & limitations, an abundance of circumstantial factual evidence to support these claims along with precise details on the biological symptoms of onset, the dark “forces” behind it, as well as the scientific method in which this is being invoked.  Yes as crazy as it sounds it’s all here.

LISTEN CAREFULLY – I fully understand what I’m about to say will sound completely ludicrous & simply not possible.  I fully understand that despite my utmost of conviction & compassion, compelled to simply follow my heart & do what is right I will continue to subject myself to mass ridicule & extreme personal/professional scrutiny; however the simple fact of the matter is that I have made a discovery, far-fetched & startling as it may be; and what is truly remarkable is that I am only bringing some very important pieces to the table in what I’ve learned is an extremely complex & far-reaching puzzle. 

At a minimum it is critical you simply take the time to read the initial 22 FAQ’s I’ve compiled below as it could be the most important thing you will ever read.  And in the end whether you buy what I’m about to say or not it is indeed the truth & it is extremely important you simply remember this information to call upon when the time comes.  As stated months ago I am without a doubt the claims that folks like Jordan Maxwell have been claiming for almost a decade about an intent to “mutate” the human race is not only very real but it is happening now – in this very moment within human history.  I really need you all to please keep an open mind & open heart & awaken to the reality of what is transpiring regardless of how ridiculous it may seem.  Simply look at the facts as I’m about to present a mountain of them in which they will all point to the same conclusion.  I need to stress that I would never put myself out there like this, subjecting myself to ridicule, personal & professional criticism, while creating unnecessary cause for concern unless I was 100% sure of what is transpiring. I was 100% sure back in May & every day that passes just reinforces this even more.

How could it be that I, someone with an MBA/MSMIS rapidly climbing the ranks of upper management within one of the largest internet companies of the world, have come to such remarkable & admittedly "ridiculous" conclusions? Simply put I have undergone a very real & extraordinary series of events which led to a massive swarming by paranormal entities, an all-out assault via sound & presumably EMF's, and somewhat rapid manifestation of these changes in which I presume the onset has been much more gradual in others. Had these events not happened who knows if I would have ever picked up on the changes myself. Also just following the logic there is a cause & effect here -- assaulted by sound & manifesting biological change. After being exposed to these frequencies in such an intense fashion I have been able to recognize the patterns resonating all throughout our environment -- from electrical/mechanical devices, to synthesized sounds in all forms of media, motorized vehicles, appliances -- you name it. Planted throughout our environment for decades; escalated & manipulated today without any public conscious awareness.

I need to summarize the primary symptoms as they are becoming more & more prominent out in public by the day.  Just look around you and baseline yourselves for changes to skin texture (leathery, water resistant, puffy, freckle-like appearance), unnatural growth in teeth with fang-like protrusions, slight bulges in the suture areas of the skull (i.e. vertical ridge from the outer brow up to the hairline). These seem much more pronounced in males, elderly, & I have confirmed 2 of these for myself medically. It is also more or less confirmed that the catalyst to invoke these biological changes are indeed frequencies that have been engineered & planted throughout modern-day society. If you think about it just about all of the frequencies we are exposed to, audible or not, are ones that do not occur at these levels naturally; & in relation to EMF's & microwaves swarming around us in this mobile 3g, 4g, wireless world we live in they simply have not been present long enough for us to truly know the effects on our bodies. Well now we do know.

Wholeness Neil!

Based on your experience(s), is there a way to counter-act or reverse the effects caused by  these prevailing sound frequencies e.g. a person bombarded by the ringing in the ears (to put it mildly).  Is there some kind of sound therapy?

Not sure if this was mentioned (ringing of ears) within the context you posted above or from the link you provided, as I have been going through the info there as well!

Thank you Neil for going the extra yard in pulling this up!  I believed I had ran across this blog last night during my search, and somehow I had failed to notice the sub-title enclosed in brackets; I just glanced at the concoction listed and didn't make the connection (one of those nights lol).

