This book is layered with meaning and although it makes a good read for the neophyte it takes an adept to innerstand how to break down the lineage of the Fallen One through grammatiks.

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Upon reading the book. There is even deeper meaning beyond the "break down the lineage of the Fallen one Through grammatiks".
Much, much more!
Thanks for posting!!


Note; Methuselah (son of Enoch) A very "sirius" connection before "the deluge"...

This may sound trivial but to me just confirms the absolute truth and importance of the info and work here. I just caught the end of a bugs bunny cartoon. The guy with the gun cant remeber his name was tricked into the grave by a rabbit. He tossed in a stick of dynamite then covered him with earth after saying stay there methusalah. Or words to that effect the dynamite then blew up in his face.....Everything has a layer of programming hidden meaning they really are riddlers arent they! Thanks for all the insight words cannot express my joy at beginning to find the truth...



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