Thanks again! 

Nothing is like experience and reaching an higher conciseness, unfortunately others around may not understand or could relate other wise, that's why im grateful to be able to go to a sute like this one for answers, I feel the same way, no your not crazy,your seeing things different from before, your eyes are now open, and that's a good thing....
Ok so what really depresses me and has me stuck at the moment is this link i read, read it if you want. It basically states that nothing is real. But in a way that my mind cannot handle. It says that we are nothing but awareness. Light, soul, spirituality all falls under the same category that the "luciferian group entity" spoke. In the beginning was the word and you know the rest. So apparently the word was light. Bam! Then we have existence. The guy that provided the link goes as far to say its best to die and that suicide is ok because we will always be trapped in the veil as long as we have our 5 senses. To me thats messed up. He said theres no such thing as anything. Well how does this "egregore" create. Who created it? Ever since reading this info i have been depressed. It says "home" is just pure awareness. Light is corruptable no matter what. So what do we do? Can you imagine i find joy and my mind tells me its false and pointless?!!! No such thing as matter, vibration, or energy. Thats frustrates me soo much, i wish i never read it. Can anyone enlighten me on this "nothingness"?


may you have success on this journey

For nothingness, not much can be done. The beacon or the way (Tao) can be pointed towards but it is difficult for the mind to grasp as it first must be still. 

The Tao that can be spoken is not the eternal Tao

---Dao De Jing 道德經: 道 

Laozi (or Lao Tzu, "Old Master")


Furthermore, you may use deduction and trace the root and go down the rabbit hole. Be brave warrior, willing to investigate the nature of who you are. You may start with pondering existence itself.

There are no causes with conditions; there are no causes without conditions. There are no conditions without causes; there are no conditions with causes.

--- Mūlamadhyamakakārikā[1] (Devanagari: मूलमध्यमककारिका), or Fundamental Verses on the Middle Way

composed by:

Nāgārjuna (Devanagari: नागार्जुन, Telugu: నాగార్జున, Tibetan: ཀླུ་སྒྲུབ་ klu sgrub, Chinese: 龍樹, Japanese: 龍樹 RyūjuSinhala නාගර්ජුන)


One more before the mind drops off! Investigate the one who asks the question. Who is it that wants to know about nothingness?

D: How is one to enquire: “Who am I?”
M: Actions such as ‘going’ and ‘coming’ belong only to the body. And so, when one says “I
went, I came”, it amounts to saying that the body is “I”. But, can the body be said to be the
consciousness “I”, since the body was not before it was born, is made up of the five elements,
is non-existent in the state of deep sleep, and becomes a corpse when dead? Can this body
which is inert like a log of wood be said to shine as “I” “I”? Therefore, the “I” consciousness
which at first arises in respect of the body is referred to variously as self-conceit (tarbodham),
egoity (ahankara), nescience (avidya), maya, impurity (mala), and individual soul (jiva) . Can
we remain without enquiring into this? Is it not for our redemption through enquiry that all the
scriptures declare that the destruction of “self-conceit” is release (mukti)? Therefore, making
the corpse-body remain as a corpse, and not even uttering the word “I”, one should enquire
keenly thus: “Now, what is it that rises as ‘I’”. Then, there would shine in the Heart a kind of
wordless illumination of the form ‘I’ ‘I’. That is, there would shine of its own accord the pure
consciousness which is unlimited and one, the limited and the many thoughts having disappeared.
If one remains quiescent without abandoning that (experience), the egoity, the individual sense,
of the form ‘I am the body’ will be totally destroyed, and at the end the final thought, viz. the ‘I’-
form also will be quenched like the fire that burns camphor.1 The great sages and scriptures
declare that this alone is release.


---Composed by Ramana Maharshi (1879–1950)

Links to the texts that have been cited in this post have been attached below ------------->

I hear taoism is the way to go. I had a friend who studied it. Said his life was smooth as ever



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